Asking wife to cook properly not ill-treatment: Bombay high court


MUMBAI: Asking one’s wife to cook properly or to do household work would not by itself amount to ill-treating her, the Bombay high court has said. The court made the observations while upholding the acquittal of a Sangli resident and his parents, who were accused of driving his wife to commit suicide in a 17-year-old case. The prosecution had claimed that the woman had consumed poison as she was ill-treated and she suspected her husband of having an illicit relationship with another woman.



“Telling the deceased to cook properly or to do her household work properly, by itself, would not mean that she was ill-treated. There is no further evidence to show that the treatment was of such a nature which would fall under harassment or abetment of suicide sections of the IPC,” said Justice Sarang Kotwal. The judge said that the prosecution had not furnished any evidence to prove that the man was in a illicit relationship. “The prosecution has not examined any other family member who could have thrown light on this aspect. In fact, these allegations do not travel beyond the realm of suspicion and therefore, none of the accused can be held responsible for the same.”

法官Sarang Kotwal称:“要求死者好好做饭或做家务本身并不意味虐待她。没有进一步的证据表明,这属于印度刑法典条例规定的骚扰或教唆。”法官称控方没有提供任何证据证明这名男子有不正当关系。控方未审查任何其他能说明该问题的家庭成员。事实上,这些指控属于怀疑,因此,被告无需对这些指控负责。

The accused, Vijay Shinde, and the deceased had married in 1998. As per the complaint, she had complained of being regularly scolded by her husband and in-laws for not cooking properly or doing household work. Hours before she committed suicide on June 5, 2001, the woman’s grandfather and maternal cousin had visited her matrimonial house and found the couple quarrelling. The grandfather had pacified the couple, but later received a message that his granddaughter had consumed poison. The HC pointed out that the complaint had been lodged the next day as on the day of the death the witnesses had not told the police about any problems.

被告Vijay Shinde和死者于1998年结婚。死者曾抱怨自己经常被丈夫和公婆责骂,说她没有好好做饭或做家务。她于2001年6月5日自杀,在自杀前几个小时前,死者的爷爷和表妹到她家做客,发现这对夫妇正在在吵架。爷爷安抚了这对夫妇,但后来收到消息说他的孙女喝了毒药。高等法院指出,申诉是在第二天提出的,因为在死亡当天,证人没有向警方交代任何问题。

“The trial judge has rightly held that the FIR was lodged as an afterthought,” said the HC, adding, “The quarrel, if at all it was there, was of not such a serious nature which would have driven the deceased to commit suicide.”



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Amit Ghosh10335 Amit-Bangalore-6 hours ago -Follow

Marriage is a crime for men. Women keep filing false cases on men. Women can hit, use slang etc that time it's not ill treatment but husband not waging tail becomes a crime. Shame on such anti men laws. All men must unite against this misandry.



Alok Verma2540 Alok-mumbai-6 hours ago -Follow

men in this country have no legal right's ... women can file a case and get him and his family arrested...it's very sad.. not always men are wrong.

在这个国家,男人没有合法权利,妇女可以立案起诉并逮捕他和他的家人。真是悲哀. .并非都是男人有错啊。


Bibin Koshy702 Bibin-Tiruvalla-6 hours ago -Follow

Moral of the story : Marriage is an impediment to peace of mind.



Dev Lapment4489 Dev Lapment-5 hours ago -Follow

if only everyone decides to not marry on this planet - life would be so much beautiful and stree free.



P S G16921 P S G-6 hours ago -Follow

Now all feminazis will file a case against this judge and make his life hell



Japmandeep Ahluwalia2060 Japmandeep Ahluwalia-Delhi-5 hours ago -Follow

Dear Men, Please don''t get married.



Hoax Slayer5368 Hoax Slayer-5 hours ago -Follow

Internet in one hand and knowledge of a couple of English words have illusioned a lot of women that they are superior than 99% of the mankind and idiotic videos over the internet about "empowerment" has made the matter worse. Sadly, this has now crept in the pious institution of marriage where women want a royal treatment before, during even after they brutally assassinate the marriage but are not willing to do anything in return!



Santano Fernandes1753 Santano Fernandes-India-4 hours ago -Follow

Many parents of girls dont teach them anything at home , manners, discipline, knowing to cook normal meals , and arrange the house etc. Both the husband and wife together had to do the work in the marriage but you will find many girls dont know anything or never did anytging at home and dont know even to make proper tea and how much to put sugar and so make the marriage a misreable relationship. Does the husband should not get even a cup of tea made by the wife properly atleast one time even if the husband does his own tea every other day. what nonsense this girls and the nonsense parents fighting for in the court for this type of girls brought by them without teaching anything and then they just grow up like animals.



Kim Jong Il59 Kim Jong Il-5 hours ago -Follow

Ask wife for seexxx.... Illegal

Ask wife to cook... Illegal

Ask wife to do house hold work... Illegal





Rabi Barua1382 Rabi Barua-5 hours ago -Follow

It is time that all such laws that go against men especially in matters of marriage should be relooked to set right the anamoly. Or else men would continue to suffer the injustice.



Bikash Sahoo3689 Bikash Sahoo-Cuttack-5 hours ago -Follow

Everybody wants free money but a women and her family want much more than any sound mind-set living person in the world!! God help the men!!

每个人都想要意外之财,但是一个女人和她的家人比世界上任何一个心智健全的人都想要的都更多!神啊,帮帮男人吧 !


Rjrajput1956 Rajput53054 hours ago -Follow

Now make a law that at the time of marriage the bride and groom has to execute an agreement before competent authority describing the duties of each other with date fixed for physical intimacy to avoid any legal complications in future.



B S Guruprakash B S Guruprakash-Sydney-5 hours ago

We people will lose interest and faith if Judjment comes in such a deley. We would apple SC to look in to such an unbelivable delay..........



Mukund8562 Mukund-Delhi-5 hours ago -Follow

Husband and his family spent seventeen years under severe stress both financial and mental. Life is wasted of this family because of our laws.



Zokhuma Lushai4535 Zokhuma Lushai-5 hours ago -Follow

Women have magical charms besides their physical charms. Even after her death, the wife was able to charm the polish into arresting her husband and in-laws, who are innocent. Many people have committed suicides with out dragging their families or in-laws into judicial courts.



Nehal Nehal-India-6 hours ago

If Asking women to cook and do household chores is not ill treating than women demanding to build separate house with husband without in laws and demanding rich and well settle guy for marriage and expecting husband to earn more money for there family should not be ill treating as well...............

Waiting for people to called me Feminist



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