美国女孩穿旗袍参加舞会被指责为文化剽窃, 你怎么看

What do you think about the girl being accused of cultural appropriation for wearing a Chinese pattern prom dress?




Konstantin Zhiltsov

What do I think?


Look at this guy. Look carefully. This is Baron Robert Nikolai Maximillian Fedorovich von Ungern-Sternberg. A Russian general (of German origin). If you know history of Mongolia or White movement, you should know him, his character and his… well, deeds.

And well, he loved traditional Mongolian dresses.





Wisnu Nugroho, data nerd, immigrant, gadgeteer, smart aleck.


It is really telling that Chinese people in China overwhelmingly don't take offense at her wearing the dress, they are actually proud that an American girl thinks the traditional dress is beautiful enough to wear to a prom.


I am not Chinese, so I can not speak for them. However, as a fellow Asian immigrant in USA I know first hand the struggle of minorities in this country.


Being born and raised outside USA, I can still see the country from an outsider's perspective. Putting my foreigner hat on, I would be proud too if an American girl who doesn't belong to my ethnic group chooses to wear my ethnic dress to the prom. History conditioned us to accept that our national dress is less appropriate than the standard western dress on the international stage. It is flattering to see a white American girl deem the dress appropriate for one of the most important events of her life.


To quote one of the guys in the USA Today article: it's not cultural appropriation, it's cultural appreciation


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Stephen Poole, Data Expert, Economics Fiend, Center-Right, News Junkie

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Here’s a thought. If wearing a Chinese dress is cultural appropriation, is this also cultural appropriation?

Should people be required to only wear clothes that originated in their culture? Not only is this deeply racist and segregationist, but also it’s impractical.

Blue jeans are American. Ripped, worn blue jeans even more so. Those shirts have English words. In a sense, these Korean models are guilty of cultural appropriation of American culture. Are we going to demand these Korean models wear only traditional Korean clothes? No, that would be stupid, because the idea of “cultural appropriation” is stupid. I prefer the term “cultural appreciation.”

Has everyone forgotten that well-known saying— “imitation is the highest form of flattery”? Let’s stop separating into tribes and respect each other.







Sarah Ellison

What did I think about the girl being accused of cultural appropriation for wearing a Chinese pattern prom dress?

I thought that it was the single most absurd thing I’d heard all year.


When I first saw that post, my first thought was, ‘This guy has to be joking. After all, he’s the one wearing an Adidas hat, which is German, not Chinese, so isn’t he appropriating German culture?’ And after doing a little digging, I encountered several tweets of his that included racial slurs, so I was shocked to see such a blatant racist accusing an innocent girl of culture appropriation. And I was even more astounded to see the overwhelming support he’d gathered from the media.


Here’s what I have to say about it:

What if the girl that wore the prom dress had been black?

What if she had been Indian?

What if she had been Japanese? Or Korean? Or any of the dozens of other racial groups that aren’t Caucasian?

I guarantee that if a girl of African American descent had worn that dress, no one would have batted an eye. She might have even been applauded for embracing another culture. But when a white girl does it, social media has a seizure.

And why is that?






Sites like Twitter have essentially become social justice platforms. A soapbox for those preaching ignorant speech like “Women are better than men” or “White people suck,” or “All conservatives are racist!” Now that it’s possible to reach millions of people over social media, some think that they can just throw whatever opinions they have out there, no matter who they hurt. And the majority is always the one implicated. Whether it’s white people, men, straight people, Christians, even if they haven’t done ANYTHING, they’ll still be under fire at some point because of how “politically correct” society has become. Apparently, you have to be a minority of some sort to actually have your opinion considered.


And what’s REALLY frustrating is that little things like these get so much attention. They divert focus from actual problems, and have people obsessing over things like whether or not it’s okay for a girl to wear a stunning dress that she loves to her prom. What has society become?


Is everything offensive nowadays? Should I refrain from going for a ride in my mother’s Honda because I’m not Japanese? Should I stop sleeping in my bed because it was made in Vietnam? Should I buy a whole new wardrobe because most of my clothes originated in China?


I don’t want to live in a world in which I have to refrain from wearing what I want for fear of “culture appropriation.”



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