Are Russians afraid of China's rise?



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Deepak Kumar, works at Self-Employment

no not at all, russians live their life and culture on their own terms and do not bother what the world thinks about them, currently relations with china are good and friendly so why russians should be afraid of china



Dima Vorobiev, I worked for Soviet propaganda

Putin tells us that China’s rise is no reason to be afraid of them, because they are our friends. We believe President Putin.



Vladimir Abashkin, Current location: Russia

>>Are Russians afraid of China's rise?

As a Russian, I’m not afraid of China’s raise.



Tom McGregor, I lived in Beijing since Oct. 2010

A better question to ask: Has anyone witnessed a Russian afraid of anyone or anything? I include the Russian women as well. Since my arrival in China in 2010, I had taken two reporting trips to Moscow, and never once saw fear in the eyes of a Russian.



When it comes to the idea of a stereotypical ‘Alpha Male’ strong-willed, action-oriented and fearless, every Russian man I met has fit this mold. Now, let’s talk about the Russian woman, who has the outer beauty of a very feminine female but with the mind of an ‘Alpha Male.’


Truth be told, most men, as well as myself, find this very alluring when meeting a Russian woman. A young and gorgeous Russian woman could look like a super model, but she can also be a good drinking companion and superstar partner to talk sports, such as boxing and MMA(mixed martial arts) caged matches.


Don’t forget, Russia will host the World Cup of soccer this summer and if you visit the country any Russian woman will be happy to accompany you to the stadium so she can cheer alongside you.


You can read more about the 2018 Russia World Cup in London-based newspaper, Telegraph.


So now that we’ve determined that Russian men and women are not afraid of anything, we should ask ourselves do the Russians have any concerns about China’s rise?


Well, Russia is the world’s largest country in land-size while China, its neighbor, holds the largest population of all nations. Meanwhile, China’s economy continues to enjoy above global average GDP (gross domestic product) annual growth rates.


Russia is struggling to overcome harsh economic sanctions that were imposed against them by Washington, Brussels and London. But the Russians are resilient and live on a land rich in natural resources. They will overcome current challenges and rise again.


We can anticipate Beijing and Moscow to draw closer together as western go nments refuse to back down on economic sanctions against the Russian people. China can step in to provide an economic lifeline to the country, while Russia has an abundance of oil and gas reserves that help to provide more abundant resources to Chinese homes, buildings and factories.



Sam Krutov

"The Chinese are invading Russia — not with tanks, but with suitcases" That is the main danger from China to Russia and Russian people who knows the situation talk about it openly.



Ivan Pragmatikov, lives in Russia

Alliance and less or more deep integration of China, Russia and other countries (including ex-USSR and others) is SYNERGETIC empowering of each others


Btw, it is already approved by our collaboration, especially after sanctions against the Russia caused to rethink the perspectives about the profit of any level of integration of North with the West. Integration of North with the East and South looks much more profitable (but too much wars and instability at the South right now)


And all countries of possible union of North and East has some strong sides and some weak sides, and weak sides of one country can be compensated by strong side of other country in such union.


And most interesting that such union can be self-enough and can resist to any pressure from the West. Because such union in fact will be the half of the world.


So such power really can be the superpower which will be much more comfortable for other world then USA and much more effective in bringing the real peace into a lot of regions.


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