A distorted sex ratio is playing havoc with marriage in China


Like India, most of China is patrilocal: in theory, at least, a married woman moves into her husband’s home and looks after his parents. Also like India, China has a deep cultural preference for boys. But whereas India has dowries, China has bride prices. The groom’s parents, not the bride’s, are expected to pay for the wedding and give money and property to the couple. These bride prices have shot up, bending the country’s society and economy out of shape.


In the province of Shandong, in eastern China, the child sex ratio skewed early and drastically. It was highly unbalanced by 1990, and by 2010 had reached 123:100. Moreover, not all Shandong girls hang around awaiting marriage proposals from local boys. The province lies between Beijing and Shanghai, so it is easy for the province’s young women—said to be unusually tall and beautiful—to migrate to the great metropolises in search of work and boyfriends. The result is a severe shortage, and bride prices that are barmy even by Chinese standards.






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[–]grooveblissUnited States 51 points 1 day ago
men are now considered shopworn if they are unmarried at 25. By contrast, no woman is thought too old to marry; even widows have no difficulty in finding husbands.
Hm. This is the opposite of what I've always heard with the 'leftover women' label.
Any chance China would be open to polyandry? Could be one solution until the ratio is more even.



[–]shroob88Great Britain 31 points 1 day ago
It seems the article's information is solely sourced from rural China.
You go to a city, even a town, and things will be different.



[–]deliciouspuppy 27 points 21 hours ago
there really are two chinas, the big cities and the rural areas. a big factor is that guys with premium hukous are way more willing to marry a hot rural girl than an educated city girl is in marrying a rural guy. so this makes it way worse for rural boy (cuz many rural girls are going to the cities and finding city guys) and also for the city girls (cuz there's less of an imbalance in the first place in beishangguangshen, and lots of guys there are more than happy to get with a cutie from hubei or anhui).
so in the same country you have millions of 'shopworn guys' and millions of 'shengnu'. and of course no shengnu is going to stoop so low to marry one of those country bumpkins.



[–]dtlv5813 6 points 20 hours ago
And the obvious solution is for the rural guys to move to the cities and live and work there like undocumented immigrants.



[–]deliciouspuppy 9 points 20 hours ago
Many do actually, factories in guangdong are full of people from hunan, hubei, etc. the big issue is that a lot of girls (with good hukous and some education) aren't willing to settle with these guys. guys with good hukous and education on the other hand have no problems marrying a rural girl as long as she's hot/cute and has a decent personality.



[–]ting_bu_dongUnited States 6 points 18 hours ago
This makes sense.
There are no guys available for undesirable women, and no women available for undesirable guys.
But there are still plenty of women available for desirable guys. And there are plenty of guys available for desirable women.
Desirable guys = Wealthy
Desirable women = Young, pretty



[–]ting_bu_dongUnited States 3 points 17 hours ago
Seems this leads to another problem: Guys, as they get older, tend to get more wealthy. Thus, more desirable.
Women, as they get older, tend not to get, uh, younger, and more pretty.



[–]scud568 3 points 15 hours ago
Yeah then you have an older generation of men taking young pretty brides from the already starved young men population who in turn will choose the older woman.
It's going to be a funny generation of families.



[–]JillyPollaTaiwan 4 points 12 hours ago
I don't disagree with the general sentiments, but I also don't think that every man just wants a trophy wife. Many men would be fine with a less pretty woman if she's caring and kind.
But usually these features are not found in many first tier city women.



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