Guo Wei, writing & living in China

Many young Chinese would think: (most them are NOT true)

Everybody wears a turban.
People eat with bare hands.
English spoken in India is hard to understand.
People believe in Buddhism.
Their army troops like acrobatics.
Indian women are more beautiful.

As for the Sino-Indian relationship, most young Chinese don't have a clue, I think. To us India is a far away country. The only well-known similarity between China and India is that both countries have a huge population.












Idris Mai Jawi, lived in China

So far in my 3 years of residing in china, i think i can say that the Chinese don't care about anyone's nationality. Only when it comes to finding English teachers, in the capital Beijing, they always prefer Americans, doesn't matter if you speak a better English, if you are not American, you hardly get a teaching job in English.

But as for general life, they don't care, so long as you are law abiding and nice as a human.






Rohit Gupta, 1 in 1b
The Chinese think highly of Indians. They think Indians are formidable and are a bit intimidated by them in the international arena, because Indians are very successful overseas in their professional career and Chinese think they have lost the competition.


Sheng Lee, Visual Communication Designer at Art & Design (2014-present)

This is my personal impression of the Indian label.


Impression on Indians before Quora:

来 Quora 之前对印度人的印象:

  • One of the ancient civilizations
  • Religious power
  • Buddhist origin
  • IT industry developed
  • Non-Aligned Movement sponsor
  • Have been colonized by foreign countries
  • confusion
  • One of the developing countries
  • Partner
  • One of the BRIC countries
  • Bollywood
  • The world’s largest de acy
  • Clever

(These impressions come from history and geography textbooks, and news headlines.)


Impression on Indians after coming to Quora:

来到 Quora 之后对印度人的印象:

  • No knowledge
  • Silly
  • Arrogant
  • Unfriendly
  • Hostile to China
  • Victim delusional disorder
  • Opinionated
  • There are territorial disputes
  • One of the puppets in Western countries
  • The world’s largest populist nation

Really, I should not come to Quora. After I came across Indian netizens here, my good impression of India completely vanished.

说真的,我真不该来 Quora。在这里接触到印度网民后,我对印度良好的印象全部覆灭了。



I am an Indian who has a Chinese pen-friend. She says that they usually don't care about India. Many Chinese youngsters just know that another country exists which can potentially surpass their own population. They are ignorant of a country like India. In fact, they are ignorant of most of the countries except Japan, South Korea, USA and England. Very few are interested in learning about India(my pen-friend for example). The Chinese youth are generally friendly unlike the older generation whose lives are mechanical. According to her, they never smile(the elders) and their attitude is cold and hard. The youngsters are more open minded and try to learn more. But one thing is for sure. They look up to countries like USA and Japan.Certainly not India. At least, not yet.






Peng Fan, lives in China

i am a chinese i konw india from movie and internet information. many people (population will surpass china) many languages many religions



William Tang, Author; CEO at Tang Long Enterprise (2010-present)

China sees India as a neighbor, nothing more and nothing less. A competitor and potential partner in the economic and political arenas.



Kanchana Gore, Doesn't aim to have a common 9-5 job.
I don't know mate. Never been to China never met a Chinese. If you'd asked the question other way round I'd have answered it. : if you want some interesting answers try this



Akshay Kini, Software Engineer, History lover, Finance counter?
It's actually simple. They aren't thinking of us. It is that simple.
People always think of the countries ABOVE them, and try to compete with them. We keep talking about China because they are our "goal". Same with how we keep comparing ourselves to the west, as they are our goal in terms of development.

We never think of Brazil or Phillipines or Vietnam or Malaysia do we? Same with the Chinese people.







Deco Tang, a curious guy

It all depends... what a nonsense.

Some people such as my parents, old and low-educated (but not illiterate), get to know something mainly from CCTV, they think India is a poor, dirty country.

For business man who export products to India would have complex feeling, India market is so big, that purchase orders from India is usually big, but usually India buyer ask for crazily low price because India consumers are not rich. Those who have ever been to India usually do not like India so much.

