Doklam standoff was resolved because India is now a global power: Rajnath Singh


BENGALURU: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said that the Doklam standoff with China was resolved because India has become a global power in recent times.

孟加拉邦:内政部长Rajnath Singh周日称,与中国的洞朗对峙已经解决,因为印度最近已成为世界大国。


Speaking at the 9th Vishwakarma Jayanothsav in Bengaluru, Singh said, "Everyone was expecting that relation between China and India will deteriorate due to the Doklam issue, but both the countries resolved the issue with comprehension."
He added, "Had India remained weak, the Doklam standoff would not have been resolved till now. It was possible only because India has become a world power."



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Kunwar Shahi-Patna-7 hours ago
Just imagine if Rahul was our PM today.
Shameless supporters of Rahul wants to keep India same like last 70 years. They feel our PM Modi is wrong going against the norm. No Scam, No policy paralysis, Development many times better than UPA time. Even them Rahul asks why Modi has not been able to give jobs as if Rahul and her forefathers did it better. Just in 3 years why why why??




Asokan Andy-7 hours ago
Very true, first time in history , india stood up against China..hats off to Modi''s leadership on this issue



Common Man-India-7 hours ago
Or maybe war would hugely damage economy with no outcome. India knows that so is china. Both countries are different from jihadi pak. Clean water clean air safe roads and rail are priority today than global power.



Hindustani-6 hours ago
India is a global power now (and not just now) because of positive steps taken by previous governments too! As Atalji rightly said, let us stop asking what did we gain in last 70 years..



Patriotic Bharatiya-bengaluru-6 hours ago
India is super power in poverty,illiteracy and open defecation. China resolved the issue because they export 61 Billion $ goods to India,they want trade



guru-WORLDWIDE-5 hours ago
Rajnath you idiot why can''t you keep your mouth shut



Muhammad The Butcher-Humanity's Worst Enemey-7 hours ago
Rahul would have gifted India to China , just like his grand father Nehru divided India to share power along with Jinnah.



Milind Begoor-Mumbai-6 hours ago
Indians are one out of five in the world. India deserves a seat on UNSC a permanent position. UN without giving India its due recognition is a useless undemocratic body. World knows India has arrived in Global World Order.
Indians should take pride in make in India products and reduce dependency on cheap chinese products. This Diwali i call upon all Indians to boycott Chinese products.




Jagdish Shetty-5 hours ago
What global power? More than 80% of high tech weapons r imported. Don''t bluff the way Congress did with illiterate Indians.



popinder Saini-india-6 hours ago
A bridge stempade kills, lack of oxigen in hospital, industrial Anastasia, cow lynching, dalit murders. All are sign of india world power under feku team.



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