Huawei exec: We’ll dethrone Samsung to be the global smartphone leader by 2020



The smartphone handset device business has of course been dominated by two names for years now, but a Chinese device maker most American consumers probably haven’t heard of is nevertheless suiting up to eventually topple Samsung on its way to becoming the number 1 global smartphone player. That’s the plan, at any rate, which Huawei has set out for itself, after already overtaking Apple earlier this year to become the second-largest smartphone player as ranked by global market share. And now, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer division Richard Yu has told CNBC in a new interview that the company’s timetable is to get almost even next year with Samsung, which has been suffering a decline in handset shipments, and then to overtake Samsung in 2020.


“Maybe we have a chance (to be number one in) the year 2020,” Yu said during the interview, which also touched on the company’s history in recent years, dating back to it not evening having a smartphone of its own until 2010.

That, of course, was three years after Apple’s debut of the iPhone. Per CNBC, Huawei “became one of China’s biggest technology firms thanks to the growth of mobile networking equipment, and is now one of the largest suppliers in the world for that market. It was also an original design manufacturer (ODM), which meant it designed and made devices for other firms.


“In 2010, Huawei launched its first own-brand smartphone called IDEOS running Google’s Android mobile operating system and costing around 60 euros ($67.50). Fast forward to 2018 and the company is releasing handsets that have original artificial intelligence chips and world-first features, costing over $1,000.”


The guy who helped move Huawei into being a global smartphone powerhouse? None other than Yu, who told CNBC he very much encourages bold bets and taking risks: “I encourage the team to have this innovation capability, to make bold innovations, to do something which some guy feels is a little bit crazy, to challenge ourselves and the industry.”


We told you back in August that Huawei estimated it would ship more than 200 million smartphones globally this year, which would be a 31 percent increase over last year.


Meanwhile, Huawei is also plenty busy beyond smartphones. During his CNBC interview, Yu talked about the company’s ambitions regarding foldable phones — its attempt at one will debut next year (as will a version from its competitor, Samsung), along with Huawei’s first 5G-enabled smartphone. Yu also talked about the company having AR glasses in the works. And, according to the business news network, “Huawei sees its future beyond hardware, too.


“The company has services such as cloud storage, music streaming and video content, which are little known outside of China. It’s something the company doesn’t talk much about but it claims Huawei Music, its music streaming platform, has 100 million monthly active users. For comparison, Spotify has 191 million.” It would seem to be a smart play, to double down on services like that, especially when you recall that even Apple sees its way forward as investing more heavily in the services side of its business.




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D P9 hours ago

It's going tale telling how insignificant the US market is when Huawei becomes global smartphone leader in 2020 without entry into the US market.


Angie←10 hours ago

bought the mate 20 pro this year and i gotta say it has been the phone i have ever had. zero regrets here under the glasss fingerprint ready and face unlock that's faster than my iphone x. plus battery life that last 2 times longer is a total win for me.

我今年买了mate 20 pro,不得不说我从没用过这么好的手机,买过决不后悔,拥有指纹识别和面部解锁功能,比我的iphone X要快,电池续航时间是iPhone的2倍,买到就是赚了。

Steve S12 hours ago

Huawei is no stranger to lying about its smartphones, but you’d think the company would have stopped after getting caught the last time. Sadly, Huawei returned to its old habits and got caught lying again.

Huawei, like every other carrier, waste no time in hyping up the DSLR-like photos its smartphone cameras are capable of taking. However, when you use an actual DSLR to take phones and say they are from a smartphone, that’s blatant lying—and it’s exactly what Huawei did with its latest Nova 3 ad.

在其智能手机方面华为撒谎已经习以为常的。你可能会认为,自从上次被抓到之后,华为就不会再撒谎了。不幸的是,华为又犯老毛病了,再次被发现撒谎。与其他所有运营商一样,华为也在不遗余力地宣传其智能手机摄像头能够拍出单反相机效果的照片。明明是单反相机拍的照片偏说是智能手机拍的,这是公然撒谎——然而,这正是华为在其最新的Nova 3广告中所做的。

Chagatai12 hours ago

Huawei has the home field advantage of about 1.3 billion people so yeah


Kevin12 hours ago

I don't buy over price rotten Apple phone. I can get one from other brand with the same function just a fraction of the cost.


Jeffrey12 hours ago

Huawei makes some pretty impressive devices. The P20 is currently the flagship of flagship devices. Regardless of what the US go nment says, there are real concerns with regard to what China (a co unist regime) with far reaching power into the private sector may be embedding into these devices. I think Huawei is going to need to go a long way to prove their devices are clean and contain no hardware that could allow the Chinese to spy on Americans before these devices become mainstream in the West.


David12 hours ago

If they don't keep copying Samsung or apple innovation than they may have chance in next 20 years.


hector m12 hours ago

All I know is that my GF bought me a Huawei P20, and it absolutely is beyond anything that Apple or Samsung has at the moment. I've had the iPhone'' 1-4 and Samsung's Galaxy series 5- 8, but my Huawei P20 is so much better than the current phones both Apple and samsuSa have. Don't believe what the go nment feeds you.

