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1.Fried chicken and beer. I never tried out KFC in Korea, but holy damn, fried chicken and beer there is abso-fucking-lutely outstanding. And they’re everywhere. And unhealthy as fuck. But we all love it regardless and it’s one of the biggest guilty pleasures as far as food is concerned. Still, there’s nothing like having fried chicken and beer with your friends. Sometimes, it also makes a good addition when you’re watching movies at a late evening with your family too.

2.Overwork. Your boss is older than you, and by hierarchy, commands deep power. He/She can and likely will make you work far beyond weekdays and even out-of-office hours. And you can’t do a damn thing about it. Oh yea, chances are you won’t get paid overtime for all that either. Why? Because the boss thinks you guys are all family in the workplace! Or simply could be just a bit of an asshole, to say the least.



3.Your boss will very likely take all of you out for a drink after work. At the end of the day, we all want to go home and spend time with family. If not, either your boyfriend or girlfriend or simply with friends. Buuuuuuut then you find yourself dragged with your colleagues by your boss to go for a drink. Always have a good excuse ready. If your boss does this for lunch, you’re pretty much shit out of luck (I cannot describe how much of a gross waste of time this is either).

4.Get crazy into games. Whether it be Starcraft, LoL, Lineage, Overwatch…you’re bound to get into one of those and play hard. It is hard to describe the feeling of going to the PC bang with your closest friends and play the same game together online, either pitching yourself against each other or fighting together against strangers. Regardless, no regrets. Sometimes, gaming is just one of the few things that takes the stress out of what you deal with in real life too.



5.Going to a BBQ restaurant and having samgyeopsal (pork belly), along with some good old soju. Whether you go there with family or friends….you’re always bound to have samgyeopsal with some soju. It’s one of the most Korean things you could ever do, even if you don’t live in Korea.

6.Sleeping in school throughout the whole day. Don’t worry about getting called out for it. The quality of public education kinda sucks balls anyway. Probably about 80–90% of teachers won’t see you sleeping as a big deal. They either acknowledge you’re just really tired, or gave up on you long ago. Others just don’t teach anymore, only in for the paycheck and they don’t hide this either.



7.Soldiers everywhere. In a country that’s as tiny as South Korea but having the 7th largest active-duty military in the world, you’ll find it easy to find someone in military uniform in public. They may be on an errand, off-duty or on leave, catching up with friends and family. When things with North Korea go a bit nutty, expect to also find more troops out of their barracks, manning checkpoints or patrolling here and there. Depending on where you live and commute, you may even find plenty doing a field exercise (occasionally with also the police) nearby schools, subways, public buildings etc.

8.Physical punishment. From as early as elementary (or even kindergarten), physical punishment is the norm. You see your parents doing it. You see your teachers doing it. You see students senior to you doing it. You see military personnel outranking you do it. You see your team leaders, managers and even boss at work doing it. Sooner or later, you wind up doing it yourself to someone too. Eventually, your siblings and your children will do it as well as they grow up.




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1.Kimchi: The spicy pickled cabbage - Kimchi - Wikipedia



2.Royal spread of side dishes for a bowl of rice. Most of them fermented - Banchan - Wikipedia



3.Ondol Floor, a necessity here - Ondol - Wikipedia

3。地热地板,是韩国的必需品- 地热 -维基百科


4.Teakwon-do - Taekwondo - Wikipedia



5.Soju - Soju - Wikipedia

  1. 烧酒-烧酒-维基百科


  1. Korean public bath, Jimjilbang: Jjimjilbang - Wikipedia 韩国公共澡堂,维基百科


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  1. Video game competitions  游戏竞赛



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