What are the common misconceptions Indians hold about China?



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Vanita Ashar

Yes! There are misconceptions about China Indians hold. I'll list here two for now.


  1. That poverty reduction followed economic growth in China.

For example: In a recent interview a famous political leader, citing the example of China, he said:

"The Asian country grew by about 9% on an average for over three decades and reached where it is today."

"I think if we continue at that rate of growth over the next 10 years we would have substantially created a better infrastructure and brought down poverty rates at a faster pace."

The historic details discussed in Vanita Ashar's answer to What did China do but India hasn't that brought a billion people out of poverty? explains how China had already managed to dramatically bring down its rural poverty even before growth started to accelerate in the 90s.

Here are some statistics (taken from above answer) which are self exemplary.

  1. 中国的经济增长之后,贫困人口才开始减少。


Vanita Asha在回答“中国做了哪些印度没有做的事情,才让十亿人脱离贫困?”这一问题时讨论的历史细节,解释了在90年代经济增长开始加速之前,中国如何成功大幅降低了农村贫困率。



  1. That population of China was mostly brought under control due to China's one child policy.

This is a misconception many, not only Indians, have about China.

The historic details discussed in Vanita Ashar's answer to How could China achieve population control so fast but India could not? explains how China had already managed to dramatically bring down its fertility rate even before the one-child policy was introduced in 1979.

Here are some statistics (taken from above answer) which are self exemplary.

  1. 由于独生子女政策,中国人口基本上得到了控制。


Vanita Ashar在回答“中国如何迅速实现控制人口增长,而印度却没有做到?”这一问题时讨论的历史细节,解释了中国如何在1979年实行计划生育政策之前就已经成功大幅降低了生育率。




Satpal Parmar, studied Computer Science at Kurukshetra University

Average Indian is not aware enough to make any educated opinion on China so I am not sure what misconceptions you are talking about. Indian politicians & media have done an amazing disservice in educating general public about their rising neighbor. Whatever we know about about China either coming from outdated Indian history books or through hyper sensitive western press.


Here is what I think Avg. Indian think of China according to me:


  1. Indian and China are two of the oldest living civilization of the world. We shared good relationship in past. China betrayed us post Independence and tried to invade India. We lost some territory in the subsequent war. China is still claiming Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh.


  1. Every man and his dog is claiming China as next superpower though nobody seems to have any idea what that exactly it means for world or India.


  1. Indian software engineers who have worked with Chinese developers think Chinese are much more hardworking & disciplined in their work. They are 'more' willing to slog but at times suffer with group-think.


  1. Very few Indian have traveled to China. Those who have, have not gone beyond industrial cities like Beijing or Shanghai. From their experiences they have concluded that Indian de ratic decision-making is a failure and China is 20 years ahead of India in economic development.


  1. Culturally China is supposedly a suppressed society. They read & write what the govt approves of. Most of us have no idea how true is this fact or what impacts it has on the daily life of average Chinese citizen.


  1. Most have absolutely no idea if rising China is a opportunity or threat. Indian foreign policy & media is deliberately equivocal about the whole issue.


  1. Cheap (and sometimes inferior) Chinese products are flooding Indian markets. While this is giving sleepless nights to some local manufacturers others are happy selling inferior Chinese labels at a premium.


  1. Most of us have no plans to teach Mandarin to our kids. Most don't even know there is language called Mandarin.


  1. Most of us cannot differentiate a Chinese from a Korean or a Japanese. All are chinki.


  1. As far as cultural influence goes we love Bruce Lee tattoos & T-shirts , eating Hakka noddles & watching Jackie Chan movies.


Does this list include any of the common misconceptions you were referring to?



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