India's Missile Defenses Can Now Take On Decoys. That's a Really Big Deal.

印度导弹防御系统现在可以对付模拟目标了, 这真的是“大事件”


India’s efforts to build a homegrown ballistic missile defense system achieved a major success.


On August 2nd, India tested its Advanced Area Defence (AAD)/Ashvin Advanced Defense interceptor missile against decoy targets for the first time.


“One target among simultaneously incoming multiple targets was selected on [sic] real time, the weapon system radars tracked the target and the missile locked on to it and intercepted the target with a high degree of accuracy,” India’s go nment announced in a press release.


The test was against a medium-range ballistic missile with a range of 1,500 kilometers. Franz-Stefan Gady of The Diplomat speculates that this was the first test of the new indigenous imaging infrared (IIR) seeker, which was developed to help the interceptors distinguish warheads from decoy/dummies.

此次测试模拟对一枚射程1500千米的中程弹道导弹进行拦截。《外交学者》的Franz-Stefan Gady推测,这是对新型本土成像红外(IIR)导引头的首次测试,该导引头的开发是为了帮助拦截器区分真假弹头。

This capability is increasingly necessary as countries like China and Pakistan develop multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles (MIRV) and multiple reentry vehicles (MRVs). MIRVs allow a single missile to aim warheads at different targets whereas MRVs contain multiple warheads but at the same target.


The use of decoys are a more cost effective way to try to confuse missile defense systems enough so that the warheads get through to their target. Either way, though, India’s missile defense systems will need to be able to engage multiple targets simultaneously.


The most recent test was overseen by the Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO), the premier defense technology agency within India’s Ministry of Defense. It took place at Abdul Kalam Island, Odisha in the Bay of Bengal.

最近的这次反导测试是由印度国防研究与发展组织 (DRDO)负责。DRDO是印度国防部的主要国防技术机构。测试地点位于孟加拉湾奥里萨邦的阿卜杜勒卡拉姆岛。

The AAD is a single-stage solid-fueled hit-to-kill interceptor missile that destroys hostile missiles in the terminal phase of flight. The press release says it is capable of destroying targets at altitudes of 15 and 25 kilometers.


The AAD had been tested at least five times before this most recent one. Those include tests in December, March and February 2017 as well as one a piece in 2016 and 2015.


The Diplomat’s Gady says the earlier tests were all against Prithvi-II or III short-range ballistic missiles. Given the range cited in the press statement, the test this month was against a different and more powerful missile.

《外交学者》的Franz-Stefan Gady称,早前的测试都是针对“大地-2”或“大地3”型短程弹道导弹的。鉴于新闻稿中提到的射程,本月的测试是针对一种不同的、更强大的导弹。

The Prithvi missiles are also the basis for the other missile defense system that India is seeking to build. The Prithvi missile defense interceptors are used for exo-atmospheric intercepts (i.e. those outside the atmosphere) whereas the AAD are for endo-atmospheric intercepts. Prithvi Air Defense missile is more developed than the AAD having been first tested in 2007.


Besides trying to build its own missile defense systems, India is also looking to purchase them from abroad. For years there have been reports that India is interested in buying Russia’s S-400 air and missile defense system.


At the October 2016 BRICS summit in Goa, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a $5 billion deal for Delhi to acquire the S-400 Triumf air defense system.


There was increased chatter that a deal was imminent in December 2017. "We hope that the S-400 deal will be signed with India soon," Russian Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin said late last year.




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