9-year-old raped in Indore gaming zone


INDORE: A nine-year-old girl was raped in the kiddie zone of a mall in Indore on Thursday, even as children frolicked at gaming consoles a few feet away. The suspect, an employee, was caught and beaten up by the agitating parents.


The incident has triggered demands for police verification of gaming zone employees across the city.




Witnesses have told police they saw the accused, 19-year-old Arjun Rathore, take away the child to a secluded corner but no one realized the horror until she staggered back into the crowd, screaming. The child had gone to the mall with her mother and younger brother. They are regulars at the gaming zone, and the mother left the kids to play while she stepped outside to do some shop. An eyewitness told TOI that she saw Rathore take away the girl with him. “I had gone to the play zone along with my family and noticed the girl being led away. After a while, we saw her screaming. She was bleeding. I helped her reach her mother and then went with her to the police station as well,” she said.

目击者告诉警方,他们看见19岁的Arjun Rathore将女童带至一处隐蔽的角落,直到女童尖叫着踉踉跄跄跑回人群,人们这才发现这起惨案。该名女童是和母亲及弟弟一起来到商场的。他们是儿童乐园的常客,母亲将女童留在儿童乐园玩耍,自己则外出购物。一位目击者告诉《印度时报》,她看见Rathore带走女孩,“我跟随家人来到儿童乐园,看到女孩被带走,不久后,我们看到她在尖叫,身上流着血。我帮她找到母亲,然后跟她一起去了警局”。

The child’s mother was horrified when she was told about the assault. She rushed to the gaming zone where other parents were already agitated. Witnesses and the survivor identified Rathore after which he was beaten up and handed over to police.


“We have sent the girl for a medical examination. The accused, Arjun Rathore, is a resident of Panchsheel Nagar. He has been booked for rape under POCSO and IPC,” ASP Bittu Sehgal told TOI. A female constable took the child’s statement. Some witnesses also gave theirs. “The accused apparently penetrated her private parts, causing her to bleed,” a police officer said.

Bittu Sehgal告诉《印度时报》,“我们将女孩送医检查,嫌犯Arjun Rathore是纳加尔居民。根据《保护儿童免受性侵害法》和信息处理中心规定,他已经因强奸罪被登记在册”。一名女警官记录了孩子的陈述,一些目击证人也提供了他们的证词。一名警官说“被告显然性侵了她的私处,导致她流血。”

The survivor’s family is in shock. “There were so many children around. Should we be scared to take our children to gaming zones now?” said her uncle, adding that when Rathore allegedly lured the girl away, her little brother tried to follow but was told to stay away. Several community leaders and local residents went to the police station at Tukoganj police station to demand verification of all game zone staff and strict action against the accused.



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A Malak7082 A Malak-London-3 hours ago

If I was there I would have beaten the rapist to death



Souvik Dasgupta5180 Souvik-2 hours ago

physical castration on conscious state of accused is the ultimate solution.



Raghavendran Narayanan836 Raghavendran Narayanan-2 hours ago

What is wrong with these media? A rape was taken place and why are you hiding the mall and name of the gaming zone. There should be a serious liability law in our country. Assuming the company needs to pay 1 million$ for such serious crime, won''t they do enough background check and systems to prevent such issues?



Karan Agarwal9835 Karan Agarwal-India-1 hour ago

In our country people have no fear of the law. His private should be amputated and his photo should be posted on hoardings in every nook and corner of our country giving a lesson to other pedophiles and rapists.



Balamurugan Bala2158 Balamurugan Bala-bangalore-1 hour ago

Unless death sentence is handed over within a month and executed, such sinners will continue to enjoy our slow legal process and live to a ripe old age...



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