Educated people would think India is mysterious, and usually know India has a totally different politic system and tradition compare to China, in online forum, people always argue on whether it is good or bad of India style de acy , it is a hot topic that will never be stopped until one day China has its own de acy and it really works.





Vijay Kumar
One must know a little about the underlying mentality of the Chinese in order to better understand their perceptions towards the Indians. You see, there is an undertone of the Chinese mindset that dark skinned people are not trust worthy and are to be avoided at all costs. Indians being one of their darkest skinned neighbors, are often not just looked down but there goes a desperate attempt for avoiding Indians at all costs. These facts might sound laughable but try talking to some Chinese in China and you would be surprised to see how deep rooted the hatred for dark skinned people really is.




Greento Mato

I've read many of the answers posted here.

i am of indian descent, grew up in india, and attended college there. i've never lived in china, nor even visited that country. i don't live in india anymore.

i've never known a chinese person, except briefly as a student in a graduate course

i am here to thank all the chinese people who took the time and the effort to answer the question of this thread. as i read the first few responses, i became more curious, and continued to read with greater interest.




here's what i surmise about those who replied:

they are not much interested in india or indians;

their main focus is on material life;

moreover, i think they'll consider themselves to have succeeded as a nation if and when they raise their standard of living measured by, say, per capita gdp, above that of the u.s.



there was little or no talk about personal fulfillment, creativity, fre m, art, literature, philosophy, or a life of the mind.

i am left with the feeling that if a chinese person engaged in mathematics, it would be to win a competition, but not to exercise his/her creativity or seek self-fulfillment, as a srinivasa ramanujan, a grigory perelman — a russian, but an excellent example of what i mean; sorry about any spelling error — or manjul bhargava would.



and if a chinese architect designed a buillding, it would be to beat the americans at architecture, not to express their aesthetics through the creation of a functional product. (i could be wrong, perhaps there are wonderful architects in china; i'm fairly sure that the american architect, i. m. pei is of chinese descent.)

it's possible that most of the chinese posters in this thread are young, and one should give them time to mature intellectually.



Fermi Zhang, works at Hebei Hongri Natural Pigment Co., Ltd.

I’m from Xingtai, a small city of Hebei Province, with population around 800,000. Let me try to give you a picture of a Xingtai-Ren’s mind of India.

We love Indian movies especially ones cast by 3 Khans.
India is never considered our enemy nor competitor. Our competitor is solely USA (Maybe Japan recently).





Mui Young, works at China
Generally, not much perception, just like other south eat asian countries which is worth being visited but a little risky (India's daughter) perhaps.



Abhijeet Singh
I am not answering this question but have a thought to share which I thought is a must for better India-China relation. Both Indian & Chinese must ponder that we have stayed in this neighbourhood for more then 5000 years. Shared, learned and helped each other. Until 1962....




Chen Siyuan

To most Chinese people, India is a country with brilliant and ancient culture. Monks practicing yoga, big -eyed women in beautiful skirts dancing and singing all the time….basically what they see in old Indian movies.




Bala Murugan, Diabetes Drug designer and analyst at Chungbuk National University (2015-present)

yeah i came across several comments from that i can extract one common point that all chinese thinks Indian are inferior but not NOT true India is very big country (in population followed by China) in such a big country we cannot expect 100% green zone to all corner even America (Since chineses comapring America as a parameter) lot of Gun shots and thefts muders are going on particularly in coastal areas. But in India one cannot see such a scene More over China though it is top populated country not allows his citizens and media to speak wat they think except some blogs But where in India all citizen have rights to speak and show their emotions which is their de ratic right






I know about India mainly from two sources. One is the media projected in both Taiwan and China. The other one is my American Indian Roommate.

Rape is a big issue both projected in China and Taiwan’s media. I just read a news that a well-known Indian Actress is being raped and videotaped recently in a Taiwan News. The most frightening case would be the girl was raped in a bus and the rapists have no guilty at all in the confession and said it is the women’s fault that going out so late in night. In China, women and children have no worries take a walk at night.
My roommate is a American Indian. She had visited India last summer vocation. She said the traffic is not very organised. People hit and run.

