What if China, India and Russia combined?



Anil Sankar V, Born Indian.

It will be another big USA with ten time more powerful and would be better for other nations.



Joseph Boyle

Asia has the least political unity of any continent. There aren’t any pan-regional organizations or collective security alliances.

You might as well ask what if the whole world combined.




Bharath Bhat, Servant at Global Populace (1987-present)

It is possible, but not immediately. For this China has to shun reservist and expansionist nature. Hope this helps.



Satender Chaudhary, Logical Indian.

Than they might be able to counter western dominance.

Trade benefits.

Aspirations of all these countries would change as per new geopolitics.

People would come to know about culture of other countries and might be able to share best practices of their countries.





Sameer Sharma, studied Post Graduate Diploma in Management at Symbiosis
Don't know … But Russia China Pakistan are together. India is closer to US Europe Japan Israel.

India has shifted it's policy. Will it be good or bad only time will say




David Durrett, former print shop manager (1984-1985)

You would have the largest country (geographically) in the world, with the largest population of any country. This huge country would most likely fall into civil strife as it would be horribly difficult to govern so many different peoples by any one form of government, and none of those three governments would mix very well. You have chosen three countries that have enough trouble governing the peoples and territory that belong to them as it is, combining them is just asking for internal ethnic conflicts to break out and cause trouble.



Glenn Lee, works at Northern California

If China, India, and Russia can put aside their historical differences and combine to form an Asia Union similar to the EU, then there would be peace and prosperity in Asia. The AU would be much larger than the US and the EU. Both the EU and the US would lobby to not allow this union. With the exception of Japan, all the other Asian countries would follow and join the AU. With the AU it will truly be a Asian century. China with it’s new Silk Road program may be trying to do just this, form an Asian Union through trade. If successful, this new Silk Road program may mimic the Hanseatic league of old Europe.





Ignat Solovey

Can't happen, too many differences in everything.

There is Russian fiction book series about detectives in a country that is, essentially, a mega-empire of combined Russian and Chinese empires, Mongolia and Israel+Palestine — multi-national, multi-cultural, poly-confessional to complete ecumenism and with governance style something between imperial China, modern China, medieval and modern Russia, and modern Thailand (Tsing dynasty continued and Beijing remained imperial center, the second most important city being Alexandria Nevskaya, easily guessed as St.Petersburg).




Alex Pismenny, Know about Russia

I don’t see it happening.

The three cultures are too wide apart. The parallels with EU and US stop right there. You might add Iran to the mix, but that is yet another dissimilar culture.

Then, what would be the benefit? China and India have inseparable economic ties with the West. Russia is likewise dependent on the Western technology, and on the EU buying its oil and gas.

There remains the logical possibility of a cartel in order to improve these countries’ bargaining positions with the West. But the nature of the economic relations with the West is also dissimilar, preventing cartelization. China does cheap manufacturing. India does research, software and call centers. Russia sells petroleum products and drains its college graduates to the West. No cartel is possible.

If by some magic they united, they wouldn’t stay united for very long.




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