印媒: 马尔代夫再次打击印度,与巴基斯坦签署电力协议

Amol Joshi1417Amol Joshi-1 day ago-Follow

Yameen was accused to profit from money laundering of 1.5 billion dollars stolen from the Maldives Go nment by Al Jazeera. His days are numbered. Wait and watch.



Vijit Nair899 Vijit-Pune-1 day ago-Follow

India should leave Maldives to fend for itself.



Govindarajan Venkitarn3604Govindarajan Venkitarn-1 day ago-Follow

Maldives must be the only country in the World to sign up a trade agreement with Pakistan, that too in current situation where Pakistan are virtually bankrupt. It doesn''t matter to India at all. Let them sink along with Pakistan & also later on become a colony of one day, which Pakistan will become once CPEC project is completed. I had plans to go to Maldives for vacation. I will not do so henceforth. If all Indians dump Maldives from their holiday plans, they will feel the strain. I appeal to all Indians & the travel agents to take away Maldives from their holiday plans. Let us stay united in supporting our Go nment in tackling this country, which completely ignored all the help we extended during their crisis.



Abhay Nair1700 Abhay-1 day ago-Follow

This is a serious situation. India must stop all trade with Maldives. Ask all Maldivians to leave our country immediately. Demand that Maldives come to an agreement with India, if not, any plane travelling to Maldives cannot use Indian airspace and any ship cannot use Indian water territory. Time to teach these little rascals a lesson in humility. We cannot have another neighbour who is a threat to our security.



Nitin Jain185 Nitin Jain-1 day ago-Follow

Power deal with Pakistan? Does pakistan have power to give - be it ric power or military power. Must be talking about te rort power ð ð ð

和巴基斯坦签电力协议?巴基斯坦能给你们供电吗?无论是电力还是军力,他们能提供吗? 想必说的是提供势力吧。


Satbeer Gujjar18667 Satbeer Gujjar-1 day ago-Follow

I think it''s high time India reworked all the relationship built by the Congis on the basis of re gion. Iran, Maldives - all of these are examples that Is mic nations can''t be trusted. Not because the people are bad or anything. Reason is every Is mic nation will a hardline Is mic once in a while. And when that happens, those Is mic parties usually take an anti India, Pro Pakistan stand. Which is pretty obvious. If India has invested into Nepal, all that which we have wasted on Iran or Bangladesh or Maldives, we could have won Nepals gratitude forever. Instead we ignored Nepal because Hindu Hindu Bhai Bhai we assumed.



Paul Anand2199 Paul Anand-1 day ago-Follow

Maldives leadership and the leadership in Pakistan are all corrupt. Let them be a strange bedfellows.



Makkhesh2666 Makkhesh-1 day ago -Follow

Beggar nation hel another beggar. It will not last long. And both country will die. JaiHind.



Butel Bolriy7210 Butel Bolriy-1 day ago -Follow

Isn''t Maldives the country which enjoys the entry into Indian stock market without any verification? And their economy is completely based on that, allowing black money to re-enter India. Why can''t we just stop that. Maldives will straighten up in a month.

马尔代夫进入印度股市,不是不需要任何核查吗? 他们的经济靠的就是这个,让黑钱重新进入印度。我们只要停止这项便利,一个月内马尔代夫就会改过自新。


Aniken_0075669 Aniken_007 -1 day ago -Follow

Since Modi is now an utter failure.. it seems once PAPPU comes to power he will immediately get a Nobel Peace Prize and all countries will beg to India to be their world leader..!



Gendry-1 day ago -Follow

India has the power to destabilize Maldives at any time. It’s own presi nt has been criticized for bringing emergency in the country.


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