Apple's dream of making iPads your only computer might actually come true if the latest rumor is accurate (AAPL)



Apple could shift from the Lightning port to USB-C for its upcoming iPad Pro, according to Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who has reliably predicted Apple hardware in the past.

It would be a significant change for Apple's iPad Pro lineup, potentially giving it much better compatibility with external hardware and accessories.

It could even make the iPad Pro a more tempting device as a laptop replacement.


据苹果分析师郭明錤称,在即将推出的iPad Pro上,苹果或将Lightning接口改为USB-C接口。在过去郭明錤曾可靠地预测过苹果的硬件。

这将是苹果iPad Pro系列的重大改变,可能使其与外部硬件和配件的兼容性更好。

这甚至可能使iPad Pro成为一款更有吸引力的笔记本电脑替代品。


A new and upcoming iPad Pro could come with a USB-C port instead of Apple's proprietary Lightning port, according to Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who has a great track record with Apple device predictions.

苹果分析师郭明錤称,一款即将上市的新款iPad Pro可能会配备USB-C接口,而非苹果专有的Lightning接口。郭明錤对苹果产品预测向来比较准。

We first saw the report on 9to5Mac.


Apart from adopting a more universal standard, it's not clear exactly why Apple could be giving USB-C ports to its iPad over the traditional Lightning port.


One clear benefit from the change would be the ability to charge the iPad Pro with a USB-C cable, which is becoming more and more ubiquitous with device charging. Namely, Apple's own MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops use USB-C for charging.

这一变化的一个明显好处是可以用USB-C线给iPad Pro充电。随着设备充电的普及,USB-C线变得越来越普遍。也就是说,苹果的MacBook和MacBook Pro笔记本电脑可使用USB-C进行充电。

In relation to charging, Kuo predicts that Apple will include an 18-watt charging brick and USB-C cable to charge the upcoming iPad Pro.

在充电方面,郭明錤预测,新款iPad Pro将配备18W充电器和USB-C接口。

An iPad Pro with USB-C could also be a massive step towards iPads that could realistically replace your computer, as per Apple's marketing that claims iPads can replace traditional computers like laptops.

苹果的营销宣称iPads可取代传统电脑,比如笔记本电脑。iPad Pro配备USB-C,也可能是向iPads迈出的一大步,使其能够真正取代你的电脑。

For one, giving USB-C to iPad Pros means users could potentially plug in a much wider variety of devices and accessories than they could with Apple's standard Lightning port.

举例来说,为iPad pro配备USB-C接口意味着,与苹果标准的Lightning接口相比,用户可以插入更多种类的设备和配件。

For example, you might have the option to plug in an external hard drive, which could be enormously useful to professionals with massive photo or video files to edit on apps like Photoshop or iMovie. A music professional could plug in music hardware that they're used to plugging into computers, like MIDI devices, thanks to USB-C.


Essentially, USB-C could give the iPad Pro a lot more use as a primary standalone device rather than just a tablet that accompanies a computer.

从本质上说,USB-C可以让iPad Pro更多地作为一款独立的主要设备使用,而不仅仅是一款随身携带的平板电脑。

Kuo also predicts that the new iPad Pro will come with the iPhone X's Face ID facial recognition system for unlocking the device and making mobile payments.

郭明錤还预测,新款iPad Pro将搭载iPhone X的人脸识别系统,以解锁设备并进行移动支付。

That said, these are all rumors, and my examples are purely speculative. We still don't know what Apple's plans are for USB-C on an iPad Pro, assuming that's happening. Kuo has proven to be a reliable source of predictions, but it's still not a guarantee. Whether Apple will announce new iPad Pros during its September 12 event is also uncertain, and possibly unlikely. The company is said to be announcing three new iPhones during its September event, so we might see the iPads coming later during an event in October.

以上所说的这些都是传言,我的例子也纯粹是推测。我们仍然不知道苹果是否计划在iPad Pro配备USB-C接口,只是假设他们有此计划。虽然郭明錤的预测向来比较可靠,但它也未必是绝对准确的。尚不确定苹果是否会在9月12日的发布会上发布新款iPad pro,也许不太可能。据说苹果公司将在9月发布三款新款iphone,所以我们或能在10月的发布会上看到新款iPads。



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A laptop has a keyboard. I need the buttons to type on -- a virtual keyboard has nothing to keep my fingers from drifting off the key center and I typo lots. Then there's the matter of a gpu, cpu with 4 cores and 8 threads, 8G or 16G of ram, a 1TB hard drive, etc etc. When I need to get things done, I use the desk or laptop. When I want to watch cat videos, that's what the tablet is for.

笔记本电脑有键盘。我需要按键来打字而且我要打很多字,虚拟键盘经常让我打错字。还有就是笔记本电脑有图形处理单元, 4核8线程的CPU, 8G或16G的随机存取存储器, 1TB的硬盘等等。当我需要完成工作时,我会选择台式机或笔记本电脑。当我想看宠物视频时,我会选择平板电脑。



It can’t do what a PC does.




Dream on ...I like my iPad for the entertainment ...I like my Computer because it's a computer ?! ;o)



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