Does India have toilets?




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Rucha S Khot, worked at Bosch

Definitely the person who asked this question has never ever visited India or acts like he has no access to world media or no sense to Google this kind of simple information.


No intention of trolling anyone here but India is a country of 1.25billion people and it will definitely cost the go nment a bomb if we do not have toilets in the country because so many people squatting and shitting in the open will cause scarcity of cleanliness in India. ( I guess this is why we had to start the Swacch Bharat Campaign for starters is it not? )


A country which is the largest producer of tea, coffee, mango and even milk in the world shits in the open.


A country which produces the largest amount of engineers, scientists and doctors every year will not know how to take care of their personal hygiene, right?


May be, in some of the villages in India where Indians are not educated, we still have a dearth of toilets. I totally agree that all Indian households will not have toilets in the villages. But look at the damn development and awareness.


There are Bollywood movies being made in India on this topic itself.


Please do Google about the number of toilets in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Nashik, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Kochi, Bhubhaneshwar and even Guwahati alone. I am damn sure it will equal of what they have in the whole of western Europe combined.


And before asking such questions about the fastest developing country in the world, would it not be better, if you Googled a little bit or even used the search option on Quora for answering such queries.



Shridhar Hegde, B.Tech Computer Science, Engineering (2020)

Yes of course we do have toilet.


We have different variety of toilets depending on your financial condition.


1.Those who are poor or who have undergone severe stampede by politicians march for power have open toilets. They have the option to choose different variety of locations like paddy field, wheat field, sugarcane field, mango plantation etc. and can attend nature's call.


2.Now comes the case of comman middle class people. They have a decent house and sufficient budget to build an Indian Toilet or Western Toilet as we call it. They have no option but excreting in the same gross toilet while they browse Facebook because that's the only place with privacy in the house !


3.The rich. They have toilets attached to every single room in their house, built using the money that was gained by suppressing the above two sections. They can choose to go to any of the toilets in their house while they worry about the money that they have hidden below the commode!


So, I would like to state to the world that even though we may have toilets or not, we shit everyday.



Debashis Chaudhuri

No, India doesn’t have toilets. We all defecate in the open. In the morning across India, we all queue up along the roads and relieve ourselves. That is why we have all roads and bridges constructed out of potty alone. Never ever think of venturing this potty laden country.


By the way, we built the IISc, IITs, IIMs, ISRO, BARC, AIIMS, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Medanta, Fortis Hospitals (and the list goes on and on) out of this potty culture and made all our rockets and missiles out of potty using it as clay. And for constructing Brahmos which is at the moment fastest cruise/anti-ship missile in the world, we imported potty from Russia.


And you will be happy to know that we shall soon be replacing national emblem ‘Satyameva Jayate’ (Truth alone triumphs) with POTTIMEVA JAYATE (Potty along triumphs).



Tejankar Shaswat, lives in India

We have potholes.


Jokes aside, yeah we have toilets, dude. What era do you think we are living in? Britishers left us already.


After years of fighting for fre m against different tyrants we have something like a little fre m. So yeah we do have toilets in almost every place. Sure some villages still don't have it. But only some.


We are not cavemen. You look like a poor chauvinist by asking such a question



Jarus Nahom, former Executive- IT and Infra (2016-2017)

Good question. You definitely know the answer but let me try to answer it otherwise. Total population is around 1.5 billion . If you know your numbers then add the zeros to that.


Consider daily crap of 500 grams two times a day which comes to 1.5 trillion grams of bio mass. I am sure you have not handled that much of crap at one time.


This number is astronomical considering how this can be easily leveraged into fuel as well as cleverly manipulated into sewers and sumps for fermentation as well as disposal.


In order to easily ensure that this humongous mass does not over run the daily activities and hinder traffic, various techniques and technology are used and implemented. Most of this is well hidden beneath concrete and hence are highly secretive endeavors under taken by expert mestris out of drawings of structural engineers.


I myself would prefer a open air adventure for the Sun to cake it and disperse it for forest cover but since concrete jungles have overtaken most of it and decency means to cover your whole body blocking out vitamin D and UV Ray's and hence we hide our created shame in small cubicles of artificially aromated space with flowing water to gulp down refuse via tubes into the innards of the earth to be digested by worms and contaminate water tables while blocking seepage effectively and drying them up over the course of time.



Sachin Shekhar



And, it's heavy turn down for living in India. People who live in rural areas have got advantage here because of lots of free space and privacy. People who live in urban areas are always on lookout for a good place to relieve themselves. If they fail to find a place, roof is a very good place where poop gets dry in sunlight. This dried poop has lots of medicinal properties according to ancient Indian texts. The best quality poop powders are actually exported all over the world (lots of Indian companies hire people just to poop). In west, it's known as Turmeric. It has a very powerful antioxidant named Curcumin which has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer properties etc. Brownish poop powder is very aromatic. Indians use it daily in their tea and coffee.


