Quora: 既然讨厌中国人,为什么越南女人会嫁给中国男人

Why are Vietnamese women marrying Chinese men if they supposedly hate Chinese?



Banh Dau
Answered Feb 13

Most Vietnamese women who marry Chinese men, who are mostly from poor rural areas, also come from poor rural families. They are usually not highly educated, and do not know much about China. Thus they do not know that life in rural China is only a little better than life in rural Vietnam, and agree to marry Chinese men in the hope for better life, and a chance to help their families. Women in the cities (even poorer ones) rarely marry Chinese men, since they are much better informed.






Ngọc Tường, studied Global Economy & Global Policy at University of Technology - HCM City, VietNam (2017)
Answered Dec 2

Funny fact so-called “Vietnamese women marrying Chinese men “ . It look like Your Question want to focus Chinese PRC - Vietnam case.??


There are many Chinese ( Chinese PRC, Chinese Taiwanese, Chinese Southeast Asia, Chinese living in Western) also Taiwan island not yet official belong to China PRC . =>Only this case only Taiwanese Chinese more marry Vietnamese . the rest “Chinese” are not popular even rarely


=> I only See Taiwanese Chinese marry Vietnamese one in the past but its 10 years ago , That I see search many Local article and Facebook, ,


Vietnam - Taiwan have better relationship than Vietnam- China, That is the main reason
But I see that Today it rarely Vietnamese women choice Chinese Taiwan men : In the past Maybe some Vietnamese women marry Taiwanese , I even dont see any Chinese- Vietnam couples story in Vietnamese social, there are very rarely to hear that ,
Many Young Vietnamese love Korea ,Japanese , Western appear in Vietnamese TV, Vietnamese gameshow even ton of South korea Youtuber do ton of Vlog about Vietnam, that is the most Countries Vietnamese more know about them
If you walking on street and ask Vietnamese women top countries they like, I bet there are not Chinese in top 5 , that is fact, There are no bias or hate here
Chinese men also Not top men that Vietnamese like , the real top:

=> Japanes , Korea , Western men More popular in Vietnam social media than Chinese

I read some articles said that Many Vietnamese tribal hill women in orders being kidnapped by Chinese PRC => Vietnamese police also hunt Chinese PRC for this, be aware Chinese PRC men while they near the border , => Only this case I see Chinese PRC can marry Vietnamese women ( but its Tribal hill)

=> Change the Title “ Why are Some Vietnamese women marrying Chinese Taiwanese men” , No hated to Chinese generally






所以,标题应该这样写: 为什么某些越南女人嫁给中国台湾男人


Dor Kimp
Answered Apr 27, 2016


There are so many of these types of questions already. Saying X hates Y is a very big and overally generalised statement

In all countries and cultures, there are people with different opinions and feelings. Besides when you talk about nationalistic hate, it is more about politics and abstract concepts than actual feeling

Women who hate the Chinese would obviously not marry a Chinese, women who marry a Chinese obviously don't hate the Chinese. You don't marry people who you hate. Of course if you marry a man and have children with him you would not teach your children to hate their dad or their dad's family (except some arguably do just to get back at unreasonable in-laws)

I'm not sure about identity crisis. There are many Vietnamese mixed Chinese and they seem to fit perfectly with Vietnamese culture. They don't feel any crisis that I'm aware of since Vietnamese and Chinese cultures are very similar. You can blend both perfectly well together. People don't really let historical events interfere with their lives. And current political problems are generally far away from people's lives, except if there is a war or direct invasion








Tuan Minh, I'm Vietnamese.
Answered Apr 27, 2016


"A large portion" of Vietnamese hate Chinese. Not most, not all.

And what they hate is actually China government, and, Chinese generally, not down to individual.

When a Vietnamese China-hater woman in the group above, meet a Chinese (rich or handsome or both) as individual, she might not have that hatred. And after marriage, she can still hates China government and Chinese as general, just not the person she is married to.

Anyway, I believe most Vietnamese women who marry Chinese, is just for the money, because they're poor, few couples have true love.


About Taiwan. Almost 100% Vietnamese consider Taiwan is a independent country, which have nothing related to China (although the Vietnamese government does not acknowledge Taiwan officially due to diplomatic reason). Taiwan has better reputation, and is known to produce high quality good, while China good often considered as cheap but poor quality, will soon break down.




关于台湾,越南人几乎都认为台湾是一个独立国家, 认为台湾和中国大陆没有关联。(虽然外交上,越南政府并未承认台湾)



Duy Thanh Nguyễn, just a Vietnamese.

Answer for your question is quite simple: Money. :)

Most of women who married Chinese/Taiwanese/Malaysians, especially ones who married old men, are paid a large among of money (not so much for the foreigner, thank to currency difference). Most of them grow up in poor family and that money can help their family build a new house, or help their brother/sister have money to go to school. After marriage, if she is lucky, she will be able support their family. But if she is unlucky, there is nightmare waiting for her after marriage.



Actually, there are many reports about violence, scam, etc. for foreign marriage. Women may be live happily, or may be live under violence of their own husband, or may be worse, being sold to prostitution, etc. The women, who has been sent to abroad, have no connection with family or local government, have difficulty in communication. -> They can not escape if there’s any problem. I have heard about many painful story. But people still risk their own live, for their family…


There are cases where the women are forced to marriage foreign men by parents who are gambling addiction or debt but it’s minority.

There are also love between Vietnamese women and foreign men but as I said, it’s rare and only between success/modern women who have decent knowledge and foreigner men who have been known each other for a while.





To be more precise, Vietnamese don't hate Chinese, but hate Chinese government. Therefore, there is nothing wrong to get married to a Chinese person. Besides, there are a lot of Vietnamese girls getting married to Taiwanese, Koreans, Japanese, etc.

Another reason I should mention here is the escalation of human trafficking along the borders. Many Vietnamese girls are kidnapped then sold to single men in other countries. Of course, China is right next to Vietnam and has around 30 million single men due to its ridiculous sex ratio. As you might already know, where there is demand, there will be supply.







Answered Apr 27, 2016

The world is not black and white. Why would every Vietnamese hate every Chinese and v.v.? Please, don't try to understand the world by reading biased books and media, it's always more complex than what you are being told.

The Vietnamese have had a controversial relationship with the Chinese for over 2000 years, that's true. But for the most part, the two countries have had peaceful relations and engaged in trade, commerce, with Vietnam adopting clearly more from the Chinese than the other way round.



China is not a monolith (nor is Vietnam, by the way). The Southern Chinese, especially Cantonese culture is very close to the Vietnamese, Hong Kong movies have been a great success in Vietnam (think of Stephen Chow), hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese have emigrated to Hong Kong or Taiwan, so the Vietnamese actually do admire the success of the Chinese, they opened up the economy just as the Chinese did and so on. The relationship to the Beijing government may not be the best, but that's the level of high politics, the every day person is much more practical than that.

In a similar way, Vietnam fought for decades against the French and the Americans, but the Vietnamese are very practical and now cooperate with both countries, despite the historical enmity. So why would ordinary Vietnamese have any reason to be politically minded and reject someone just because of their nationality or even teach their kids to hate other people?






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