Chinese troops using new equipment for all-weather border monitoring


BEIJING: China's military is bolstering the management of its border defence by developing new types of equipment including a satellite early warning system that can be used to monitor the border areas in all environments, according to official media reports.


A satellite early-warning monitoring system is planned in some border areas that are in dispute or are difficult to enter and patrol, state-run Beijing Evening News reported yesterday.


A surveillance camera network has also been built in border zones and the density of coverage is set to increase to cover blind spots, the report said but did not mention which, or if all, of China's border regions are covered.


The Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China covered 3,488 km which included Arunachal Pradesh, claimed by China as part of southern Tib.


The informatization and mechanisation of equipment, vehicles and monitoring methods of People's Liberation Army (PLA) border defence will give an early-warning of any risks to security as well as overcoming previous blind spots, Song Zhongping, a military expert was quoted as saying by the Global Times.


The PLA has to increase the level of automation of its equipment, Song noted. This will include using drones and tracking vehicles to conduct patrols and setting up unmanned monitoring systems, which means border regions will come under continuous monitoring and control.


To cater to various geographic environments along China's long borders, the PLA has developed equipment that can be used in water, in the air or on land, Song said.


While reporting about the new border monitoring system, the Global Times mentioned Pangong Lake in Ladakh, where skirmishes took place between Indian and Chinese troops after border guards foiled an attempt by Chinese soldiers to enter Indian territory in August last year.


The PLA has deployed a new patrol boat there which is made of non-metallic materials, the report said. The craft has a top speed of 40 km per hour and can resist ice collisions.


A type of heavy scout vehicle, called the "wild ox," capable of accommodating 17 full-armed soldiers, has been deployed to a border defence re gient in Southwest China's Yunnan Province, which shares a border with three countries.


Besides a BeiDou satellite navigation system, akin to that of US Global Position System (GPS), the vehicle also has a real-time communication system installed.


The scout vehicle also has water filters, a kitchen and a toilet so it can conduct patrols in tropical environments.



Inderpal Singh

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Dr Love

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Rajan Sekar

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Sagar Yadav

if Indian go nment gives me license (without bribe), I can provide all-weather monitoring equipment to Indian forces too.


Global Indian

This proves that Make in India has been failed miserably


Truth Hansi

Hit them where it hurts the most ! boycot chinese goods n stop imports fm china ! Finish their economy !

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Dr Love

Indian soldiers are more worried about dall roti and achar every hour of the day than bullets from Pakistani and Chinese soldiers.


Dr Love

India doesn''t have any functional toilets as expected on the borders let alone border monitoring equipments.


Global Indian

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Be IndianBe-1 day ago

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Anonymous Anonymous-bangalore-1 day ago

we have to fight war on two fronts now ... Chinese are building up real capacity towards the northeast borders.


Krishnan Ram

Why not? for border protection each country has to provide the best to its personnel. China is doing great. No opposition.


Sanjoy Das

Instead of seeing this as threat why not develop the same for our borders, infact we can try making better systems, we must see opportunity in adversity


San Man

destroy cameras if mounted in Indian rerritory and bring down their spy satellite.


Rahul Gupta

Dnt worry, india will depoly vry btr than than china by nxt decade


N Renganathan

obviously we too should have to build matching capabilities.
ISRO and DRDO must collaborate by maintaining low profile , away from the prying eyes of media as far as possible



Ramesh R

Modi led Govt is also providing different mechanised equipments to Indian troops since long in India China boarder.


Failed Modi failed modi-UK-1 day ago

India is hypo up the border tension to divert frustrations of Indian people from Modi''s failures.


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