What does China, India, and Russia have in common?



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Shrikant Umarye, General Manager

all three are difficult and unpredictable actors in the international system.


The first two are rising great powers that have enormous economic and even military potential. Russia, however, is more a reviving great power. As the principal successor state to the defunct Soviet Union (and in reality, the core of the long-standing Russian empire), Russia went through a decade of acute disarray in the 1990s. It has recovered somewhat during this decade, however, and although Moscow is unlikely to regain the superpower status that it claimed during the cold war, it is again a significant factor in both Europe and Central Asia.


China maintain an extensive—and growing—economic relationship, but tensions are rising over an assortment of China maintain an extensive—and growing—economic relationship, but tensions are rising over an assortment of issues.china has big plans to be a superpower through unequal economic agreement with weak nation/countries -shri lanka, burma, pakistan and malayshia are real examples of expansionistic ambitions.gulping of tib, hongkong, and wish to gulp de ratic taiwan is a past and recent example .the belt and road iniatiative bulked by india is another of its example.it has spread its influence in oil rich countries in africa through various agreements.


India have improved noticeably since the end of the cold war. .Throughout America’s struggle with the Soviet Union, India ostensibly maintained a nonaligned stance but rather consistently tilted toward the USSR. China is a crucial economic and diplomatic partner of the United States in many respects, and it is a country with important vested interests in the current international system. It has helped create the Shanghai Coopera-tion Organization, a strong security partnership linking China to Russia and various Central Asian countries. The SCO has not only conducted joint military exercises, it has also openly advocated trying to exclude the influence of ‘‘outside powers’’ (i.e., the United States) from Central Asia.


China’s emergence as the second-largest holder of U.S.treasury debt ($518 billion in 2007)—and probably the largest holder within the next three or four years—is a very significant development.


With over a billion citizens and an annual economic output well over $1 trillion, India should provide constraints on Chinese strategic designs in the coming decades.


Moscow’s grow-ing flirtation with Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez, an obnoxious nemesis of the United States, is also creating gratuitous tensions. Moscow’s joint air and naval exercises with Venezuelan military forces in September 2008 especially did not improve relations with America.


russia is both economically and militarily superior than it was a decade ago, and Moscow has begun to push back. For example, it has emphasized that Washington’s attempt to gain NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia crosses a bright red line and will not be toleratedoverall all three are nuclear super powers and rising great powers on global scene, each one has its influence areas.


china has an imposing influence in iran and north korea

russia has it in venezuala,syria, cuba.

india is after its own strategic defence and economic interests.





Gaurav Sharma, BSc, MA political science University of Delhi, Indira Gandhi National Open University

This was my answer to another almost similar question- what will happen if india, China and Russia come together?

RIC (Russia, India, China) forum is already present and its meeting happens regularly. As all the 3 countries are very big, powerful and self sufficient, hence they agree very little on most of the issues. They are also present in bigger and more integerated BRICS but here too, there is a tussle between two giants India and China.

Currently there is a great game going on between China and India on many fronts , like building dominance in their regions and in Africa continent.

Russia is abundant of natural gas and oil but short of money While India and China are hungry for resources and have lot of money in their pocket to buy them. So all are monitored by their needs and no one wants to play second fiddle to anyone.

So economic ties will be there , but not EU like cooperation and mutual consensus.







Shamim Huq, Piping and Pipe Support Engineering

They all consider USA as an adversary. USA supported Pakistan in the Bangladesh war of 1971. Russia had vetoed four time in 24 hours as Indian Forces closed in on Capital city of Dhaka. It was joyous day for us who had survived the Bangladesh Genocide.  India on the other hand is hobbled by Caste genetics that leads to inbreeding within Caste. Unless this mold is broken where all the different castes mix mingle and intermarry - India will continue to stumble.



Adrian Lau, studied Civil Engineering

Have fought against Japanese (albeit in different area) in WW2, China (in name of CCP and ROC), India (in name of British Empire), and Russia (in name of Soviet Union). Russia and China in East Asia (although Russians coming in at Aug 1945), while China and India (in name of British India) in Burma area.

Users of Soviet system weapons, from rifles to fighters, from tanks to artilleries, China and Russia entirely using Soviet systems, except some “customized” systems, while majority of Indian arsenal are Soviet systems (>50%).




Vim Mak

They cannot be dictated by the West what they have to do: they are INDEPENDENT nations. Each of them has his own skeletons in closet but they will not allow outsiders to tell them how to deal with it: they are grown ups and figure it out on their own. Especially that those who insist on giving “advise” have not a closet but the whole basement full of bodies, some still warm…

Two of the three are (along with civilizations west to them) set up a ground of mankind knowledge and civilization, including the West. The third one, in comparison is a teenager but thirsty to learn and sacrifice, saved the civilization from Dark Knight of Western Nazism at unspeakable sacrifice.




Sudershanrao Kanukurthy, works at Andhra Bank

All the three countries are have huge geographical area.

Russian Population 2018- 143,964,709

1,415,045,928 Population of China (2018 and historical)

1,342,512,706 India Population (1950 - 2018)

The population of Russia is less as large areas not populated.

All three countries conduct elections at various levels.

All three countries have large coast lines.


俄罗斯人口:2018年- 143,964,709







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