This little-known Chinese company beat Samsung in launching a foldable phone — and it actually works



A little-known Chinese tech firm has beaten the South Korean giant Samsung in launching the world's first foldable phone — and early reviews suggest it actually works.


While Samsung may be hours away from showing the world a foldable Galaxy X smartphone, the Royole Corporation released its FlexPai phone to journalists on Monday.

虽然三星马上就会向世界展示一款可折叠的智能手机Galaxy X,但周一柔宇科技率先向媒体公布了柔派(FlexPai


The Verge and Mashable were among those to get hands-on with the device at an event in San Francisco. Both confirmed that the folding technology works, halving the size of the 7.8-inch plastic screen with one 180-degree twist.

在旧金山的一场活动中,科技博客网站The Verge和Mashable拿到了这款手机,两家都证实了这种折叠技术的可行性,180度对折,将7.8英寸塑料屏幕的尺寸缩小了一半。

"Yes, it feels a bit gimmicky, but the FlexPai does actually deliver on its promise of being the 'first foldable smartphone,'" Mashable's Karissa Bell said.

But the FlexPai is far from perfect.


The device does not fold flat and is quite difficult to hold, Bell said, adding that the plastic display lifted a little over the hinges and made a "crunching sound" while folding. She said Royole told her the issues were "due to the adhesive used in the engineering samples."


The Verge's Nick Statt said that when folded, the phone is "bulky" and "feels miles away in quality" from a high-end smartphone. The software, a bespoke version of Android 9.0, seemed "extremely sluggish" and buggy, he added.

The Verge的尼克·斯塔特表示,折叠起来后,这款手机有点“笨重”,质量和高端智能手机“相差远”。他补充说,这款定制版的安卓9.0操作系统“非常缓慢”,而且bug很多

"This device is very much a first-generation product," Statt concluded.


Royole said the foldable phone would go on sale as a consumer device in China in December but in the US would be available only as a developer model, costing $1,318 for 128 GB of storage and $1,469 for 256 GB, according to Mashable.


Samsung/FacebookRoyole showcased the FlexPai in the same week that Samsung is expected to unveil the long-awaited Galaxy X. The company has all but confirmed the product's launch — or at least a tease — at its annual developer conference, which begins Wednesday in San Francisco.

在柔宇科技发布“柔派”的同一周,三星预计将推出期待已久的Galaxy X。该公司在周三于旧金山召开的年度开发者大会上,几乎肯定了这款产品的发布。

Samsung recently posted a modified logo, folded back on itself, on its Facebook page, potentially foreshadowing a Galaxy X announcement.

三星最近在其Facebook页面上发布了一个经过修改的logo字体是对折的,这可能预示着Galaxy X的发布。




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Tony13 hours ago

Where have I seen folding screens before? Samsung demoed a 146 inch rolled up screen at CES 2018.

之前也见过折叠屏。在2018年国际消费电子展上三星展示了146英寸的Micro LED屏


Jim9 hours ago

Experts will tell you that if you fold it over and over it will break the only question is when. If you decide to get a folding phone you should check how thin the fold actually is and what happens if you crease the folding areas. Questions remain: Is the folding phone really better than a hard folding case that protects the screen? If the folding phone slips out of your pocket does it remain closed or open leaving the screen susceptible to breakage?



David12 hours ago

Who is willing to bet that the Samsung phone also has a 7.8 inch screen?



Sean12 hours ago

So Samsung is the first reputable tech company to launch a folding screen…



Lee12 hours ago

i loved my folding phone..it was a Samsung T-259 flip phone.....



Thomas12 hours ago

I’ll wait for the waterproof version of that phone. That way it doubles as an emergency toilet paper I can wipe and wash with.



Bradley7 hours ago

Heads are going to roll. Someone at Samsung's industrial espionage department is not doing their job when Royole came out with a folding phone first.



Chris9 hours ago

why do we need folding smartphone? in my opinion i feel that phones are getting to small, just imagine how long our phones would last if we focused on improving the battery of phones instead of the thinness. i would love to have a phone the size of a galaxy S6 with the battery life of an old flip phone

我们为啥要折叠智能手机?我觉得现在的手机越来越薄了试想一下如果我们专注于改进手机的电池而不是轻薄,我们的手机能使用多长时间。我想要一部尺寸如galaxy S6,电池寿命和老式翻盖手机一样长的手机。


Tony9 hours ago

Saw a video of the phone being used at a tech show. Looked terrible.



kevin12 hours ago

The crease in testing has shown to develop a slight discoloration.



Roger D. Alien11 hours ago

stolen tech...no doubt



Obamabinlyn24 minutes ago

What happened to the transparent phone ?



Mark6 hours ago

so how much is it?? 10 bucks??

价格多少??10美元? ?


Tony12 hours ago




Republican(USA) Democrat(China)11 hours ago

Typical chinese... whats new?



Nelson6 hours ago

Crunches and slow operating system. Well, this is an example of rushing some #$%$ onto the market at all costs JUST TO BE FIRST. Not a good business move.



Emergent5 hours ago

China is an expert when it comes to stealing technologies.



Josh Ng5 hours ago

You mean them Chinese STOLE the Whole Phone and just put their stupid name on it...RIGHT???



Chief11 hours ago

Made in China? Must be #$%$ then.


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