The 'heartland hyperloop': Firm behind Elon Musk's radical travel system says $10bn Missouri route could be the first in America



Missouri could be the first state in America to get a Hyperloop.


Virgin Hyperloop One said it had identified a 'viable route' running along the I-70 corridor, the major highway traversing Missouri, that would connect Kansas City, Columbia and St. Louis.

超级高铁公司Virgin Hyperloop One表示,已经确定了一条“可行的路线”,这条路线沿着贯穿密苏里州的主要高速公路-70号州际高速公路(I-70),将连接堪萨斯城、哥伦比亚和圣路易斯。

Virgin Hyperloop One, which already has a working demo track in Nevada, claims it will have the first passenger-bearing loop built by the mid-2020s - and the 'heartland hyperloop' is now a front runner in the race.

Virgin Hyperloop One在内华达州已经有一条试运行轨道,该公司宣称将在本世纪20年代中期建成首个搭载乘客的高铁轨道,而“心脏地带超级高铁”(heartland Hyperloop)目前是这场竞赛的领跑者。


The technology, developed by Elon Musk, is now being pursued by several firms.


It would transport people at roughly 700mph between distant locations through closed off vacuum tubes.


The initial cost estimate for building the I-70 hyperloop route would be $30 million to $40 million per mile of track, the report found - giving a total price tag of $7 billion to $10 billion.


Dozens of possible routes were proposed across the United States, including connections between Los Angeles and San Francisco; New York City and Washington, D.C.; Denver and Houston.


Further feasibility studies will likely be released within the next year for states like Colorado, Ohio and Texas, said a Hyperloop One employee, but Missouri has the distinction of the first.

Hyperloop One的一名员工表示,未来一年,公司可能会为科罗拉多州、俄亥俄州和得克萨斯州等州发布进一步的可行性研究报告,但密苏里州的报告是第一份。

The firm says the report is a major step forward for the transport technology invented by Elon Musk.

It examined the social impact, station locations, regulatory issues, route alignments and rights-of-way associated with the route.


'A feasibility study of this depth represents the first phase of actualization of a full-scale commercial hyperloop system, both for passengers and cargo in the United States,' said Virgin Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd.

'We are especially proud that Missouri, with its iconic status in the history of U.S. transportation as the birthplace of the highway system, could be the keystone of a nation-wide network.

'The resulting socio-economic benefits will have enormous regional and national impact.'

Virgin Hyperloop One 首席执行官罗伯特·劳埃德表示:“这种深度可行性研究代表在美国实现全面客运和货运商业超级高铁系统的第一阶段。我们尤其感到自豪的是,作为高速公路系统诞生地的密苏里州在美国运输史上具有标志性地位,它可能成为全国交通网络的基石。由此产生的社会经济效益将对地区和国家产生巨大影响。”

The study found Travel time between Kansas City and St. Louis could be as little as 28 minutes, compared to 3 ½ hours today, and travel time for trips from either Kansas City or St. Louis to Columbia could be 15 minutes, compared to nearly 2 hours.


The cost to take a hyperloop from St. Louis to Kansas City could be lower than the cost to drive (based on gas alone), while still cutting down the time by three hours, it concluded.


The independent report, authored by global infrastructure solutions company Black & Veatch, analyzes a proposed route through the I-70 corridor, the major highway traversing Missouri, and verifies the favorable safety and sustainability opportunities this new mode of transportation offers.

这份由全球基础设施解决方案公司博莱克威奇工程设计有限公司(Black & Veatch)撰写的独立报告分析了一条穿越密苏里州主要高速公路I-70的拟议路线,并验证了这种新型交通方式所提供的安全和可持续性发展机会。

'Black & Veatch worked collaboratively with stakeholders across the region to examine the technology, constructability and the economics associated with designing and building a Missouri Hyperloop,' said Steve Edwards, Chairman and CEO of Black & Veatch.

'We found this project is a case of solid engineering meeting up with Virgin Hyperloop One's innovative vision to create a network transforming the very concept of community.'

博莱克威奇工程设计有限公司董事长兼首席执行官史蒂夫•爱德华兹表示,博莱克威奇工程设计有限公司与该地区的利益相关者合作,研究了设计和建造密苏里高铁技术、建造和经济可行性。我们发现这是一个可靠的工程项目,与Virgin Hyperloop One的创新愿景--旨在创建一个改变社区概念的网络相符合。


Two other states are currently studying hyperloop through in-depth feasibility studies—Ohio and Colorado.

In addition, Ohio is also participating in the first U.S. Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) of a hyperloop system and Texas has announced its intent to start the process.


