Why have Chinese tourists earned a bad reputation abroad?



William Hansen, former PCP at Kaiser Permanente

I live near Lucerne in Switzerland and witness boorish behavior everyday with local people bending over backwards to ignore, most people have a forgive and forget attitude towards Chinese tourists, but everyone can recount multiple stories. The last one that's a bit funny is the Chinese guy who orders cheese plate on the train. He refuses to pay for it because he said it was spoiled. He spoke pretty fair English. Some of the cheese was aged, we explained to him that the cheese was aged but that does not mean it was spoiled. The attendant showed him the vacuum rapper with correct expiration date and assured him the refrigerator was at correct temperature. He said I no like it. We said to him this woman will have to pay for this if you do not. Switzerland is a very correct country. I and two German tourists split the Chinese mans bill. In many countries police would be involved, not liking prawns or hamburger after you ordered them Does not get you out of what is a contract. Anyway we all enjoyed the cheese.


So what I really do not understand as an American living in Switzerland is one of the graphic displays listing average salary to be considered Chinese middle class as about 15,000 usd. Ok but how do people with this income level ( I get it's a huge demographic) afford frequent vacations to Switzerland, a country that I with my six figure income find expensive Living here. Considering air, hotel, food, gifts for family that seems expensive for a tourist on suppousedly 12–25,000 income.


I doubt many Americans travel to Europe unless students, without a yearly income of Less than 60–65K usd. What is my point. I have met many boorish Americans, but once you reach the income level to afford international travel you really are going to weed out much of that behavior.These Chinese could not have all won their trips by winning the lotto? Most western bad behavior from my observation is mostly college students.

So how do iPhone foxcomm assembly workers at 15000 usd yearly take these trips, afford them??? I work with young Chinese MBA students that are really middle class, not some go nment Econ guy that says a group is middle class. These students are as polite, cultured, and mannered as any group of students I work with. They are a lovely group.

我怀疑很多去欧洲旅行的美国人,除非是学生,他们的年收入没有低于6- 6.5万美元的。我想说的是,我遇到过很多粗鲁的美国人,但一旦你的收入达到了能够支付国际旅行的水平,就会过滤掉很多这种的行为。这些中国人不可能都赢大乐透了才能来旅行吧?据我观察,大多数西方不良行为都是大学生。


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Farzan Safavi, former CEO and Founder at FoodLove (2015-2017)

I am one of the foreign experts living in mainland China. I am currently living in one of the underdeveloped regions of China called Guizhou province, Guiyang city. Its not as underdeveloped in terms of facilities, however when it comes to manners, social structure and education development, Guiyang is ranked very low.

They are number of reasons why some (minority) Chinese people can be rude



  • The educational gap between different social classes.
  • China’s population is about 1.4 billion, most young people are well educated and completely different than the previous generations, they are also very well mannered.
  • Rude people are doing a great job to make themselves stand out more not only in the country but also globally.
  • As a foreigner if you’re coming to China, its better for you to stay with other foreigners if you’re going to unknown areas.
  • Yes some people stare, point, laugh, and talk in Mandarin about your looks and appearance in front of your face.
  • As a minority, a foreigner and a white person its very challenging to live in rural China because eyes are constantly watching you.
  • On daily basis, I meet 8 well educated and well mannered people and 2 people who are plain rude. However, almost everyday I meet someone who is just basically lacking in basic mannerism.
  • I have learned I cannot change other people’s behavior and educate them regarding mannerism, respect and basic communication, that is not my job so I am just trying to ignore rude people.
  • China is developing very fast and there is a lot of money flowing around, however socially not everyone is developing equally and if you do the basic math, its hard to educate 1.4 billion at the same time. Trying to be fair here.
  • 不同社会阶层之间的教育差距。
  • 中国的人口大约是14亿,大多数年轻人都受过良好教育,比上一代完全不同,中国的年轻人也很有教养。
  • 粗鲁的人不仅在中国出了名,在全球范围内也一样出色。
  • 作为一个外国人,如果你来中国,如果你想去一些不知名的地方,最好跟其他外国人在一起。
  • 是的,有些人会当着你的面盯着你看,指指点点,用中文笑着谈论你的相貌和外表。
  • 作为少数派,外国人和白人若要在中国农村生活,非常具有挑战性,因为大家的眼睛一直盯着你看。
  • 日常生活中,我遇到8个受过良好教育和有教养的人和2个粗鲁的人。然而,几乎每天我都会遇到一个基本缺乏基本礼节的人。
  • 我学会了,我无法改变别人的行为,无法教导他们尊重和基本的沟通,这不是我的工作,所以我只会试着忽略粗鲁的人。
  • 中国发展速度极快,有很多的热钱,但是并不是全社会每个人都得到速度的发展,你用简单的数学分析一下就知道了,很难在同一时间教育好14亿人口。公平点。