Besides these two points, I think Indian to a extent have been fooled by the American de acy and just follow them without criticism. Like China model, I expect India will have their India Model of Development.







Chandini Raj, studied at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad

1. Extremely spicy food.
2. Great amount of fre m- powerful media, voicing of opinion, politics, religious paths, etc.
3. Crazy about Cricket.
4. So many languages!! English to the rescue.
5. Do not appreciate non-vegetarian food much. (Octopus, amphibians, etc.)
6. Animes need an improvisation.
7. Lots of temples! but, a huge number of Mosques, Churches, Gurudwaras and other religious places too.
8. Even kids know Cricket and Yoga.
9. Extremely diverse in looks- perfectly matches MIXED race!


印度有很多寺庙,很多,教堂、谒师所(印度锡克教徒的礼拜场所) 等宗教场所



Lulu Li
Born and raised in china, I have to say except Buddism spread from India most Chinese citizens know nothing about India dispite the fact that both of our countries have a long history, a large population and are emerging economies.



Rahul Funde, Editor

I am not chinese but some things are really disturbing never thought chinese hate us so much.

Famous Chinese writer called India an anarchy. (See Dr. Zhang Weiwei's interview on Al Jazeera)
They visit Mumbai just to click poor people in Dharavi but forget the fact they landed on world's most expensive airport. And just five minutes away they have world's most expensive home. Or the hospitals in 10km radius of that area.
The com*unist activities often refere India as model to see how useless the de acy is.






Anand Chakravarthy, knows Hindi

Well average indian does not know what an average chinese thinks and frankly does not care. Too busy in trying to make something of their own life. As for media they can sell their stories and columns only when they make noise. We have bigger enemies on inside than to worry about china being a bigger enemy. But true having a nosy neighbour who is constantly threatening to enter your house forcibly is not something an average indian appreciates.




April Astoria, Been there, done that.

As far as I know, Chinese people respect Indians and see them as competitors. In the common fields that Chinese people take, Indians are quite prevalent, too (e.g. Doctor, Scientist, etc.), so they are on equal footing. This isn't meant to be a stereotype, but both Chinese and Indians typically do well in school, so they are also competitive there.

When I was in fifth grade, my best friend was an Indian. We were both at the very top of the grade, and we were known around school as the “Dream Team”. We were still competitive, though, in grades and in art.





Albert Chang, studied at Tianjin University of Finance and Economics
I think it's where buddha born. We used to call it Tian Zhu,a very beautiful name. India culture influened China for a very long centuries. I hope India can be a good friend of China.




Ashutosh Mishra, works at Samsung India
I am here in Korea for my workshop. There are some Chinese people with me. They describe the same thing as Nitin Awasthi has. Most of them didn't even know there is some country like India till their college.



Qing Kou, Possibilities
Honestly and personally I know little about India only the people are strong and there is a huge gap between the poor and rich. But I'm planing to travel in India for at least one month, the biggest fear now is sanitary issues....



Chaolong Zhang, works at Nagoya Institute of Technology
Personally, I don't have any prejudice on Indian people. I think we r all the same except the skin color if u really have to say. Actually, I have a few good friends from India. They r all very nice guys, and I like to be with them.




Wang Mongnan(汪梦楠)

Some small media will post some article which is about loughing at Indian food habit or life habit sometime.

The go nment’s media seldom talk about India while telling people that America is the biggest enemy.

In fact,we don’t like India because there are too many regions.We don’t like region.





Prateek Varshney, Coder, Writer, Biker, Dreamer
May be they think that Indians are so lucky to be able to use Quora.



Ashutosh Dwivedi, works at Devil's Advocate
at least not what Pakistan think of India.




All Chinese are working hard to realise their "Chinese Dream", thus there has been no time for them to think of India.


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