However, experts have warned the technology is likely to appear elsewhere in the world first.

"I think the U.S. will be one of the last places where you'll see this," said Rick Geddes, director of the Cornell Infrastructure Policy program, told CNBC.

The biggest obstacles facing hyperloop aren't the technical ones, he said, but instead policy ones.




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db52, Washington, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

How much we(UK) paying for our new high speed train track. Wouldn't it be better to invest in future technology now and not when the train has left the station



Chips and Gravy, More-ish Town, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

Thanks to Musk we will all be able to pick cotton quicker for him and his mates. Thanks!



TrueBrit, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

China plans to transport freight throughout Europe with this idea..............................



American Observer, USA, United States, 1 month ago

It will be covered with graffiti in 30 days.



Fjwipff, Cisco, United States, 1 month ago

From Dallas to San Antonio makes more sense.



OstrogothRome, Dark Necropolis of Austerity, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

Typical USA - the UK gets a useless project (H2S)....so they have to plan an even bigger white elephant.



EricV, London, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

Any puncture in a tube holding a vacuum would be catastrophic for the entire line and all the capsules inside.



magacitizen, Hiram, United States, 1 month ago

Musk has a thousand different ideas, but none are a success. If it wasn't for tax dollars, he would be bankrupt.



Apostalypse, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

Not even close. SpaceX now has the majority of the global commercial launch market, Tesla Model 3 is the best selling premium compact in the USA. I follow several car blogs and forums, and hardcore gearheads are buying the Tesla instead of the BMW M3 and Audi S4 simply because it's faster, not to mention cheaper and more reliable.

@magacitizen离破产还差远了,SpaceX现在占据了全球商业发射市场的大部分,特斯拉Model 3是美国最畅销的高端紧凑型车。我关注了几家汽车博客和论坛,铁杆变速箱迷们都在买特斯拉而不是宝马M3和奥迪S4,因为特斯拉更快,更便宜、更可靠。


Science Rocketist, London, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

Considering they have not got one mile of "high speed rail".



Science Rocketist, London, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

Emphasis on "could" I think.



Lars Gonaards, Chester, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

It will only work in the US is they can carry cars in it.



joninaus, Melbourne, Australia, 1 month ago

People said the Channel Tunnel would never work but it did.



marin45, Droitwich, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

Now if we had some real clever people in this country this is what we should be building instead of HS2 with minimum interference of the ground and buildings and it would be truly faster not just a few minutes.



John_N, York, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

Exactly my own thoughts. Why are we spending 100 billion to be 20 minutes quicker.



noteofdiscord, norwich, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

This is costing $30m to $40m per mile of track! This is not a feasible transportation method as has been shown in countless studies.



California Royalty, Downtown Gotham City, United States, 1 month ago

Nashville to Atlanta



a male, Australia, 1 month ago

While I love new technology, the IMF recently revealed a report stating that we're headed down the road of another Great Depression - and given what's happening with China's economy in the last few days, there's shortly not going to be anything close to the amount of money required to even start the project, let alone finish it.



Accidental Berliner, Berlin, Germany, 1 month ago

Government investment m, when it isn't completely wasted, is exactly what's needed when the private sector slows down. Let the guys draw up the pros and cons and decide. Elon is a weird chap but I think he's making a great contribution to mankind.



Scotty Mac, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1 month ago

Accidental Berliner, LOL Government money. What Government money the US has 20 Trillion in debt. How about they pay back the money they have borrowed and have some REAL money in the bank instead of all this crap from Musk who only survives by diluting go nment funds.



California Royalty, Downtown Gotham City, United States, 1 month ago

if successful this could be a huge economic boon and competitive advantage for St. Louis &KCMO .



daz, uk, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

This is very cool if its true... Its the future!!

如果这是真的,那就太酷了,这就是未来! !


Inspector Brexit, That London, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

It will not work. If you want to know why watch the videos by Thunderf00t on YouTube.



Anonymous, Unknown, 1 month ago

Why is DM telling us this over here in the UK?? OK - to the crime element in St Louis will easily be able to get to Kansas City. Counldnt ELON have come up with a better place to trial this (he¿s nuts anyway so no surprise)



Apostalypse, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1 month ago

This is nothing to do with Elon Musk, apart from the concept. It'san entirely different company.



ShooFly, NY, 1 month ago

Cool, I drive that stretch once a year, out and back. The run between Evansville, IN and Colorado Springs is the longest for me, that would potentially knock 3 hours off the trip.



Biffy Toosdale, Potomac, United States, 1 month ago

would make more sense to build it there say a high speed travel between New Orleans to Chicago


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