美媒: 中国希望印度与巴基斯坦和解

China Wants India To Make Peace With Pakistan. It Won't Work


China wants to help ease the long-standing conflict between India and Pakistan. And it has a plan for it.



Last June, Beijing paved the way for the two countries to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a Eurasian political, economic and security organization founded by China, Russia, and a number of other Central Asian counties.


This year, Beijing wants military personnel from both countries to participate in counter-terror exercises under the “Peace Mission 2018.”


There’s an official reason behind Beijing’s plan. The easing of conflict will foster economic ties between the two countries, the same way easing of tension between China and the US in the 1970s fostered economic relations between the two countries.


But there are a couple of unofficial reasons, too.


One of them is that easing of tensions between the two countries will serve China’s efforts to complete building of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).


That’s the express link between Western China, the Middle East, and Africa -- China's second continent. Ideologically that is, which can explain why Beijing has committed $46 billion to the project.


The trouble is that CPEC passes through Pakistani regions claimed by India. That makes it a rough road, to say the least -- Pakistan and India continue to fight for control of these regions. That’s why China needs India to make peace with Pakistan.


Another reason Beijing wants to see peace between the two countries is to find a market for its products. Especially as tensions between China and the US escalate.


“China has always believed in an economic solution to solve the world’s challenges,” says Vijay Eswaran, Malaysian entrepreneur and Chairman of QI Group of Companies. “In that context China may be willing to play a role in potentially improving ties between India and Pakistan”


“The ongoing trade threats from US to China encourages the latter to find a new big market. And India, the largest markets for Chinese goods outside of the US is right in its neighbourhood.”


That’s why Beijing wants to use its leverage with Pakistan to ease conflicts between the two countries.


But it won’t work, for a couple of reasons. One of them is that the two countries have a different perception regarding what ‘terrorism’ consists of.


Another reason is that China has, so far, done very little to satisfy India. Quite the opposite: repeatedly blocking India's efforts to join the Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG).


And it has sided openly with Pakistan in the India-Pakistan Kashmir standoff, as evidenced by statements by China’s senior officials on the sidelines of United Nations General Assemblies.


Then there’s India's siding with the US in the South China Sea disputes.


The bottom line: Beijing has a long way to go before it can bring India and Pakistan to the table and ease long standing conflicts between the two countries.





lovemykids5 hours ago

keep divided and sell arms.



Frank6 hours ago

At least they are trying and pushing in the right direction.



factswelcome6 hours ago

I wonder why Panos Mourdoukoutas is so NEGATIVE about the peace prospects between India and Pakistan?
China or no China, wouldn't peace between nations more beneficial to the people of both nations, Mr, Panos Mourdoukoutas ?? Shouldn't NORMAL "columnist" endorse peace?

我想知道为什么Panos Mourdoukoutas对印度和巴基斯坦之间的和平前景如此悲观?

无论有没有中国从中斡旋,这两个国家之间的和平对两国人民没有好处么?Panos Mourdoukoutas先生?正常的“专栏作家”不应该支持和平吗?


Slop6 hours ago

China should make peace with Taiwan



Good6 hours ago

Peace is the only way forward for both Pakistan and India. And thumbs up for China for taking the initiative that no other Global Power has even bothered to take in the past. Thank you China. You are a true Leader of the New World.



Anon6 hours ago

First things first. China should give back to India the part of Kashmir that Pakistan gave China



factswelcome6 hours ago

India and Pakistan have been engaged in mutual denigration through false narratives. False accusations and hatred have been cultivated on purpose for eons, perpetrating a conflict that is close to 70 years old.
Such negative state has been made possible because of lack of normal contacts.




Tomtom6 hours ago

China wanted to replay USA and Western countries to play an important role in the world.



Michael Wan2 hours ago

Why it won't work? If you see what people want: peace, security, and development, you will know that what you should do. Freeze all the difference, work on common ground, walking toward each other. You have to start some where. Maybe Chinese brokerage is the beginning.



Prussia!5 hours ago

China should make peace in Taiwan first before they tell other countries to make peace. Second, they should only claim a FAIR amount of the South China Sea. 85% is not a fair amount.



Jack4 hours ago

PEACE=US will lost money; no more war machine selling.



Anonymous8 hours ago

I agree, make peace will not work....



Sermsak6 hours ago

Even if it is a long shot, it's worth trying. Much better than fostering hatred and war.



wow4 hours ago

It will not work since no profit for our politicians and military industrial complex!!!



A Dog6 hours ago

It won't work because the evil anglo-zionazis will not let it work.



hololi6 hours ago

The only successful solution China has provided to the world is the Sino-Tiban solution; occupy your neighbor.



---2 hours ago

China built the GREAT WALL, to keep out Terror, a thousand year ago. India has built a Thousand Mile long fence, AFTER 1948, to keep out Pak Terror.



WHOCARES3 hours ago

That is what a world leader should do vs creating wars one after another.



Alex26 minutes ago

Well done, China, very well done indeed. Keep up with the good work and "Make China, India and Pakistan Strong, Prosperous and Great Again"



Angry voter,6 hours ago

Its internal affairs of India so China should but out. The Chinese have one of the worse h an rights record.



Bob2 hours ago

Oh really? Yes sir I will sir master China who supports Pakisterroristan? Oh ok. Whatever.

哦,真的吗?是的,先生,支持巴基斯坦的中国? 哦,好吧。无论什么。


Olive4 hours ago

Enduring peace demises terrorism. Pease making is nobel work if China tried genuinely so. China , Pakistan and India should make arrangements like European neighbors. This region can serve the world.



Captain4 hours ago

China needs to make peace with her neighbors first and stop stealing land.



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