美媒: 中国航母存在一个问题

China's Aircraft Carriers Have a Big Problem: Fatally Flawed Fighter Planes


China is developing a new carrier-based fighter aircraft to succeed the Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark.



The J-15—which is an unlicensed Chinese development based on a T-10K-3 prototype of the Russian Su-33 Flanker-D—has proven to be a disappointment in service with the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). The navalized Chinese Flanker derivative has suffered a number of high-profile crashes due to technical issues with the aircraft’s engines and flight control system.


The J-15’s problems are apparently serious enough that Beijing is embarking on the development of a new carrier-based aircraft that would take the J-15’s place in China’s nascent carrier air wings.


A “new carrier-based fighter to replace the J-15” is being developed, Lt. Gen. Zhang Honghe, deputy head of the PLA Air Force, told the South China Morning Post.


It is unclear what the J-15’s successor will look like, but whatever aircraft Beijing develops will have to be able to operate from the ski-jump configured flight decks of the Type 001 and Type 001A carriers—which are developments of the Soviet Kuznetsov-class—as well as the forthcoming Type 002, which is reportedly going to be outfitted with electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS).

目前尚不清楚而歼- 15的代替品外观如何,但无论如何,北京研发的飞机必须适用于001型和001A型航母上的滑跃式飞行甲板,这两艘航母都是从su联库兹涅佐夫级航母发展而来的,即将面世的002型航母据说会配备电磁飞机发射系统。

At the end of the day, the Chinese reverse engineered the J-15 design from an incomplete prototype of the Sukhoi Su-33 that it acquired from Ukraine. While Chinese engineers might have gained considerable insight into the Flanker design from the T-10K-3 and other Su-27 derivatives in Beijing’s possession, because they did not develop the jet or its systems, they do not fully understand the airframe due to some of the traditional limitations inherent to reverse engineering. These gaps in knowledge probably led to the some of the problems the Chinese are now encountering with the J-15 design.



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flaparking3 months ago

They died by passing out, how is that terrifying..OMG Yahoo runs stories with Fake News headlines.


Jim13 hours ago

Will this be available next week at Harbor Freight?

这个飞机下周在Harbor Freight能买到现货吗?

Van14 hours ago

Hmmmm....which one to copy now? Decisions, decisions


Tony14 hours ago

Its like most things that come out of China...nice and shiny and looks nice, but after a day or 2, breaks down.


Ronnie14 hours ago

There's a reason nobody else in the would can operate real aircraft carriers on a par with American ones. It's called years of experience.


Brucer14 hours ago

Well that will likely deter the Chinese defense establishment from stealing the plans for Russian aircraft. Likely US plans were unavailable at the time of the planes development.


Jbaker14 hours ago

No one does it better that The United States Navy and Marine Corps pilots!


Gore Bag14 hours ago

Though I thought Sharp was a Japanese company (with their products manufactured at least in Taiwan if not Japan) I receive my new microwave and find it's broken out of the box. Then I see it stamped on the back "Made in China."


Aarrgh14 hours ago

The Chinese have an extra billion people they can train as pilots.


Art13 hours ago

What fighter will replace the J-15? It depends on what countries systems they can hack....


Choad14 hours ago

If they Fly like they Drive.. they won't last long


Jason14 hours ago

China steals everything from everyone else - even the shooter on the flight deck is a copy of our Sailors.


Tom14 hours ago

The best way to describe the article, "No Kidding".


Eric13 hours ago

What about all the wonderful reverse-engineered UFO technology that's been developed over the last 60 years?


James13 hours ago

It took us (USA) decades to master it (aircraft carrier), and I believe that applies to any country.


ken13 hours ago

Russia's made many a copy of English/American jet engines and aircraft, as well.


Jonathan13 hours ago

No doubt they are buying the electronics cheap on Shanghai's electronics street where 90% of the parts are counterfeit.


r13 hours ago

They are now years from having a plane then.


Gerald14 hours ago

Their plan to fix it is very simple! Steal technology from the US!


Patrick14 hours ago

Derivatives of copies from stolen technology...the Chinese should be so proud!!


WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot14 hours ago

So what if they crash a few jets. They have like a billion people.


ConstitutionCraig13 hours ago

Not to worry, the Soviet Union will sell them all the MIG-29's they want.


Willum14 hours ago

Now it is like this, the J15 is not using Chinese made engine, they use Russian made


Betyourlife14 hours ago

It was nice to read that they steal Russian technology too.


Jeff14 hours ago

you can steal your tech but that does not mean you understand it properly.


Seby14 hours ago

China for last century did not invent any type other than Copy and Paste . So , I am not surprised .


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