Jalon Fonseca, Served as Weapons, Deck, and Combat officer on an MCM

U.S. Navy answer here.

Our ship pulled into Vladivostok for an historic port visit back in 2007. We were med-moored (ass end of the ship tied to the pier) while every Russian ship at port was moored port-side to the pier. They were presenting a good show to us as we walked down the pier into town in anticipation of our upcoming bilateral exercise. Every side we saw looked clean and in good order.

Great. Let's go smash some “wodka” and enjoy liberty before the exercise starts.

When the time came to set Sea & Anchor detail to pull out, we noticed something entirely Russian and hilarious.

Our ships have a material lovingly referred to as “non-skid” which is a wrinkly, harsh, hell of a surface to encounter with bare skin. It serves the purpose of preventing slippage for sailors traversing the outdoor areas of the ship while underway to minimize a man falling overboard. It looks like this:







The Russian ships in this exercise at the time did not use such witchcraft. Instead, they used tar.

Yes, the Russian answer to good foot holding for their sailors was not solidly texture-based. It was tarring their decks.

So as we pulled out, we saw what looked like ships that had moored in hell on the seaward side of their hulls.

I wish I had taken pictures, but imagine this on the sides of various naval ships as you exited the port:







Alan Shepherd

There’s a sport called Airsoft. If you know about it, skip this part, but for those who don’t here’s an explanation.

Airsoft is like paintball, but a lot of its components, i.e. the guns, gear, etc. is a lot more realistic than paintball. A lot of LARPers and MilSim (Military Simulation) guys love doing stuff like that.

The sport started in Japan due to its tough gun laws but the sport soon spread to other places like Britain, America, and… oh… Russia for instance.

In America, MilSim events are huge. There is a lot of preparation involved. People will drop thousands on gear to look like this:






This is an image I found off Google. Rifle, easy with all attachments, $300+, not to mention any internal modifications he might have.

Helmet an easy $50, assuming its a nice one. Earpieces have wires, so they’re probably communication linked, noise cancelling and sound enhancing. Easy $70–80. Crye combat pants. $100.

Even vehicles, which probably cost thousands to kit out:





However, compared to Russian MilSim events… Well let me just say this. Its like comparing a pickup game of basketball with the neighborhood friends versus an all out NBA game. Take a look at these videos.

Fucking hell. Russians bring multimillion dollar TANKS to their Milsim events. Plus, as you saw in the second vid, Russian soldiers got involved to take blank potshots at people to add to realism!

Meanwhile in America you have people arguing about 10 foot engagement distances and bang killing.

Yep. Most Russian thing ever, bring a tank to a toy fight.






Rahul Shrivastava, Spent several years in Russia

There are several, which I experienced in Russia and nowhere else. The one’s that immediately come to mind are below:

  • The New Year is the most important holiday for Russians. The whole country shuts down from 31 December till about 10 January. Russians prepare well for meeting the New Year with family and friends - a very elaborate dinner and exchange of gifts are a must. Five minutes before the New Year begins, everyone sits glued to the television to listen to the short speech by the Russian President. When the clock strikes 12, champagne bottles are opened. And every New Year eve, one of the most popular Soviet romantic comedy movies ‘The Irony of Fate’ or ‘Enjoy Your Bath!’ (Ирония судьбы, или С лёгким паром!) is telecast. Russians never get bored watching this movie. The New Year is celebrated more than Christmas. And yes, the Santa Claus (Дед Мороз- Ded Moroz) comes on New Year eve and not on Christmas.


