Why is China not good at football (soccer)? Why is China still not competing at the same level as Japan or the Koreas, and not represented at the World Cup?




Mark Warholak, 洋鬼子

Amazing, isn't it?

Many of my Chinese friends claim that it's not lack of individual talent, but a cultural issue resulting in a weak teamwork ethic in men.




Gabriel Chan, Overseas Chinese(華僑)

Because their team spends more time in getting hammered at karaoke bars than on the pitch hammering down their game.



Ray Loftus, worked at AventGreen

China's Womens Soccer team does.



Kimmy York, seo manager

China is good at many sports now, but not good at football, that's wired. But I think there are many reasons in it. In fact, china has a large population, but few people can play soccer when they are young, so it means few people can touch soccer. So that's why there are a little good soccer player in China.



Ernesto Gasulla, studied at University of Buenos Aires

With one glaring exception, really good football countries are the ones where kids play it in the street, for plain fun. Parents in general don’t mind, and out of sheer volume -since a whole lot of them are playing - some become really good. Then you need a minimally competitive league, with enough steps in the ladder to make room for all kinds of talent. And being relatively poor does not hurt -so playing football, even at intermediate level, may be the best option some of those kids have.


The glaring exception is Germany, a developed country where kids don’t play in the streets, yet their football level is brilliant. Yes I know they were eliminated at the 2018 WC. But it was undeserved, and they still kicked Sweden’s ass with one less player (now Sweden just advanced to the round of 8).


In China, parents have an ironclad control of what the kids do or don’t. And few -or none - would be happy with the idea of Junior underperforming at high school to prepare for a football tryout. Assuming -by some miracle - a talented kid manages to make it to the local league, the level is sad. In a desperate effort to gain some traction with fans, teams hire big name foreign players waaaay past their prime, just for marquee value.


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Jonathan Muiruri, Sales at Confidentiality (2018-present)

It's because first Chinese aren't initiators ,when it comes to sports they like to watch others participate .They are good at cheering just look back at the 2008 Olympics .and also they aren't good physically to participate in sports .Also their government restrictions on media coverage played apart in the country football undevelopment.Although I don't think that affected much since if you look at other countries like north korea did qualify for worldcup without media coverage.which is essential in exposing their league to sponsors.I think for me China they just take sports as leisure,unlike japan and south Korea whose government took sports as a way of marketing the country.



Kavinay Kishor, works at Government of Canada

China's domestic leagues are not attracting foreign players and subsequently not improving as talent incubators for the national team.

With few exceptions, countries rely heavily on their domestic clubs for grooming their next generation of national players. Both Japan and South Korea improved dramatically when they started importing foreign players into domestic competitions. It provided an infusion of skills and training methods that quickly brought the development programs of those countries up to speed.

BTW, I'd also add that it only takes one good story like Hidetoshi Nakata to help kick start an entire generation of future footballers. If China can deliver a big name ore two to European club football, it will do wonders for their national program in 10 years time.





Jimmy Gao, voracious reader of the history of China

Here is a joke:

One day, national soccer team coaches for England, Japan and China go to see God. Each coach asks God a same question.

Firstly asks the coach of England:" When will England win the World Cup?" God thinks for a few seconds and says:" In 20 years." The coach leaves,  crying:" I won't live to see that day."

Secondly asks the coach of Japan:" When will Japan win the World Cup?" God thinks for a minute and says:" In 50 years." The coach leaves, crying: " I won't live to see that day."

Finally asks the coach of China:" When will China win the World Cup?" God this time thinks for a long while, and to everyone's consternation God starts crying: " I won't live to see that day!"






Unfortunately, soccer needs long term planning. It takes a few generations to improve. So unless the performance of China's soccer bureaucrats are not measured by any short-term goals, we won't see China emerges as a global soccer force ever.



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