China unveils new 'Heavenly Palace' space station as ISS days numbered


China unveiled on Tuesday a replica of its first permanently crewed space station, which would replace the international community's orbiting laboratory and symbolises the country's major ambitions beyond Earth.


The 17-metre (55-foot) core module was a star attraction at the biennial Airshow China in the southern coastal city of Zhuhai, the country's main aerospace industry exhibition.


Outside, China's J-10 fighter jet and J-20 stealth fighter wowed spectators as they zoomed across Zhuhai's sky. Back inside, the country displayed its fleet of drones and other military hardware.



Crowds gathered around the cylindrical space station module representing the living and working quarters of the Tiangong -- or "Heavenly Palace" -- which will also have two other modules for scientific experiments and will be equipped with solar panels.


Three astronauts will be permanently stationed in the 60-tonne orbiting lab, which will enable the crew to conduct biological and microgravity research.


Assembly is expected to be completed around 2022 and the station would have a lifespan of around 10 years.


The International Space Station -- a collaboration between the United States, Russia, Canada, Europe and Japan -- has been in operation since 1998 but is due to be retired in 2024.


China will then have the only space station in orbit, though it will be much smaller than the ISS which weighs 400 tonnes and is as large as a football pitch.


- Billions spent -


The country announced in May that the lab would be open to "all countries" to conduct science experiments.


"There is no doubt that China will use its station in a similar way as the ISS partners are using their outpost: research, technology and as a stepping-stone for deep-space exploration," said Chen Lan, analyst at GoTaikonauts.com, a website specialised in the Chinese space programme.


Research institutes, universities, and public and private companies have been invited to propose projects. Some 40 plans from 27 countries and regions have been received, according to state media.


The European Space Agency has sent astronauts to China to receive training in order to be ready to work inside the Chinese space station once it is launched.


"I'm sure over time China will be successful developing partnerships," said Bill Ostrove, space analyst with US-based Forecast International consultancy.


"Many countries, and increasingly private companies and universities, have space programmes, but cannot afford to build their own space station," he said.


"The ability to put payloads and experiments on a human spaceflight platform is extremely valuable."


Beijing is pouring billions into its military-run space programme, with plans to send humans to the Moon in the near future.


Citing China as a threat, US President Donald Trump has launched plans to create a new "Space Force" to give his country dominance over rivals in space.


- Diverse space market -


But China's space programme has encountered some glitches.


A space lab dubbed Tiangong-1 disintegrated as it plunged back to Earth in early April, two years after it ceased functioning.


Chinese authorities denied that the lab -- which was placed in orbit in September 2011 as a testing ground for the permanent station -- was out of control.


A second lab, the Tiangong-2, was launched into orbit in 2016.


"Despite a lot of talk of the opposite, the United States remains the most dominant power in space right now," Ostrove said.


"The most likely scenario for the future is that China will emerge as one of the major space powers," he said.


But Russia, the European Space Agency, Japan and India will continue to play "major roles" in space exploration, while private firms are becoming increasingly important in the sector, Ostrove added.


"The space market is becoming more diverse," he said, "so it will be difficult for one or two countries or companies to dominate the field in the way the US and Soviet Union did during the Cold War."



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I remember when the U.S had the 1st space station in the 1970's called SKYLAB

And we had a great Shuttle program with multiple shuttles.

And the 2 Voyager probes have been in space for 40+ years and still going






It looks okay, I guess, but it's no ring station, we're 60+ years behind the curve for space tech, we need to start pushing new designs, designs that can accommodate life. 0g is fun and cool and everything, but it's not healthy for the human body, we *need* simulated gravity, we *need* large scale orbital structures, we *need* to set up travel routes to outer worlds, we *need* mining operations, fuel operations, ship building, the labs and hotels can be attached to these things. I know it's a fine line between pushing forward too fast and ensuring the safety of the travelers, but regardless, we're still falling behind as a species and we need to advance our technology as fast as possible.

它看起来不错,我想,但它不是环形空间站,我们在空间技术上落后了60多年,我们需要开始推动新的设计,能够容纳生命的设计。0 g是有趣,也挺酷,但它不适合人类的身体健康,我们需要模拟重力,我们需要大规模的轨道结构,我们需要建立外太空的旅行线路,我们需要采矿作业,燃料操作、船舶建造、还可以加上实验室和酒店。我知道推进速度太快和确保旅行者安全之间有个界限,但无论如何,我们仍然落后,我们需要尽快推进我们的技术。



Space exploration (by anyone) is a good thing and I wish China well. I would also like to see the average American begin to understand that NASA is not a democrat or republican entity. Programs span multiple administrations from concept, design, funding, construction, launch and mission. Any attempt to attribute NASA's success or failure to any one president is to admit that you do not understand this reality. NASA is the premier space agency on the planet not because of the political system but in spite of it.




More is better when it comes to science and exploration. I just hope China is as open and generous in sharing its research as the world has been with them. China's space program stand on the shoulders of the sacrifice, technology, science and research that Americans and Europeans have openly shared with the world since the beginning (save the Soviet Union). What do you think? Will China do that?




