Why is China jealous of giant Vietnam?




Tuan Nguyen

After 1,000 years put Vietnam under their domination , like the Americans had defeated the British , the Vietnamese regains independence and split away to become a nation . China has no right to jealous of Vietnam ( not giant ) because VN is a small and developed country , the economy is not strong enough to conquer the world market like China . Why jealous ?



Thuong Tran, Born in Vietnam, live in 'Murica; Patriot to both!

I am suspecting that however made this question simply wants to bring hate on Vietnam. You probably already know that China is bigger in most aspects. Please don't write these questions again, they mate bad for Vietnam. And if you are Vietnamese, then know that all this question brought was people calling Vietnam a tiny dwarf compared to china, if you really want to make Vietnam better, write real questions.



Huynh An

Why is China jealous of giant Vietnam?

…giant Vietnam…?!




Seisgrados Bing

Because Vietnam has the most beautiful girls in Asia; China on the other hand, has a shortage of girls due to the ill conceived “one child” family planning policy.

Wouldn’t you be jealous too if your neighbor is a giant with gigantic six pack abs like Vietnam is and hordes all the beautiful women in the neighborhood?



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Ken Deng


Vietnam is not ‘giant’ to China, I believe you country does not ban google, how can you ask this kind of question?

Such like ‘Why is USA jealous of giant Mexico’, I do not know where to start my answer, so let me start from size.

Is there anything China might be jealous of Vietnam?

Vietnam has good coffee, but Chinese like tea and spirit.

Vietnam women are working hard, but Chinese women are same.

Vietnam has good environment, low pollution, well this is true for now, if Vietnam can keep away from industrialization, it could make Chinese be jealous forever








Nguyen Vo, Unemployed at U18 Co. (2018-present)

Giant Vietnam, depicted in dark blue, is obviously overshadowing China in every aspect.



How giant can Vietnam be when it’s around 1/30th the size of the PRC…

Oh, I’m sorry, did you say China? The Republic of China?

Then of course it has every reason to be jealous of giant Vietnam. Maybe






Luc Vu, Just know about computer, IT, investments

I am going to add 1 more view point from Vietnam. As you might read from Benson’s answer, China and Vietnam have very big gap in many criteria like lands, population, economy, army size…So China has nothing to jealous to Vietnam.

Conflict on the sea and ownership of island:

Vietnam and China now having conflict on the sea on many islands (include Spratly Islands, Paracel Islands). On these islands Vietnam having full historical and legal evidences to prove that past Vietnamese states have claimed sovereignty over Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly). I wish Vietnam would raise louder voice on this (like Philipines did) so we settle the issue with China in a fair and peaceful way.

You can look at historic data and support us on the conflict keep peace. You just need to raise your voice …






Andrew Tran

I highly suspect this is a troll question, and the questioner is likely not Vietnamese. No Vietnamese I’ve met thinks that Vietnam is a giant, nor is it taught in school that Vietnam is a giant.

Vietnamese (the real ones, and not this imposter) tend to think that Vietnam is small, and know that Vietnam is small.

Too bad many fell for the trap.





Jacky Lee

Well, through this topic, I can see a pride, arrogant people.

From what part you have found out China is jealous? Normally, it is only small countries like to put giant in front of the name, like Japan. I do understand you have a big country dream, but it is not a proper way to show your opinion.

Now, I will answer your question.

1stChina has never been jealous about Vietnam

2ndChina and Vietnam used to be comrades and bros, and China wants to keep this closed relationship with Vietnam.

3rdVietnam is not giant. From the land size,it is not in Top 10 of the world.From the politics, the political influence is not as good as the five. From the economic, it is not in Top 10, and from the culture, what is the world famous thing of Vietnam? Pho?








Allan Yong

One thing I heard about Vietnam, if you use your Marriott Points to stay at Hanoi JW Marriott for free, you can easily pick up pretty girls at near bars. I do not know any JW Marriott in China does that, regarding to the discussion about coffee and french architecture:)



Eric Choy, works at Retirement

Quite amused, and somewhat amazed, that so many react intuitively, or choose to answer matter-of-factly to such an obviously troll question :)




Vietnam isn’t giant by any means. But it is a beautiful country. The Chinese always want a piece of Vietnam. But the Vietnamese has kicked the Chinese’s ass many times during the last 10000 years.



Donghwan Kim, College Student. Korean Canadian.

This question is posted to provoke Chinese users.

China is not jealous.

Vietnam is not giant.

End of the discussion.






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