What do Thai people think about China?




Matt Jones, I live in VA United States. I've lived in Thailand.

1.Thailand has had historically close relationship with China both in trade and diplomacy. Moreover, Thailand has never been controlled/colonized by the west; thus they were not influenced by the western view about race and foreign relation and can think independently. So the Thai opinion about China is generally positive. At one time, the Ayutthaya Kingdom used to be the richest city in Asia because of its maritime trade with China and Japan. There is a classic book that one should read on this topic. In fact, Ayutthaya was so wealthy that it threatened the trade ambition of the English East India Company, and the EIC even declared war with Siam.


2. Thailand is the home to the largest Chinese-ethnic population outside of China and Taiwan. However, Thailand, as it is, has become a non-racial society, united under the Thai identity. Today, many Thais view their grandparents from China as Chinese, but consider themselves simply as Thai. This peculiar phenomenon can only be compared with how the European descendants in America view themselves vis-à-vis their European forebears. This means that while the Thai-Chinese share certain values and cultural aspects with the Chinese people, they still view non-Thai Chinese as strangers.


3.Thais have always thought of Chinese as hard working but that their manners are on the rude side. In fact, Chinese immigrants in the past generations dropped Chinese culture and adopted Thai because they were mocked at schools and that they thought Thai manner was more gracious. It was not an entirely forced process like some easily-offended left-wing intellectuals would have you believe. Most Thai-Chinese today would say that people from mainland China tend to be rude or have bad manners.


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4. Nevertheless, Thais understand the Chinese culture quite well. Like other east asian nations, Thais study Chinese classics, like San Guo Zhi (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) in school. Everyone knows their Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu. Wuxia fictions are also very widely read and discussed among Thais of every background. Young people of this generation may be enamoured by Japanese manga and Korean TV dramas. But a generation ago everyone read Jin Yong’s wuxia fictions and loved them.

4. 然而,泰国人非常了解中国文化。像其他东亚国家一样,泰国人在学校学习中国古典文学,比如《三国演义》。大家都知道刘备、张飞和关羽。武侠小说在各个背景的泰国人当中也被广泛阅读和讨论。这一代年轻人可能迷恋日本漫画和韩剧。但在一代人之前,每个人都读金庸的武侠小说,都很喜欢。


Jacques Văn Khải, I am oversea Asian man

I know about Thais feel of China. Because I have met Thais, recently.

The Thais often have high regard on China, for many occasions:

1.Siam in the history was a very loyal vassal of China. When the Burmese or Vietnamese attack them, the Siamese received supports from China.

2.The Tai-Kadai tribe is actually having Yunnanese origin, thus this makes them close to China.

3.Siamese Kingdom often had many half Chinese who helped the nation be successful. Such of this were Taksin or Chulalongkorn.

5.An increasing tourist destination, Thailand is becoming a booming tourist state and a hot spot for Chinese people to visit.







However, from what I heard about Chinese, they tend to keep Thailand with a distance. Yes they are grateful because China and Thailand maintain such a good brothership, but, some Chinese suspect Thailand for…

  • The Japanese link. Chinese don’t hate Japan but they dislike Japanese denial agenda. Thailand seems not supporting China on favor to Japan.
  • The Thais still look China with strange eyes, led much to disappointment.
  • The Thaification and shutting Chinese schools in Thailand (of course it is the past, but sadly).
  • Alliance between Thailand and the U.S.






The Thais, on the other hand, don’t like Chinese attitude, especially Chinese tourists. But of course, Thais love China, by majority.

How do you know? Because they are like that.

On my side, it is good if Thailand remains good friend of China. Because it will be a benefit for Thailand, especially considering the bad relationships between Vietnam-China or Myanmar-China, Thailand can be able to be the third side, helping resolve the conflicts between Vietnam, Myanmar vs. China.

I think so? Yes.






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