我女朋友给我买了一台华为P20,绝对超过了苹果和三星目前的任何产品。我用过iPhone 1-4和三星Galaxy系列5- 8,但我的华为P20比苹果和三星现有的手机要好得多。不要相信政府说的话

DonTheCon15 hours ago

No China, you will not dethrone Samsung. Firstly, South Korea has a long history of manufacturing reputable and good quality products. You don't. Secondly, Samsung is well known, you're not. Thirdly, they don't steal technology, they invent their own. You don't. Fourthly, South Korea is trusted by the World, you're not.


GoBlueGrad13 hours ago

I would NEVER buy a Chinese-built phone. I am sure they have place malware in their OS so that they can track everything that the owner does.


c13 hours ago

Worked inside of Huawei... do not buy their products.


Michael7 hours ago

Xiaomi also took over Apple, nobody wants sour Apple anymore


Homer5 hours ago

If I can't pronounce it, I ain't eating it or talking on it. Sticking with Samsung, thanks.


Jose30 minutes ago

Even the Mate 20X is better than the Iphone X Max and the Note 9..Amoled screen, 40 meg pix rear camera (3 rear cameras) can record in 4k, 5000mah battery! 7.2 inch screen and it can be a gaming phone..what cant the iPhone Max claim over it?? The US says Huawei can be used to spy but the US spies o. the whole world so why are they crying about it?

即使是Mate 20X也比Iphone X Max和Note 9好。拥有Amoled屏幕,40meg pix后置摄像头(3后置摄像头),可4k录影, 5000毫安电池7.2英寸屏幕,可以作为游戏手机。iPhone Max有哪点更强?美国说华为手机会被用来进行间谍活动,但美国也干这事,甚至全世界都这样,他们为什么要揪住这点不放呢?

Republican(USA) Democrat(China)10 hours ago

Nope! It will take centuries for you to be able to do that but, I doubt that day will come. Btw, I'm buying another Samsung this weekend.


Ron6 hours ago

Best Android Phone,I have a Huawei Honor right now(great phone), but the Huawei Mate 20 could be my next phone will be able to by it thru amazon

最好的安卓手机,我现在有一华为荣耀(很棒的手机),华为Mate 20可能是我的下一部手机,在亚马逊上能买到。

Tq11 hours ago

Good luck for that. Better get off the banned list first in US.


Galaktik Truth12 hours ago

Correction, you hope Americans are unfamiliar with them because it will be hard to do this if Americans remember the US intelligence community has recommended against using Huawei for years. Pre-Trump administration too. I first heard the talk the phones were compromised in 2012。


Sven5 hours ago

That's a tall order to fill. Good luck with that.


Democracy Exporter11 hours ago

Apple will smile to hear it to happen. The IPhone was taken over by Huawei for the world's #2 smartphone maker, even with the American go nment's help to block Huawei phones in US market. How embarrass it is. If the #1 Samsung is dethroned, it will make the ex-#2 does not look too bad.


joe g10 hours ago

so uh...what they plan on buying samsung and closing it down.....


DESMOND2 hours ago

Surprising Samsung and Apple don't go around pointing figures at Huawei for IP theft and espionage of trade secrets. They pay royalties and licensing fees amongst themselves to share the big cake in the market.


U.S Made12 hours ago

It's all look good but not fully functional as it supposed to


Baba Booey2 minutes ago

Nope. Never going to happen.


Frank11 hours ago

So tired of the misinformation here. Huawei is an employee owned company.


yorky4 hours ago

IT is the USA who fabricated the security concern about Huawei


Wheelycpop13 hours ago

The Chinese smart phones have built-in spyware. That's why the US go nment strictly bans the use of the smart phones made by this and other Chinese smart phone makers. Anyone in the US buying these phones should think twice before putting down his/her hard earned dollars on a compromised handset.


Stephen13 hours ago

They just want to be injected into the US so they can steal more of our ideas and make copies of them.


Harry Kneecaps53 minutes ago

I have no doubt Huawei will succeed. Apple and Samsung are getting too expensive for the global market.


Peter8 hours ago

The only people buying/hyping chinese phonese are the chinese.


Joseph12 hours ago

Huawei = malware


Said13 hours ago

The Chinese Huawei will be infused with spyware.


Wendell4 hours ago

When u are selling phones in the 100-1000 range, its easy to ship many phones, their margins are no where near apples


Jim4 hours ago

Huawei dominates in 5G patent application.


Rom13 hours ago

Andy how much per phone do they make? No phone company in the world makes as much money per phone profit wise as Apple and that's all that matters they can sell their knock off a junk all they want


CZ1 hour ago

I wanted one but it wasn’t available in the US?


Howard10 hours ago

If the USA and Australia could play fair and allow Huawei in to compete fairly and squarely, then Huawei will level Apple and Samsung in 2 seconds. Thanks to both countries' protective policy, Apple and Samsung are still alive. You talk about the world is fair?! huh?! Wimp = USA and Australia


Terry8 hours ago

Yeah in poorer Southeast Asia maybe


Regis9 hours ago

They may have spy chip build in


Siann23 minutes ago

Lol, either Huawei is dreaming, drinking or doping ! Who in the world with right mind will use Chinese hack phone? Oh except Chinese in the forbidden land will use their country's brand name spyware phone .


Jes5 hours ago

Most Americans will not buy Huawei. Simply cannot be trusted.


Anonymous3 hours ago

So they stole all of Samsung's technology? Figures... That's all the mainland dung do.


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