The go nment is trying to educate its population, however not everyone is learning as they should be. Many people, especially young people feel traumatized and embarrassed by small number of rude Chinese people both in China and abroad. They feel immensely responsible to deal with this issue trying to solve adequately as possible.

Sometimes its not about rudeness, its just different cultural upbringing, way of communication and interaction with you as a foreigner. The country is open more than ever before trying to learn from western cultural differences to avoid future conflicts and enhance further collaborations.




Malcolm Lerider, Offshore Software Development Manager

I love China and Chinese people, and it’s my chosen place of residence. No hate intended, see my other posts to confirm that I actually love this country. Here are however some of the less appreciated parts of Chinese tourists, I’m sorry that generalization is unavoidable. It’s a minority of rich people from the countryside that has many of these behaviors, simply explained by this being perfectly normal in their own hometown. Culture clash.


1.Chinese staying on the same hotel floor can be incredibly noisy. Room doors can stay open and the hallway become their “extended” room to be able to communicate better with their friends / family in the other rooms. Not really appreciated by other hotel guests.

2.Closing hotel doors. Not sure what it is, but Chinese do not have the habit of using the door handle to close doors. The door is ALWAYS slammed shut. Being woken up by slamming doors at hours when you want to sleep is no fun.

3.“It’s their job” mentality. Easily seen at McDonalds and KFC in China. Chinese do not throw away their own trays, but leave it at the table to be cleaned by the workers there. It’s the customs in China, so it works fine there, but to not transfer well to all countries. At Amsterdam Airport, I saw a janitor wiping Cola that someone had spilled at the gate where a group of Chinese tourists where sitting. Since he was cleaning the floor anyway, the group of Chinese thought it was fine to throw their trash on the floor next to the spilled Cola. He is going to clean that area anyway, right? Needless to say, the janitor became very angry.

4.Children peeing and defecating literally everywhere. It’s common to not use diapers in China, instead they just use “open” pants. You are lucky if they choose to at least let the child pee in the potted plant in the mall instead of just directly on the floor.






Alvina Bint, Intern at www.RaviMagazine.com

Chinese are the most loved tourists in UK.

They are least intrusive, follow the rules and always respect other cultures. There has been no incident of any ‘chinese hooligan’ at any sports event, no incidents of drunken rowdy behaviour, or any drug related crimes.

Also, Chinese shoppers spend heavily on luxury items. 50% of the Sales on Oxford Street at by Chinese tourists.

I do not know which country they have earned a bad reputation, but here they are welcomed with open arms and respect.






Edward Conway, 38 years of experience exploring storytelling, myth, fiction

Originally Answered: Is the bad reputation of the Chinese tourists deserved?

What an odd view of Chinese tourists.

I've had the pleasure of meeting tourists from many countries, having lived in many heavily visited areas (ex. Grand Canyon area, etc.), and working in hospitality.

If anything, I would say that Chinese tourists are stereotyped as polite and friendly, exactly the kind of behavior that would get a positive reaction.

Contrast this to:

-French tourists, who often look down on locals and lecture them on the inherent inferiority and lack of culture of any place they are visiting.

-Indian tourists, who refuse to accept that prices are non-negotiable.

-American tourists' common lack of understanding of other cultures and the proper way to behave when visiting foreign countries.

-Japanese tourist habit of photographing everything in sight no matter how mundane or commonly found in Japan.

As you can see, the alternatives are much worse.

Any nationality or other group of humans will have a few jerks and fools in the mix, but that is no reason to judge the whole by that standard.













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