The US is warning other countries against using Huawei's 5G tech

Officials are reportedly focusing on convincing countries with US military bases.




Back in October, American politicians asked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reconsider Huawei's involvement in his country's 5G plans. Turns out Canada isn't the only US ally the government has warned against using the Chinese tech giant's products. According to The Wall Street Journal, the government has reached out to Germany, Japan, Italy and other friendly countries, particularly those where the US has military bases. US officials apparently talked to those countries' representatives, telling them about what they see as cybersecurity risks if they use Huawei-made components to build their 5G infrastructure.


Huawei has fallen out of favor with the US government after a congressional report from 2012 called it a national security threat out of concerns that the Chinese gove-ent could compel the company to give it access to sensitive data. Just before this year's midterm elections, the country even banned government personnel from using Huawei and ZTE devices.


WSJ says US officials briefed representatives from Germany, Japan and Italy in an effort to dissuade both government and commercially operated networks from using Huawei (and ZTE) components.


See, current cell towers are separate from their network's "core" systems in charge of transferring voice and data traffic. 5G cell towers, however, will have hardware capable of doing some tasks currently accomplished by core systems. While US military bases have satellites and telecommunications networks of their own, they're only used for sensitive communications and most of the military's voice and data traffic still go through commercial networks.


An official told the publication:

"We engage with countries around the world about our concerns regarding cyberthreats in telecommunications infrastructure. As they're looking to move to 5G, we remind them of those concerns. There are additional complexities to 5G networks that make them more vulnerable to cyberattacks."



It remains to be seen whether the countries decide to take the US government's advice and ban Huawei like Australia already did. Huawei is the leading 5G equipment supplier, after all, and offers customizable products at prices lower than its rivals'.




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IW1 hour ago

Can't make it any easier for a country to spy on you than allowing a company in a communist country to have access to all of your electronic data.



Anonymous2 hours ago

Sooner or later China is going to cancel all Boeing orders....



HCL1 hour ago

The US is using every means possible to stop China growth. any means..



Oilman48 minutes ago

US once again, trying to bully its own allies. From I am reading right now, Canada pretty much gave the US the finger as they are testing 5G right now through Bell Canada in Ontario. Sorry Yanks...you do not order others to do what you want.



CaptainKKK57 minutes ago

lol.. US has become joke. Stop using apple phones. That phone is tracked by the NSA.



Sushi Koi32 minutes ago

China now has reasons to ban any US tech companies over national security concerns.



F8HRrz8B54 minutes ago

The US is the number spying country, but they are extremely worried of losing their superpower status, a status that gives them the right to invade other countries



The dark side1 hour ago

Of course they are it's called business



Sunny1 hour ago

Are these US politicians getting mad now for China's growth?



Anonymous54 minutes ago

In other news, Sauds Salaman is in talks with Trump about getting 100 LGM-30 Minuteman (Missiles) with Nuke war heads from the USA. That will do great for the 9/11 responsible country.

另一则新闻,沙特萨拉曼正与特朗普就从美国获得100枚LGM-30 Minuteman(导弹)进行谈判这将对这个应该对911事件负责任的国家大有裨益。


Su45 minutes ago

use your brains which government can turn 800 millions people out of poverty in 40 years? no matter how hard you try to bash china is getting better and better.



A Dog51 minutes ago

fUSA. Countries can buy and use whatever technology they want.



Whoa32 minutes ago

petty and pathetic, really, for a country to compete like such a loser, not that it will stop the Chinese marching forward. Huawei is way ahead in mobile infrastructure business around the world and Washington would only serve as a laughing stock in addition to being everyone's laughing stock. How long ago was Washington caught spying on all the EU nations?



Minh55 minutes ago

Come on Verizon, i need G5 ready in my area. Honestly, y don't we steal China G5 IP?

威瑞森(美国无线运营商),给点力吧,我们这需要5G。老实说,我们不是偷了中国的5G 知识产品吗?

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