  • 新年是俄罗斯最重要的节日。整个国家从12月31日到1月10日都沉浸在节日气氛中。俄罗斯人为与亲朋好友欢聚新年做好了充分的准备——精心准备的晚餐和交换礼物是必不可少的。在新年开始前五分钟,每个人都坐在电视机前,全神贯注地听着俄罗斯总统的简短讲话。当敲响十二点钟声的时候,人们打开香槟酒瓶。每年新年前夕,电视都会播放su联时期最受欢迎的浪漫喜剧电影之一《命运的讽刺》或《沐浴吧!》”。俄罗斯人对这部电影百看不厌。在俄罗斯,新年比圣诞节更受欢迎。是的,圣诞老人会在新年前夜而非圣诞节出现。



(A still from the movie ‘The Irony of Fate’ or ‘Enjoy Your Bath!’. That a movie can have two names also seems very Russian to me.)


  • Russians love their drinks, especially Vodka. But I must say that in the last 16 years, I have seen a rapidly increasing number of teetotalers in Russia. After Russians have had their drink, they will never put an empty bottle on the table. It has to be put on the floor under the table. No one has yet been able to tell me the real reason behind this tradition.
  • You will never find an ill dressed Russian lady. She will never go out without dressing well and putting on her make up. Even if it is a trip to the local market, Russian ladies would never go without dressing up properly. So, don’t be surprised if you see a nicely decked-up lady in high-heels buying vegetables at the market.
  • Russians are fond of their sauna (Banya or баня). If they do not have one in their homes, they will go occasionally to the public sauna. People often hit themselves or others with bunches of dried leaves from white birch or oak (Banniy Venik or банный веник). But the most interesting part is they congratulate each other with the words ‘С лёгким паром!’ or ‘Enjoy your bath!’) when the sauna ritual is complete.
  • 俄国人喜欢他们的酒,尤其是伏特加。但我必须说,在过去的16年里,我在俄罗斯看到了越来越多的禁酒主义者。俄罗斯人喝了酒以后,再也不会把空瓶子放在桌子上了。必须放在桌子下的地板上。至今还没有人能告诉我这一传统背后的真正原因。
  • 你永远不会看到不修边幅的俄罗斯女人。如果没有精心挑选好衣服、化好妆,女人们永远不会出门。就算只是去当地市场,俄罗斯女士们也不会不穿合适的衣服。所以,如果你看到穿着高跟鞋的漂亮女士在市场上买蔬菜,也不要感到惊讶。
  • 俄国人喜欢桑拿。如果他们家里没有桑拿房,他们偶尔会去公共桑拿浴室。人们经常用白桦树或橡树的干叶子拍打自己或别人。但最有趣的是他们会在桑拿仪式结束时互道祝语:“沐浴快乐!”。


  • If you go to a Russian home and give your hand while still standing out, your host will first pull you inside before shaking hands with you. A Russian will never shake hand across the threshold of a door.
  • The Russian table (Русский стол) is legendary. There is always more food than the number of people, no matter how many people there are. And no one can beat Russians in the length of toasts.
  • 如果你到俄罗斯人家作客,站在门外就伸手,主人会先把你拉进门,然后再和你握手。俄国人永远不会隔着门槛握手。
  • 俄罗斯的餐桌是一个传说。不管有多少客人,食物总是比客人多。没有人能在烤面包的长度上打败俄国人。


  • Russians sit quietly for a moment (even on their suitcases) before leaving for a journey.
  • 俄国人会在出门旅行前安静地坐一会儿(有时候甚至会在手提箱上)。


  • If you ask a Russian ‘Как Дела? (Kak Dela) or ‘How is it going?’, she/he will most likely tell you frankly how life is rather than just saying ‘Thank you’ and asking ‘How are you?’ in return. And if the person has not been asked this question for long, she/he may pour her/his heart out to you.
  • 如果你问一个俄罗斯人“最近好吗”,她/他会坦诚地告诉你生活近况,而非简单地客套一句谢谢并回问一声“你好吗”。如果一个人很久没有被人如此关心,她/他会推心置腹地回答你。

Two other very Russian things are:

  • Black rye bread


  • 黑麦面包。


  • Kvass or a fermented non-alcoholic drink made from black rye bread.
  • 淡啤酒或用黑麦面包酿造的无酒精饮料


(Photo: Wikipedia)



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