UP woman burned alive in temple after being gang-raped


BAREILLY: In a crime that has sent shivers down the spine of residents of Uttar Pradesh, a 35-year-old woman was allegedly gang-raped by five men and later burnt alive in the yagyashala of a temple near her house in UP's Sambhal district. According to her husband, the victim had called up UP police’s dial 100 service minutes before she was burnt alive, but her call went unanswered. No arrest had been made till the time of filing this report.



The ghastly crime was committed in a village under Rajpura police station in the early hours of Saturday. The woman has two children and her husband works as a labourer in Ghaziabad.


Police said that the victim was sleeping when her attackers barged into her house and brutalized her. Cops have registered an FIR against five men and have booked them for gang rape and murder.


According to the police, the incident occurred at 2.30 am on Saturday.


TOI has also accessed an audio clip of the last call she had made to her cousin where she makes a mention of her failed attempt to approach police.


“All the five accused barged into my house finding my wife alone around 2:30 am on Saturday. They took turns to rape her. It was raining heavily and only a kerosene lamp was lit in the room at that time. After the incident, my wife narrated the whole incident to her cousin since my phone and her brother’s phone could not be reached. Before my wife’s cousin could inform the police and other family members, the accused came again and dragged my wife out and took her to a nearby temple where they torched her at the yagyashala,” the deceased’s husband said in the police complaint.


Rajpura station house officer Arun Kumar said that an FIR under IPC’s sections 376D (gang rape), 302 (murder), 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence), 147 (punishment for rioting), 148 (rioting, armed with deadly weapon) and 149 (every member of unlawful assembly guilty of offence committed in prosecution of common object) has been lodged against five accused who were identified as Aram Singh, Mahaveer, Charan Singh, Gullu and Kumarpal. They hail from the same village and had been troubling the woman for a few months.

拉杰普拉派出所警官阿伦库马尔说,信息处理中心已根据376 d(轮奸罪),302(谋杀罪),201(犯罪导致失踪),147(惩罚暴乱),148(骚乱,携带致命武器)和149(非法集会的所有成员对同一目标实施罪行)对亚兰辛格,马哈维尔,查兰辛格,古鲁和库马尔帕尔等五名罪犯进行登记。他们来自同一个村庄,几个月来一直在骚扰这个女人。

Additional director general of police Prem Prakash told TOI that they had collected some important evidence from the crime scene. “We have secured the audio clip of the last call made by the woman to her cousin on his mobile number in which she mentioned the names of the five accused who had barged into her house and raped her. This is indeed very crucial evidence for us. After lodging an FIR against the accused, two teams have been tasked to nab them. We are very close to arresting them,” the ADG said.



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Very sad indeed. UP Bihar and MP are really worse than Syria Gaza and Libya today in Women's safety and security.



Merelaandprislam-Makkah pr Bhagva-5 hours ago

Just kill them..no need for courts judgement.



Tazz-6 hours ago

Ofcourse it's again in RAPISTS state UP , which is famous in our India for RAPES, Dacoity, Murders, where Win diesel is CM.



Indianin TN-chennai-5 hours ago-Follow

Useless CM Yogi will comment that his state is the safest in the country for women



Iffi J-6 hours ago-Follow

Hang these disgusting.animals. .so much for the rule of law.



ekdesi-USA-6 hours ago-Follow

It is brutal. It is lawless land. 100 call goes unanswered. No electricity - only kerosene lamp in the house! If the rapists comeback only to kill her, imagine how daring they are and how helpless the victim was. When will we become civilized and developed? When will we behave like human beings? Only apparent reason for this seems to be lust or some sort of revenge.



Dalit Gareeb-Windsor Park-6 hours ago-Follow

BJP rape culture again



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