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No, I don’t think Africans thinks that way. That’s what people who are full of themselves and think they are above the Africans tries to think about Africans.
They think that Africans needs care and concern because it’s a great place to justify their own goodness in the world, when what Africans really need is trade, stable economy and governance, infrastructure and technology to harvest their natural resources efficiently.



China doesn’t care about Africans because they look at them as equals with the same potential as themselves. If China looks down on them, Chinese would not have asked for interests for their loans, because there is no point in asking for interest if they don’t think they can afford it. In fact, there would be no loans to Africans if they think they can’t pay them back at all. It’s simple business. You only loan money to those whom you know can pay you back and you only charge interest on those whom you know has that ability to pay those interest.



And if you think that the Chinese got to be the 2nd or biggest economy in the world from one of being the world poorest in 70 years by being bad businessmen, you really need a good lesson on common sense.
So no, the Chinese don’t care about the Africans and the Africans don’t think that the Chinese really care about them. It’s the realisable potential of Africans that China’s see and Africans appreciates that China is able to see them as equals.
If you really think you really care about Africans, I say you put your money where your mouth is.
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Innocent Masengo, Research Associate
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I am African. And this is what I think. China does not give a damn about Africa. Neither does everybody else. Everyone from without Africa looks out for their own interests. Problem is, many are hypocrites. They dress up their interests in a coat of many colors. That is why I love China. Of all the no-give-damners, China is as open about its interests as the clear light of day. They will tell you they are here for business, that's it. If you want to kill each other, they will wait for the winner and start off from where they stopped. You want a bribe to give them a contract, the question is “how much”.
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As an African, I don't really think they care.. They're here for business anyway. What i think many Africans like about them is that they don't meddle in our affairs. Sorry to say this but the west treats Africans as objects of pity that need to be controlled like kids. Not that we don't appreciate being helped but stuff like aid has done more harm than good here, in my opinion.


Some of the money given by western go nments came with demands such as devaluing our currencies and other policies that only made things worse. China offered the only other alternative for African go nments to get loans with no strings attached. The west focus mainly with things like human rights ..yes, human rights matter, a lot. But seriously..the main agenda during Obama's visit to Africa was lgbtq rights, who cares about what their neighbours do in their bedroom when you are all struggling with school fees, putting food on the table and going to work via shitty roads. As president Kenyatta (Kenya’s president) rightly told him, it is a non-issue to Africans. Most of our main problems now are economical. And China focuses on that.



When it comes to investing, they also adopt the same attitude. American sponsored university like USIU offer humanity courses like law (how many people can afford lawyers??), Korea is funding a tech university that's being built …the impression someone gets is that ‘they think African students won't handle STEM courses ,..but the east does.’ I'm not saying that's the actual attitude the west has, but that's what it ‘feels' like. The feeling that you and your people are constantly being belittled.
Yes, we are aware they may/do have other sinister interests but in the eyes of the ordinary African they're the lesser evil.
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