I find myself lucky when I wake in the very morning and there are no vehicles on the road. I have a favorite gutter in my area. I wipe my ass with newspapers and throw them into the same gutter. This feels disgusting because dry ass wiping isn't the Indian culture. So, I love it in the rainy season when I can dip my ass in water on the road.



Karthick Annamalai, Unemployed at Government of India (2016-present)

India does not Have toilet because its impossible to built a toilet for nation with size of 3.27 M km^2 We are not that much rich too built it. Hope the person asked this question may have toilet for their country?


[N.B. Indian people use Toilets and they have it]



Margaret Symons, former Teacher

We have always had European type toilets in the hotels in the South of India. But, sometimes a traditional toilet that is a plastic mass with a drainage hole is preferred for health reasons.( it's more natural to have a movement in the squatting position). If you suffer from constipation, there's no better way to sort out this problem. I'm thinking in particular of the very popular German Bakery on the main Lighthouse beach near Trivandrum. So, people there have fantastic meals. Then they can use this traditional bathroom. So, it may depend on what you prefer!



Aditya Anurag, MD, General Medicine from RIMS, Ranchi (2021)

Absolutely not.


Why? Because there's no need. We Indians have evolved over thousands of years and now all we need to do to relieve ourselves is fart.But not everything is right about it.Imagine 125 crore people releasing methane and other greenhouse gases on a daily basis. This surely takes a toll on our environment.I think this also explains why our country is one of the largest emitters of carbon in the world.


But, we Indians have one good trait. We know deep down if we are doing something wrong and we try to correct it, which brings me to my final point. Burdened by the guilt of polluting our environment for our selfish physiological needs, we make sure we never use toilet papers,thus protecting numerous trees from being cut. Instead we use water for irrigating open fields and thus increasing our country's forest cover.



Karthick Sugadev, lives in India

We used to have toilets. But now we don't.


Because of the infinite population, no space for a toilet.


To eliminate the need for toilet, we stopped eating foods. When there is no food, why a kitchen then? So we don't have kitchens as well.


If there's no toilet, no kitchen - can we live? No.


So we got rid of the living room too.


That's technically like, we don't have house at all.


By continuing this strategy, we will have enough space for a toilet in a next few centuries.



Yash Loharuka, Financial Risk Management from Global Association of Risk Professionals (2017)

The question was a real savage one filled with extreme prejudice for a Nation that is consistently evolving and reaching higher zeniths.


Coming to the answer.


I feel you still have a perception that the citizens of a country with a population close to 1.3 billion still make their way to the fields and railway tracks, especially in the morning, carrying a “lota” of water to relieve the pressure in their bladders. You still believe that most of us search for hideouts, bushes and deserted areas to ease ourselves.


It seems that you are not following the news broadcasts about the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and the Open Defecation Free Initiative (ODF) taken by our go nment (one of the largest cleanliness missions in the world).


You are unaware that 8 States and 2 Union Territories have already been declared ODF in our country with many more states close to declaring the same. You should have known that toilet usage is close to 91% (as per a report of Quality Council of India).


Forget about having toilets, we are already in the process of converting the human faecal waste (discharged in an infrastructure called TOILETS) to manure. Moreover, a Bollywood movie that showcases the importance of Toilets.


Yes, my friend, we are evolving and so is our mindset and our culture.


Neil Dsouza

To be honest i will let you in on a secret. Indians come with their own inbuilt recycling system and as such have no need for toilets. Once the recycle process is complete, while a normal person may fart, Indians let out a form of energy that will rival nuclear energy in the days to come. So there you go.. now you know !!

老实说,我会让你知道一个秘密。印度人有自己的内置再循环系统,因此不需要厕所。一旦循环过程完成,一个普通人可能是放屁,但印度人会释放一种能源,在未来的日子里,这种能源将与核能匹敌。所以这下你懂了吧. .现在你知道了! !


Nav S, CEO at Selective Thinking (2011-present)

No we don't have toilets.. we have mastered the art of decomposing the urine inside our intestines through secrets which had been passed from generation to generation. We can even generate oxygen out of the urine.. hydrogen, ammonia, salts and residual of urine is converted into urea that is defacted in the fields and is useful for crop production. That is why u may find ppl defacating in fields. We are also having secrets of producing bio gas and not many master this art.


To cut it short I believe I have answered ur question.



Sagnik Misra, Most Viewed Writer in India

Depends on your eyes sir.



