Bkrishnan-2 hours ago-Follow

Utter callousness, disregard for safety norms, lack of preparedness and awareness have all contributed to the unfortunate death of a young college student. The trainer, principle and incharge of the socalled fire drill must be arrested and put before the law. My condolences to the bereaving family.



Ginger Guru-Pluto-55 mins ago-Follow

I wish someone pushes my ex gf like that.



Adv-Chennai, Tamil Nadu-37 mins ago-Follow

Probe all the certificates issued for Trainers by National Disaster Management". It's a common sense matter how he forced to push the girl knowing very well that a sunshade of the next floor will hit her. Height of criminal stupidity.



Prodyut-1 hour ago-Follow

Same thing should need to be done with a$$hole trainer...Dont understand how come these a$$holes get certified on such important things when have zero common sense



Indian-1 hour ago-Follow

when we have a fire drill in our office.. we are trained to move out of the building by finding the nearest emergency et and climb down the stairs as soon as possible and assemble at the dedicated place on the ground where head count is taken to ensure everyone has reached to safety.. and we have multiple emergency ets in the buildings.. we are not made to jump off from the building..



Rolien-2 hours ago-Follow

idiot idea n neglecting precautions n no second thought trainer shld have told her to prepared n jump not to push frm behind.. jail d trainer n know his mistke



Krishna Murthy-43 mins ago-Follow

Arrest that trainer or push him from the same floor without the net. Let him face the same fate of the innocent girl. Secondly arrest the college principal who have initiated this mock drill reulted in the death of a student.



Gsn Murthy-Rajahmundry-47 mins ago-Follow

This arrogant and hasty trainer must be disqualified first and prodecuted for his pushing the reluctant girl from her sitting position. There is no such thing as jum from a sitting position. And this rascal did that to her . All the costudents and observers have no sense in watching the horror to take place. Even if one sensible fellow is there in the gathering he or she should have raised rm to that idiotic trainer and the shaky girl to first stand on her feet than sit and plead . Tragedy by sheer foolishness than accident.



ONE LINER Challenge-1 hour ago-Follow

What kind of a dickhead is that guy who pushed her to death.Sickening.R.I.P



D. Roman-30 mins ago-Follow

She was not prepared to jump and that idiot just pushed her down. It is a cold blooded murder.



Lone-43 mins ago-Follow




Venkatarni Vs-Mumbai-1 hour ago-Follow

If she jumped herself it would not have happened (all other volunteers are safely landed on the net). The trainer should not have pushed her.



gautam m-BBS-1 hour ago-Follow

How can someone be made to sit on ledge and jump? Is this what the trainer himself was taught? Without understanding the rules of gravity and body motion, how can such a drill be conducted. While jum one must be standing and then jump by pushing oneself far from the building as much as he can so that he or she does not hit obstacles in the building. Our body will always try to go head down as that is the heaviest part, hence during fall that change in posture will happen, hence the girl''s body tilted and head hit the ledge. A very sad ending for this girl due to utmost stupidity on the trainer''s part.

怎样能让别人坐在窗台上往下跳呢?这是教官亲自教的吗? 在不了解重力和身体运动规律的情况下,怎么能进行这样的演练。准备跳的时候,人必须是站着的,然后尽可能地往外跳远离建筑物,这样就不会撞到障碍物了。人的身体总是头着地的,因为头部最重,在跳跃过程中,姿势会发生变化,所以女孩的身体会倾斜,头部才会撞到遮阳蓬上。由于教官太过愚蠢,这个女孩的结局才会很悲惨。


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