Robots will build robots in $150 million Chinese factory



Swiss firm ABB is investing big money to conquer the Chinese robotics market.


Swiss robotics company ABB has revealed that it's spending $150 million to build an advanced robotics factory in Shanghai -- one that will use robots to build robots. The company will rely on its YuMi single-arm robots, which it once used to conduct an orchestra, for small parts assembly. It also plans to make extensive use"of its SafeMove2 software in the facility, which it says will allow its YuMi models and other automated machines to safely work in close proximity with human employees.


ABB says its goal is to make the Shanghai facility the most advanced robotics factory in the world. It will even feature a Research and Development center to accelerate the firm's work in artificial intelligence. In addition, it will widen the types and variants of robots the company can build for Chinese companies, including automakers and electronics manufacturers. China is ABB's second biggest market after the United States, and the new factory could greatly expand its presence in the market. The company expects to open the 75,000-square-foot facility by late 2020.




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Nikki2 days ago

In 2018 we are discussing the necessity of robots in society. In 2118 robots will be discussing the necessity of humans in society.




Robots making robots...Can they make a Pizza that will make me a Pizza?




Robots building robots, while about a year ago Facebook abandoned an experiment after two artificially intelligent programs appeared to be chatting to each other in a strange language only they understood. Maybe the end of human kind will not come at the hand of humans after all.



Anonymous2 days ago

Robot Apocalypse is coming!



Spencer K2 days ago

i for one, would like to welcome our new robot overlords... how could they do worse than we have?



be carefull2 days ago

i wish they could make robot polititians so they would do what voters want



William2 days ago

Did no one watch the movie Terminator?




It's always easy to get people to think "one day" AI will out smart human and harm human and robots will make other robots to control people. You can't make them to understand that today and in the future, all tech will still be single domain tools, tools can't think, nor innovate. This include multitasking products such as OS and control centers.




As long as the people making these robots and AI see no danger in their actions, "Terminator" and "I Robot" is always a possibility.



Willy14 hours ago

"Robots will build robots" ... Yikes, they're reproducing!



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