scott12 hours ago

"Details beyond this are sparse. The headline news here, if accurate," pretty much sums it up and is par for the course with China. However, if true, and they want to do business in the US we should require that they partner with a US firm and provide them with the intellectual property and any trade secrets. EOM.



Downline Records14 hours ago

I just realized, if that's true, the US will probably copy it, and I'm okay with that, but kind of puts things into perspective



Anonimitie17 hours ago

I'm skeptical.



Dave15 hours ago

Will IP be important to the Chinese now?



grunt17 hours ago

They'll have the factory humming in not time, right after they steal the battery tech from some other, overseas, company.



Fncydansir9 hours ago

The very first automobiles were electric however; when it was discovered that oil could produce cheap gasoline, the electric auto was shelved for the next 100 years. The secret to making concrete was lost for 2,000 years. Just imagine if neither of these products were lost (or shelved) and 100 - 2,000 years of experimentation and advancements were performed on them what the world would look like today.

最早的汽车是电动的;当人们发现石油可以生产廉价汽油时,电动汽车被搁置了100年。建造混凝土的技艺已经遗失了2000年。试想一下,如果这些产品都没有遗失(或搁置),经过100 - 2000年的试验和改进,今天的世界会是什么样子。


MikeWorld3 hours ago

Anything that made in China must be seen, tested and verified it.



ack ooi1 hour ago

if it is not China manufacturers gives us led lightings, many still using very high watts lightings, and paying very high electricity bills ! we wish their success in the manufacturing and selling of solid state batteries !



mike16 hours ago

big deal Trump's bringing back coal



Greg13 hours ago

After years of working over seas for other companies, Chinese workers finally came home with enough bits and pieces of stolen technology and will be able to combine them in order to make a product which will be a cheaply made knock off of a current product. It's manufacturing process will also probably produce vast amounts of pollution which is what will enable them to undercut the prices of similar products made in other countries!



Fred4 hours ago

Meanwhile, Tяump and McConnell want America to revert to digging more coal.



Fred4 hours ago

If it wasn't for Elon Musk, Tяump would have America on 100% coal and Saudi oil.



kane5 hours ago

cracked? did the battery split apart? I know the chinese didnt invent anything since the last 5000 years of history..



Lance_Corporal16 hours ago

Key words - MAY have, more likely they MAY have NOT..

请注意关键词是“可能已经”(May have我觉得有可能是没有突破……


tim4 hours ago

China has become the new innovative powerhouse, new battery, new fordable screen, sweeping from 1 to 5 prizes on the AI facial rec competition in the world, soon the US has to copy them to keep pace.



Paul17 hours ago

Are they safer and more energetic than lipo?



William17 hours ago

OK, where did they steal this suppresed technology from?



Peter4 hours ago

Never trust Chinese start-ups until their products are actually on production.



Nasalus16 hours ago

Instead of being jealous of Chinese, we Americans should work harder and stop that entitlement mentality .与其嫉妒中国人,我们美国人应该更加努力工作,停止这种心态


TheyTerkErrJerbs11 hours ago

Correction: "A Chinese company stole battery tech and is now claiming to have crack solid state batteries." Fixed it for ya



Anonymous17 hours ago

If it’s Chinese it’s a cheap copy of someone else’s idea



David15 hours ago

I believe when I see



na7 hours ago

Tesla will copy it.


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