3 lakh troops cut completed, more reforms to follow: Chinese military


BEIJING: China's powerful military on Thursday said it has completed the target of laying off three lakh troops and hinted at more reforms to optimise the quality and combat efficiency of the now two-million-strong force.


The PLA which was 4.5-million strong till 1980 was first resized to three million in 1985 and later to 2.3 million.



China also hiked its defence budget this year to a whopping USD 175 billion, three times higher than that of India.


The PLA also announced last year that it would reduce its ground troops to less than a million as part of Chinese military modernisation plan under which the navy has been given greater role to expand China's global influence.




Bala Srinivasan

More than "MANPOWER" the need for Mechanised TECH driven force is being recognised by all advanced&advancing nations including CHINA&INDIA.


Balbhadra Dhagat

It indicates Chinese focus on economic development.



China is going through very tough times after seeing exponential growth for two decades. Cost of living is sky rocketing, co ption is all time high, it is not as profitable manufacturing hub as compared to other countries. So, it is going to see its downfall (like other US allies Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Philippines). India could expect a lot from things falling off from Chinese plate, but due to corrupt and negative opposition (disruption, road blocks), it will see a small increase in foreign investments.



Deceptive propoganda. Even border troops have been regularized. More armour, naval ships and airforce support bases have been aggressively enhanced. Overseas force levels are increasing. OBOR protection augmented. Merchant navy and ''dual task navy based'' oceanic bed research and intelligence outposts have increased. Who is fooling whom?


Sugath PalanSugath Palan-Singapore-2 days ago

In the face of modern warfare techniques like drones and remote activations and launches, these foot-soldiers dont stand a chance in the event of confrontations.


ZipMee ZipMee-1 day ago

In front of Chinese army, Indians army is just a joke.



Someone is going to steal a bell. The clock was so big that he could not hold his arms, and he could not carry his back. What shall I do? He tried to smash the big clock and move the pieces of copper home in one piece, and then he threw up the hammer and smashed it. He did not think of the big bell, "when", he scared a big jump. He was afraid to let others hear it, and he clutched his hands in his ears, thinking he could not hear the bell, and he could not hear the bell.



The Chinese have progressively effected modernisation of indigenised combat capabilities of their armed forces including logistic infrastructure. With reduced threat perceptions on the Russian border and the building up of strategic forces for rapid deployment they can afford to PROJECT reduction of forces. However it is not LOGICAL as they have recently amalgamated border paramilitary forces under PLA, enhanced Naval and AirForce equipment/capabilities including logistic support echelons and reinforced deployments in the Chengdu province. Their army has been deployed overseas in their new forward postures as well as UN tasks and OBOR protection .The reduction is more of "PROJECTED" RATIONALISATION to effect corresponding reactions in their neighbourhood.


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