Is Apple's New Lower-Priced Smartphone Its Secret Weapon?



Fresh off its $1 trillion market cap, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) held its annual product reveal last month. The company released a new flagship iPhone -- the XS (read 10 S) -- as well as a larger version of its top-of-the-line model, the XS Max. The devices had a number of pricing options starting at $999 and climbing as high as $1,449, depending on the model and amount of memory chosen.

市值破万亿美元不久后,苹果于上月举行了年度产品发布会,发布了新款旗舰机型——iPhone XS(即10S),以及一款更大版本的顶级机型XS Max。这两款机型有多种定价,起价为999美元,最高价格为1449美元,具体价格取决于所选的型号和容量。

One of the more surprising revelations from the event was the introduction of the iPhone XR. The lower-cost device contains a surprisingly robust set of features and carries a price tag 25% lower than the XS model. Many have noted that the XR could potentially cannibalize sales of the higher-priced models as consumers look for more cost-effective iPhone options from Apple.

令人惊讶是iPhone XR的推出这款低成本的手机拥有令人惊讶的强大功能,而且价格比XS低25%。由于消费者寻求更划算的iPhone选择,XR可能会蚕食高价iPhone机型的销售。

Now, a renowned Apple follower is signaling that demand for the device could be much better than initially expected.



The analyst

Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, with TF International Securities, is known for his impressive track record regarding Apple product predictions. His insight into the company is the result of his close industry relationships and strong ties with many of the companies in Apple's supply chain.



Earlier this week, Kuo increased his estimates for the calendar fourth quarter (which is Apple's fiscal first quarter). The analyst now believes iPhone shipments will top out between 78 million and 83 million, up from a prior estimate of 75 million to 80 million. This would result in an increase of 4% at the midpoint compared to the 77.3 million iPhones Apple sold in the prior-year quarter.


What's driving this newfound enthusiasm for iPhone shipments? Apple's low-cost option, the iPhone XR.

是什么推动了iPhone出货量?苹果的低选择,iPhone XR。

Much greater potential

Kuo believes that Apple will ship between 36 million and 38 million units of the XR, a 10% increase from his previous estimate of 33 million to 35 million units. These higher shipments will be the result of not only strong replacement demand, but also an improved supply, which was expected to ramp up in early October.



The noted Apple-watcher says the "larger display, longer battery life, dual SIM-support, and new form factor design," will lead to increased demand for the XR, especially in light of its lower cost. With a starting price of $749 for the XR -- compared to a base cost of $999 for the XS -- Kuo is forecasting a more robust product cycle for Apple than occurred with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus last year.

这位著名的苹果分析师表示,iPhone XR拥有更大的显示屏,更长的电池待机时间,双SIM卡支持以及新设计元素,这提高XR的需求,特别尤其是考虑到它的售价低。XR的起价为749美元,而XS的起价为999美元。郭明錤预计,iPhone XR产品周期将比去年iPhone 8和8 Plus更为强劲。


That isn't all. Kuo is forecasting overall shipments in the first three months of 2019 (Apple's fiscal second quarter) will "beat low seasonality" and grow 10% year over year to a range of 55 million to 60 million devices, driven by increasing demand for the XR. This would represent an increase of between 5% and 15% compared to the 52.2 million iPhones Apple sold during the same period last year.


For consumers on a budget, the iPhone XR represents a viable alternative to more pricey options and offers a reasonable compromise on features. The device contains a more affordable LCD display compared to the top-of-the-line OLED on the XS, and the XR hasn't been outfitted with Apple's latest dual-camera technology. The device does have the A12 bionic chip, Face ID, and an edge-to-edge screen boasted by more expensive models.

对于预算有限的消费者来说,iPhone XR更具性价比。与XS的顶级OLED相比,iPhone XR采用了成本较低的LCD显示屏,而且XR配备苹果最新的双摄像头技术。iPhone XR搭载A12仿生芯片,拥有人脸识别功能屏幕。

It's also worth noting that Apple will probably see the average selling price (ASP) grow from the record-setting $796 and $728 Apple achieved in the fiscal first and second quarter of 2018, respectively. With iPhone prices topping out at $1,449 and heavy demand expected for the $749 XR, expect the company to achieve a new high watermark for ASP, as well as new sales records in the quarters to come.




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Since when is $999 a low priced phone?



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None of those are low price or budget phones. Typically I get a new phone every two years. But I may wait for another year or so.




I remember thinking $400 was an obscene amount of money for a phone.



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