Remember United State blocked China participate the ISS project.




How did we ever let Russia and China become our UBER for space exploration?

NASA used to be the Big Dog on the block and we used to tune into national TV to watch every blastoff from Cape Canaveral. We even took the kids there for a tour in the 80s. It was a big deal. Now our few astronauts have to go to Siberia to get up to the space station on their rockets.





If NASA pays them enough, maybe they will give American astronauts a ride?




I love space innovation. I wish well to anyone and any country that is trying to pursue space exploration.




wouldn't it be nice if this planet could put all of its petty differences aside and actually build a real space station... not one of these tinfoil soda cans all stuck together. If we stopped hating each other and didn't need to spend trillions of dollars building weapons to kill each other, imagine what we could achieve.




we spend over 600 billion dollars annually on our military... more than every other country...COMBINED... we as a nation are lucky that we can even import toilet paper with such an astronomical expenditure




Space stations are far too expensive to be financed by one nation alone, even China.




The US dominance is over and I meant literally over. While America is super divided over politics and cutting money for education China is marching boldly and is able to replace America. Now the world looks at china for technological miracles.



danny strongyesterday

The United States is a nation with a great space program... in its past. The absolute loss of national self-esteem and vision, when viewed by future generations, will be postively inexplicable. Go China; you appear to be our last hope.



Jerry Livelyyesterday

In all of these posts about China, Russia, NASA, programs, quality, etc. I don't see much talk about good ol' American Free Enterprise. If left to their devices and ingenuity, guys like Musk (SpaceX), Bezos (Blue Origin), Bigelow (Bigelow Aerospace), Branson (Virgin Galactic) and others would blow the lid off of space exploration..... Oh, wait, they are trying to do just that! Search any of their names and see what they are up to. China, India, Russia, maybe even NSAS may be booking room in Bigelow's orbital hotels. When (if) any country gets to the Moon or Mars, they may have to request landing permission from Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos! Let Freedom Reign!

在所有这些关于中国、俄罗斯、美国宇航局、项目等的帖子中,我没有看到太多关于美国自由企业的言论。如果让马斯克(SpaceX)、贝佐斯(Bezos)、毕格罗(Bigelow)、布兰森(Virgin Galactic)等人凭借他们的设备和独创性,将会揭开宇宙探索的神秘面纱……哦,等等,他们就是想这么做!搜索他们的名字,看看他们在做什么。中国,印度,俄罗斯,甚至NASA都可能在毕格罗的轨道酒店预订房间。任何国家如果要登上月球或火星,他们可能需要请求埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)或杰夫·贝索斯(Jeff Bezos)的着陆许可!让自由说话!



The USA should have a permanent base on the Moon by now...or at least health insurance and infrastructure. Oh well, we are good at wars, that thar is somethin'. lol




Nobody can find the Earth's curve. It's the hottest trend on Youtube...proving the Earth has no curve.



Crazytown Hall Monitoryesterday

Time for a VonBraun designto permanently orbit the earth that can be used for long term habitation and to prep ships to reach the outer planets.




Lol Chinas space station will be a death trap given their legendary quality control. There is zero margin of error for spacecraft.




China unveils new 'Heavenly Palace' space station as ISS days numbered? 

How exactly are ISS days numbered?





Unless there is a catastrophic failure of some kind, the ISS isn't going anywhere. And little doubt that if it continues to function normally, it will still be orbiting the earth 50 years from now.




This will help the Chinese rob ideas from any country that performs scientific experiments on board their space station, that is, if it ever gets off the ground.




I seem to remember reading about how China's space program's procedures and safety measures are comparable to pre-Apollo NASA.




I applaud China on it's efforts to break beyond the boundaries of this earth. This is the perfect opportunity for China to show the world that they are not ripping off other nations tech-and that the Chinese people are the great inventors that some histories claim!




China still hasn't landed on the Moon. We did nearly 50 years ago. hahahaha




I was naive enough in the 1970s to believe the US would lead the people of earth to the stars ... then we elected a charismatic potus compromised with Alzheimer's that cut taxes and tripled our national debt in 8yrs. Now almost 40yrs later... we are $21t in debt and hitching rides with the Russians.



Mr Perfectyesterday

China is fast out-pacing the US in almost every field of endeavor. America's days as a super-power will soon be over.




China spending Billions investing in space exploration, we're spending billions giving the rich tax cuts and remaining in Afghanistan.




Space ships will be powered by energetic amplifiers and gravitational condensers. Lock onto a frequency, amass gravity and fall through time/space. Ive designed it, but the tech to make it, the mathematics and the materials don't exist here naturally, and haven't been engineered yet.




Nice photos, I still have no more idea of what it will look like anymore than I did before clicking on this. That is a fail, news is supposed to inform with more than just a story whenever possible.




I hope China remembers that that astronauts in other countries are taller than 5 feet when designing the space station




This new space station is just a USA design built at Chinese labor costs...I am sure it will last


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