Quora: 为什么印度比中国更发达

Why is India more developed than China?




Christian Wayne, lived in Singapore
Answered Aug 9
Well, we can compare India and China from many aspects to prove that India is definitely more advanced than China.


It is ture that during the past 30 years China has achieved remarkable progress in developing its economy, which is though at the expense of contaminating the enviornment and even the entire ecosystem. Thus this pattern CANNOT last long. By contrast, India go nment is much wiser, running its economy system efficiently without polluting the environment.
Political system

We all already know that de acy is much better than dic ship. People living in India is absolutely happier than living in China





The population in India is increasing rapidly, outnumbering that of China in 5 to 10 years according to data of WHO. What’s worse, due to one-child-policy, China will experience a brutal aging period in the next 30 years, and will be extremely weaken in its power and strength.

U.S. , Japan, Russia, France, Britain all are India’s good friends. India can gain great aid in technology and science, which will no doubt boost India’s economy. But it seems that China only has one real friend—Pakistan.
The result is obvious. India is a better and more developed country than China.







Wang Pei, Trainee at SFA
Updated 3h ago
As a Chinese, it’s hard for me to admit that India is more developed than China. But I can’t deny the truth. Then why is India more developed than China? Here are my reasons.


2 . Economy
India’s economy is growing strongly while China is on a down trend. China’s economy condition is getting worse, it leads to environment pollution and is full of risk, and now is on the edge of collapse. Early in the year of 2002, some economists had predicted the economy collapse of China
When we talk about India, the future is always hopeful and promising. Now Indian people have been luck enough to get a great great man, Narendra Modi,as their prime minister. And this powerful man will change India into a super power. Together with de acy , India’s economy is making remarkable progress. Now India’s economy growth has surpassed China. Economists have foreseen that India will be the main engine of the world’s economy in the near future.




3 . Technology
India has more advanced technology than China. Last year , ISRO unbelievably launched a rocket with 104 satellites on it !!! While China’s record on this item is only 20. India’s IT industry also exceeds China. Bangalore is seen as the Silicon Valley of Asia.
4 . Population
It is common accepted that India’s population will outnumber China in less than 10 years . Which means India has more young labour force to support its economy growth. China now is facing the challenge of an aging society and lacks labour to keep economy growing. That's why many companies transfer their factories from China to a better place , India. Besides, India has the largest English-speaking population in the world ,which is far more than China. This means India can communicate and co-operate with the outside world more easily than China .





5 . Culture
Indian culture is very diversified and fascinating . And India’s culture industry is more advanced than China's . We Chinese enjoy Indian movies very much and we are fans of Aamir Khan.
6 . Diplomacy
India has many friends on this planet. Powerful Ameica and Russia are friends of great India. More friends means more help from others. For example , India can buy high-tech weapons from Russia and America, while China has to make weapons by ourselves.





Totally speaking, India is definitely more developed than China. With de acy , with Modi, India is getting stronger and playing a very important role in the world. I believe India will be the leader of the world in the future.


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