If you have active vision then you can consider it as toilet else you can also consider it at bombing place or something.


Don't underestimate indians.


There are Indian pans & Western pans in our apartment.


Every Indian has it.



Dhruv Shahrawat, lives in India (2002-present)

Of course India has toilets. India is not a bayland or a place where current-aged humans don't live. Toilet is used by all communities instead of stone-age people. There are crores of toilets built including public and private. Though, some parts of India don't get access to toilets due to cultural, financial and work issues but India is working on this.



Padmaja Shastri, Founder Editor at Content Shastri (2016-present)

If you meant pubic toilets, then India does not have as many as required. The ones that are there are not well-maintained and often stink from afar. Many homes in rural India also do not have toilets and therefore people are forced into open defecation.


However, we are building toilets at a rapid speed. Millions of toilets are getting built in India across homes, schools and public spaces, as I write this.


Our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi had set a deadline of October 2019 before which every home in India should have a toilet.


Soon, nobody has to ask a question like this ever.



Saumen Karmakar, India is great.

Yes, India have. But not all of them. Some people cannot afford home. For them public toilets are built but some of those choose to shit besides railway tracks (most loved place), nearby secluded but open areas.


And i think this might be common not only in India but other developing countries as well.



Naivedhya Agrawal, lives in India (1993-present)

No , we don’t have toilets .


Actually India is a very poor country from the beginning only.


It is also the oldest country .


So , in accordance with the THEORY OF EVOLUTION, we also evolved (No expenditure incurred in that !).


But due to lack of toilets , we also developed WINGS in addition to other things!


Now these wings help us to fly so that we can do our business anywhere and then fly away carefree from there (just like birds )! Sometimes we also do our business while flying in order to save time. !


We usually prefer to do it on the heads of meatheads like you !


So, watch out , who knows tomorrow may be the day when some Indian shit may fall on your filthy head .



Subir Roy, former Managing Director. at Product Design And Development (1980-2015)

Are you aware what is your question all about?


People living below poverty line cannot have the luxury of toilets; in urban areas there are pay and use facilities. But rural India,many people relieve in open fields;



Sneha Raju, lived in India

lol.. I laughed reading this question. I agree that not all homes in backward villages have toilets inside their house. That being said.. I belong to an upper middle class family. Most middle class homes or flats (apartments) have toilets. I found it shocking that in the US, many homes do not have attached bathrooms even in the master bedroom. In India, newer constructions (even some older ones) have an attached bathroom to most bedrooms. I have seen 4 bed 1 bath houses in the US.

哈哈读到这个问题,我忍不住笑了。我同意,不是所有落后农村的家庭都有厕所。也就是说. .我属于一个中上阶层的家庭。大多数中产阶级家庭或公寓都有厕所。我感到震惊的是,在美国,很多家庭甚至连主卧室都没有带卫生间。在印度,较新的建筑(甚至一些较旧的建筑)大部分卧室都配有浴室。我在美国见过四房一卫的房子。

So yes, India does have toilets and most importantly, we use water to clean ourselves and not tissues.



Keshav Jhawar, works at GD Goenka Public School,Siliguri

Indians infact, don’t have a digestive system. We consume food in the form of tablets just like astronauts. Long ago, when god wanted to create a new organism, he got an amazing idea to use our intestines. And thats how snakes were born! So you see no digestion, no toilets!


Indeed, we are too spiritually blessed I guess.


P.S- if by any chance you ever land here than dont mistake our private libraries for commodes! Those our highly specialized chambers for reading books and studying.



Nagarjun Reddy, Inside Sales Manager (2018-present)

What’s that? Toilets?


Are you for real? We’re speaking about a country whose population is 1.3 Billion. How could you even imagine having toilets for such a large population?


Moreover, we like to feel the breeze on our back sides while we casually take a dump.


Only if a few politicians in our country who are more worried about a Bollywood movie come across my answer, I’d probably be offered a job as a spokesperson for their parties.



Arpita Mishra, WordPress Blogger

Sir, toilet? And what's that? Is that a new technology that has suddenly evolved over past recent years?


No sir, sorry haven't heard anything such as toilets here. We like to defeacate in the open here and we collect those shit in a baggage and transport them stealthily to the countries of those people asking such shitty questions…


The question, according to my knowledge should have been if all the Indian households have toilets, to which my sad anwer would have been 'unfortunately,not'. But now that you have trolled yourself asking a baseless question, enjoy the shitty sarcasm.



Ali Bakrolwala, I have travelled to 18 countries, 3 continents and 14 States

Indians had Royal Toilets way back in the 17th century. Before the world could afford a standard one.


This image is from the City Palace, Udaipur


Incredible India !


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