Will India ever beat Chinas and Americas economy and if that happens what will change in India?




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Martin Andrews, Asian analyst.

The Indian GDP is $10 Trillion, the American GDP is $20 Trillion and the Chinese GDP is $25 Trillion.

For India to “beat” the Chinese economy it would need a growth rate of atleast 20% although India will surpass America, China is a different story.

Realistically speaking India could potentially grow at 10%+ growth rates by applying the perfect economic policy which I have elaborated on Martin Andrews' answer to Why are Sub continent Indian countries doing so poorly in comparison to East Asian countries?

So India will settle for second place until the next revolution.






Kamal Padam, Co Founder (2010-present)

The question reads “Will India ever beat China's and America's economy, and if that happens, what will change in India?”.

“Ever” is a long long time. India is stuck in the past, all we do is to talk about our past glory, and how to reclaim that. The entire context has changed, but we have not. Unless that happens, there’s not going to be any surge forward.

What we need is a transformation toward developing a scientific temper, and the skill of Critical Thinking. We don’t teach either, outside of a few institutions. Our society is against these, and puts a premium on following traditions, on accepting the wisdom of elders and the wisdom written in ancient texts.





Nothing is impossible. Yes, India can but will take long for this to happen. There are a host of things that actually needs to be changed, developed and upgraded in order to get this status.

Some changes

  • India will become a export oriented country
  • from consumer economy to producer and manufacturer
  • strong currency
  • upgraded technology
  • changed mindset, among others.



  • 印度将成为一个出口导向型国家

  • 从消费经济转变为生产者和制造商

  • 强势货币

  • 技术升级

  • 观念改变


Sathya Ramakrish, B.com Economics & International Relations, Sadakathullah Appa College, Nellai

For India to beat China and US we first have to beat UK,Japan,Germany… Then only we can talk about US and China!!!

Also I dont believe GDP growth will do any good. Our per capita is very very low.

Still a long long way to go





Vincent D'Mello, worked at Holford Associates

On account of the size of its population which is projected to reach 2.5 billion in 2100, India will surpass the US by nominal GDP size sooner or later; but what’s the point?


The US’s entire population is four times less than that of India’s. But their per-capita income is much higher, as their human capital is enormously more productive owing to significantly better education levels, vastly better institutional frameworks, significantly better infrastructure and technology, and a significantly freer economy.


In terms of dynamism, GDP per-capita, and share of world trade, India won’t beat the US or China’s economy EVER. The reason being that India’s governance system is broken and dysfunctional, and the economy is still mostly shackled by controls and restrictions. This deters investment and entrepreneurship, and hampers the productivity of workers, thereby limiting incomes.


Unless the Indian economy is liberated and unless the governance system is reformed to first-world standards like Singapore and Australia, there is ZERO CHANCE of India ever surpassing the US and China.



Mathew Cherian, I watch China as they drive the World Economy

Economy is a game of rational players of co-operating type not competitive. So beating someone to the finishing line remain only the realm of sports and not economy sciences. The reason being, objectives of economic science excludes such degenerate behaviours here as competition. Economies of a nation are run for the social welfare of its citizen not g for evil gratification of the nation, which if existed then it would have ceased to be a Ladnier type economy, meaning an economy run to theoretical standards of scale. The scale is resource allocation to the most useful entities of the economy.



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