India emerging as global manufacturing hub: PM Narendra Modi addressing Indians in Uganda


KAMPALA: India is emerging as a global manufacturing and start-up hub and many of the 'Made-in-India' products, including cars and smart phones, are today exported to nations from whom the country used to import, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today.



Addressing the Indian diaspora in the Ugandan capital, PM Modi also said that rail tracks, metro train coaches and satellites are being manufactured today in India itself by using Indian steel.


"India is becoming a manufacturing hub," Modi told the Indian community event which was also attended by Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni.

Noting that Samsung recently opened the world's biggest mobile phone manufacturing plant in Uttar Pradesh, Modi said, "It's possible that when you buy a smartphone in Uganda next time, you will get the one Made in India."


"Make in India today has become the hallmark of India. Many of our products, including cars, smart phones, are sold today to countries from whom we used to import," the Prime Minister said amid applause.


He said 11,000 start ups have been registered in India in the last four years, making the country a land of start-ups.


Modi also hailed India's ties with Uganda and other African nations, saying the resource-rich continent is now in the centre of his go nment's foreign policy.


The Prime Minister also said India will open 18 new embassies, taking the total number of the country's missions in Africa to 47.


Noting that the trade between India and Africa has witnessed a 32 per cent increase, Modi said Asia and Africa are better positioned in the new world order.


Modi reiterated India's commitment to provide $ 10 billion to Africa.


He lauded the contribution of the Indian community in the growth of Uganda, but also recalled the hardship faced by them in 1970s when some of them were forced to leave the country.


The Prime Minister thanked the Uganda president for re-embracing the Indian community.


Modi also recalled his trip to Uganda as Gujarat chief minister in 2007 and said the memory of that visit was still afresh.


President Museveni also spoke on the occasion and lauded the contribution of the Indian community in the country's growth.


Modi arrived in Kampala this evening on a two-day visit to Uganda - the first bilateral tour by an Indian prime minister since 1997.



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Muralidhar Sundaram-5 hours ago-Follow

PM is making maiden visits to countries whose investment potentials have not been tapped before...these nations are of Strategic Defense importance...kindly look at the positive side. He is not vacationing in these countries ...



lynch modi-earth-4 hours ago

India should pass a law, allowing Indians to lynch anyone who lies in political speeches. Modi would be the first to go, followed by his BJP diehards.



Uday-Gujarat-5 hours ago-Follow

India also emerging as gobar manufacturing hub !



Tapas-New delhi-5 hours ago-Follow

Feku's tongue has slept again. India is emerging as a Global Lynching Hub.



Guy-3rdRockFromTheSun-4 hours ago-Follow

While Modi was busy doing shows in foreign countries, 7000 Dollar Millionaire Indians from India [Not NRIs], have opted to take their Million Dollars out of the country and take citizenships in other countries in 2017. In 2016 it was 6000 Dollar Millionaires and in 2015 it was 4000 Dollar Millionaires. That means in 3 years at least $17 Billion in Capital has been taken out of India by Individuals of high net worth because they are few up with India. High net worth of at least 1 Million US Dollars each. This is reality of India now. They cannot deny these facts.



Londoner Time to make things right-4 hours ago-Follow

Chor BJP and Ambani pet modi busy looting lying cheating working class indian in the name of bringing black money back to india. Phenku Modi has failed to issue an interpol red alert to Financial terrorist Mehul Choksi as mehul was a contributer to BJP and Phenku Modi. Look it up.



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