India-US strategic partnership set for new high with deals and drills


NEW DELHI: The strategic clinch with the US is set to get even tighter, with India signaling its readiness to ink two more bilateral military pacts, procure helicopters worth $3 billion and participate in a joint tri-Service amphibious exercise for the first time.


Top government sources say “substantial progress” has now been made towards finalizing the Communications, Compatibility and Security Arrangement (COMCASA) and the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geo-Spatial Cooperation (BECA) between the two countries.



The previous UPA regime had stonewalled all attempts by the US to push for the inking of the three so-called “foundational military agreements” during its 10-year tenure on the ground that it would “compromise the strategic autonomy” of India. But the NDA government went ahead and inked the first one on reciprocal logistics support -- Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) — with India-specific safeguards in 2016.


Now, the stage is being set for the other two, COMCASA and BECA, which the US contends will allow India more access to advanced military technologies and platforms with encrypted communications like Predator-B and MQ-9 Reaper drones, as was earlier reported by TOI.

现在,印度政府也开始为另外两个协议—COMCASA和BECA—做准备了,美国声称,这将使印度能够获得更多先进的军事技术和平台,并使用像“掠夺者- b”和“mq9 -9”这样配有加密通讯装备的无人机,正如《印度时报》早先报道的那样。

“The broad contours of COMCASA have been finalized…only some text-based negotiations are left. The BECA draft is also under discussion. We have insisted on India-specific assurances, much like what was done in LEMOA, and a status on par with its closest allies,” said a source.


This comes ahead of the first India-US “two-plus-two” dialogue between foreign minister Sushma Swaraj and defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman with their American counterparts, Mike Pompeo and Jim Mattis, in Washington on July 6.


Sources say the two countries have also decided to hold their first-ever mega tri-Service amphibious exercise.


This will be only the second time India will deploy assets and manpower from its Army, Navy and IAF together for an exercise with a foreign country, after the Indra wargames were held with Russia at Vladivostok last year.


The US, of course, remains keen to make further inroads into the lucrative Indian arms market, having already bagged deals worth $15 billion over the last decade. While the US hard-sell to set up a F/A-18 “Super Hornet” or a F-16 fighter production line in India in still in a preliminary stage, India has virtually finalized the acquisition of six more Boeing Apache attack helicopters for $930 million and 24 Sikorsky S-70B multi-role naval choppers with potent anti-submarine warfare capabilities for around $2 billion.

当然,美国仍渴望进一步打入利润丰厚的印度军火市场,在过去10年中,双方已经达成了价值150亿美元的交易。而美国硬行推销的F / a - 18“超级大黄蜂”或F - 16战斗机生产线在印度仍然处于初步阶段,印度实际上已经花费9.3亿美元购入六架波音阿帕奇攻击直升机,花费20亿美元购入24架西科斯基S - 70 B多用途海军直升机与强大的反潜能力。

The IAF, incidentally, is slated to induct 12 Apache attack helicopters and 15 Chinook heavy-lift choppers in the 2019-2020 timeframe under the contracts inked for them, worth Rs 13,952 crore and Rs 8,048 crore respectively, in September 2015.

另外,根据签订的合同,印度空军计划在2019-2020年期间引进12架阿帕奇攻击直升机和15架奇努克重型直升机,分别价值1395.2亿卢比和804.8 亿卢比。

India, however, remains miffed about the new US sanctions regime called CAATSA (Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanction Act) that targets countries buying weapon systems from Russia. As reported earlier by TOI, India and Russia are working to get around CAATSA because they have new defence projects worth over $12 billion hanging in the balance as well as the operational need to maintain the huge inventory of Russian-origin equipment held by the Indian armed forces.



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Tanmay Chakrabarti

At that time UPA was busy to loot country.


Siv Sarkar

Yes; we need to be stronger, bolder and more powerful .


Dr J Pandey

Primarily to use India as a ''tool'' to handle !!



Russia will never help us against , US will, like it helps the South east asian nations. US is the way to go.


Pradeep Mishra

I wish India using US fighter drone killing terrorist in pok and Kashmir and also naksalist and Maoist



This is the good move. as we see many stalled deals during UPA era are cleared during NDA rule. Not sure whether this is due to corrupt practice from UPA rule did not go through or some other reasons.



The US is happy with anyone whos paying them big bucks and making them money. They treat India badly when it doesnt suit them.


Tappy Bissy

Dear Feku, whete is your Niti Ayogs Make in India. 1/2 India is almost begging the rest 1/4 struggling for survival. And u need those toys to protect 1/4 India? Why not improve relationship with neighbours and soend the money in Make in India

亲爱的莫迪, 你所谓的印度制造躲哪儿去了? 1/2的印度人几乎都在乞讨,剩下的1/4为了生存苦苦挣扎。你打算用这些玩具来保护剩下的1/4么?为什么不改善与邻国的关系,把钱花在印度制造上呢


Excellent news. US needs India amd India needs US. Win win


Rationale True

Common bhakts rather andh bhakts: Another mile stone...... Before criticizing me, read Similar news where US has levied and increase duties on indian goods and made visa difficult.


Siva Rama Brahmareddy Ramireddy

Congress never wants India to be strong as it always likes to have shady deals which are against the interests of India


Vinit Sharma

Forgetting Russia our time tested friend is not good. uS has never been friend to anyone


India First

Can india really trust american under Trump? History has time and again proved that india faired best when it was non-aligned.



Excellent move !! time has come to work with Americans as they have more experience and better equipment.

这一招很好! !美国人拥有更多的经验和更精良的武器,是时候跟他们合作了。

Our India

Due to his inefficiency Feku destroyed Economy. Now lack of knowledge of Intl Politics , lost Russia as our Reliable friend.



US will only use you for its benefits and when they're done then create unrest within the country to destroy the nation. If you oppose them later you're in for some serious sanctions. US is practically the Devil of today's world.


Ranjan Dutta

We are no small pushover. If it is to our strategic interest will step forward else not. Change is the only constant. Adoption is important policy which Nehru led Congress never respected. They left us in vacuum.


Sanjoy Pandey

Let us wait and see further developments.


ONE LINER Challenge

Modi is the only Person who can be trusted in protecting India''s long term interests and also become a strategy supportive force in the Region.Well done and keep it coming.


Krishan Kumar Totlani

UPA may have stonewalled this agreement because of less or no %age in the process. It will be good as Russia may not help us against but US will but before this India may ensure it is not being used as a tool.



Drills for Deals ! ....ch000000tyyua banega india.



Small country like Israel has become strategically powerful because of Americans !


Bhupender K. Sharma

India has to self reliant when it comes to ARMS. As , US, FRANCE, RUSSIA AND ENGLAND ARE.


Our India

Since Modi became PM he is tilting towards US at the cost of Russia. Its very dangerous. Russia is tested & reliable frd for decades. It help us in 1971. It was US who helped Pak in 1971. Never trust on Trump.


Our India

It will take years or Decades to clean the Mess created by Feku during his tenure as a PM.


Our India

Never ever elect Sadak Chaap Chaiwala as a PM.
Worst & Dumbest PM in History. Manmohan Singh rightly said, It would be disasterous if Modi becomes PM.



Jagdish Madan

India now has a pro India government in place. Congress led UPA had only one goal!


Hamesh Mongia

Billions of government money of both countries India and Pakistan is draining out for purchase of arms and kee their respective army war ready which otherwise should be used for more useful works like education health sanitation and farmer''s life upliftment. I wish both countries could resolve border dispute amicably to avoid wastage of money.


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