Why do most people have better impressions on India than on China even though Chinese cities look more beautiful in general?




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Bhavik Thaker, works at Haizol

Not sure where you got to hear this, i myself am based in china for 6 years, and can clearly differentiate two countries, having born in India and having spend a huge portion of my life in India, whereas now been in china for 6 years. India is far behind of china and no where we are close to them. Generally speaking or even if you read the answers to some of the questions here on quora comparing China and India, majority of answers you will find will be in favor of china. No doubt India is a diverse country with huge culture, religion, food, bollywood but still we stand no where close to china name it infrastructure, GDP, Environment , foreign friendly.


Once you step out of India, the general impression about India is it the most unsafe country for women, thanks to all the rape cases and media hypes, and Government failure to assure safety for women’s. I dont say this doesn’t happen in china, but the go nment here has a strong hold and have a law protecting women.


Secondly talking about the cleanliness, i bet most of the foreign tourist who have been to India before to experience the rich culture, dont wanna go back again as along with rich culture what they experience is Trash everywhere, people spitting, shitting on the roads. And staringgg… for god sake people from other country are also same like us, just with different skin..can you just stop staring and consider them as just a normal human being and give them the comfort and space to enjoy their trip while in the country. No where in china you will find trash on the road or people throwing their garbage on roadside. People are quite civilized and you wont find anyone peeing or shitting on the roads or in public.


I am not anti national, i love my country but there is a long way for India to go and look ahead before you can go and compare with china. China in recent years has shown a drastic growth and is in much strong position today. I hope India can learn from them and there comes a day where we can surpass them.



Arindam Chatterjee, studied at St. Xavier's College, Kolkata

China has progressed way ahead of India in many things but going by specifics as per this question, I would state some points why India is considered better than PRC(China).


2ndIndia : Peace loving & has never invaded other’s lands vs China : has threatened all its neighbors (India, Vietnam, Japan etc) barring Pakistan.



4thIndia : makes own stuff or requests tech-transfer vs China : Serial CopyCat. Steals through physical/cyber(mostly) blueprints, tech etc. Eq: There’s a Chinese version of RollsRoyce, F22/PAK-FA( J-20 ), F35 JSF( J-31 ) etc.


中国:一味山寨。主要通过网络窃取蓝图。中国版的劳斯莱斯、F22/PAK-FA(J-20)、F35 JSF、J-31等等。

5thIndia : uses military for peacekeeping, confidence building exercises & exploration vs China : Show of force & bully tactic (mostly South China Sea) against navies of SouthEast Asia, Japan, India & even the US-Navy.



6thIndia : wants superpower status vs China : wants hegemony.



7thIndia : fights terrorism vs China : protects terrorism ( eq: Hafiz Saeed & other Pakistani terrorists).



Though we have to note that China wants to usurp US by any means necessary while India is not bothered about any form of domination probably except being the center of spirituality, culture & food.



Kaiming Fu, take me to fly,fly in the sky.

Indian's answers are so funny that I think they don't know true reason why most people have better impressions on India than on China.


the true reason is very simple because of propaganda. on quora, there are a lot of people who went/ have gone to China and India. you can read their answers about comparisons between China and India. they always have better impressions on China and India. Indian are always proud that they are de ratic country,and all the west media progandize that India is the biggest de ratic country in the the world,and Indian have right to vote, to criticize go nment. I wanna ask "and then ?”, most Indian have not enough food and can't get enough education. if a candidate want to get enough poll,he just pay poor people some money.indian co ption is more serious than China. on quora, most Indian are higher-caste people,they are rich and ignore the real poor people.


actually, Indian de acy is a joke for Chinese whoever he/she know India or not. for most people in the world, it's impossible to understand every country for us, we have no chance to visit every country and know it.. there is fact that most people ignore,that Saudi Arabia is really authoritirian,and Saudi Arabia is never criticized by the West,especially US. do you kown the reason?



Leo Guo, works at Integrated Circuits

Yes, India is the best in the world:), it is joke as all the people love motherland and hope so.

India’s history is so different with China.

India includes a lot of languages and nationalities, they are living with all different ways, states has more impact to people than goverment, so all of politics keep talking but few going forward.

For me, India is just a name of geography but not a country, From China Qing dynasty of 2000 years ago, it unified the language and culture, define the words and writing style and much more things, that empowers China keep running 2K years even facing a lot of invasion. It is still not happen in India.

So India never and ever in same line with China, and never learn each other







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