Fire drill goes wrong, Tamil Nadu girl dies after hitting ledge



A 19-year-old girl died after she jumped from the second floor of a building during a disaster preparedness drill

The drill was conducted in violation of all norms at a private college in Coimbatore yesterday

Though a net was held by students on the ground, the girl hit a sunshade on the first floor and died on the spot






COIMBATORE: A disaster preparedness drill conducted in violation of all norms at a private college in Coimbatore on Thursday cmed the life of a 19-year-old girl when she jumped from the second floor of a building. Though a net was held by students on the ground, the girl hit a sunshade on the first floor and died on the spot.


N Logeswari, a second-year undergraduate student at the Kovai Kimagal College of Arts and Science at Vellimipattinam, was reluctant to jump. A trainer prompted repeatedly and finally pushed. She hit the sunshade and fell motionless on the net. She was rushed to a go nment hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. She had suffered injuries in the occipital region of the head and neck.

Kovai Kimagal文理学院坐落于Vellimipattinam,N Logeswari(遇难女孩)是该校一名本科大二生,原本她不愿意在演习中试跳,但是一名教官不断鼓励她跳并最终推了她一把。在撞上遮阳篷后,她掉在了学生们拉的网上不能动弹,之后被紧急送往一家公立医院,但是一到医院就被宣布死亡。她的头枕部和右颈枕部均有受伤。

Police said about 20 students were given training to jump through an emergency window. The college management had organised training on 'disaster management and first aid' on the college premises on Thursday morning. Arumugam, the trainer officer, who police said had a certificate from the National Disaster Management Authority to conduct training programmes, had come to take the classes.


In the evening, he asked for volunteers to jump from the second floor of the college main building as part of the training programme. Around 20 students volunteered. A group of students held the net on the ground when others jumped from the second floor. It was an exercise on ways to escape from a building during a disaster.


"The girl said she was interested in jum from the second floor, but later backed out. So, she was sent back by the trainer. Later, she gained confidence and told the trainer that she wanted to jump. However, when she got on to the sunshade, she was overcome by fear and was reluctant to jump. But the trainer kept prompting her and finally he gave her a push. Unfortunately, she hit the sunshade of first floor and suffered severe injuries on neck and head," said a student. Logeswari was rushed to a private hospital at Thondamuthur where she was given first aid and referred to Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital. Doctors there declared her brought dead.



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Modify India-2 hours ago

1d10t5 at work! It is cold blooded murder! The way she is sitting in the terrace is not correct to jump from builder for safety. Any person should stand and jump at least 2 ft away from building for safety! That trainer should have jumped for demo, not push someone else! Or at least should have used dummy during mock session! That is the cost of life in India and quality we impart before giving license to operate such businesses!

这是冷血的谋杀事件!她坐在阳台上往下跳,姿势完全不对,这样跳下去根本不安全。是个人都应该站起来往下跳,至少跳出离大楼2英尺外,这样才能确保安全!那个教官应该跳下去做个示范,而不是把别人推下去!或者,至少应该在演习中拿个假人做示范! 在印度,这就是生命的代价!就这种水平也敢授予许可进行这种培训!


Raj Kumar-2 hours ago

Book the idiots who organised this, they should have used a dummy weighted bag.



Pranav Jain-1 hour ago

Never ever heard of such a drill. Validate the certificate of the trainer



Krupashankar-1 hour ago-Follow

This amounts to murder because it was not a do or die situation for the trainer to push the student when she was mentally unprepared forthe act. Punish the trainer and the college authorities so that such things dont repeat again.



Tranquil-2 hours ago-Follow

he should have just let her back out even then! her chances of dying in an actual disaster was less than this horrible in dent...what a way to die!



Sureshi Bai-1 hour ago-Follow

Idiots at work Imagine such hare brained Indians trying the rescue mission a la the Thai boys in the cave. They would have made a typical Indian mas hash of the endeavour. British rule has still not taught us the qualities of discipline, team work, professionalism, the value of good order and sy ems and most of all a sense of commitment and devotion to one''s duties/ nation.



Santosh-2 hours ago-Follow

in tv news channels are not talking abt anything else except that the officer pushed her. they were cooking it up as if she was forced to participate in the drill. i dont support the officer pushing her. just talking abt how differently this news is broadcasted by each news channel...



BOLD-INDIA-1 hour ago-Follow

idiots how can be a student used for such a risky activity



BindaasNeha-New Delhi-1 hour ago-Follow

Who was that idiot trainer ? You are not supposed to do such dangerous things even in a real disaster unless there is no option



Mark-Downtown-1 hour ago-Follow

why someone wants to practice jum ? mad or what.. killed an innocent..



Subash Chandra Bose-California-54 mins ago-Follow

what a joke....the trainer pushes. the woman is sitting like a stone. this is disaster waiting to happen. the cops must arrest the guy who pushed her and charge him with murder. tamils never do anything correct



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