China says healthy relationship with India serves interests of both countries


BEIJING: China on Saturday said a healthy and stable relationship with India serves the fundamental interests of both the countries, as it played down the remarks by the Indian Air Force chief about a two-front war.



China and India are important neighbours to each other and are the two largest developing countries and emerging markets, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.


"A healthy and stable China-India relationship serves the fundamental interests of the two peoples and is also the common expectation of the region and the international community," it added.

The ministry made the remarks in response to India's Air Chief Marshal B S Dhanoa's comments that his forces are capable of effectively countering any threat from China while engaging in a two-front war also involving Pakistan.


"We hope that relevant people of the Indian military will see the historical trend and say more conducive to the development of China-India relations," the ministry added.


译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/43637.html


True Indian-BANGALORE-12 hours ago
True, only when China stops backstabbing India and stops supporting terrorist state Pakistan



Ramesh Sargam-Bangalore-12 hours ago
If China wants to have a healthy relation with India, then they need to totally ditch Pakistan. Will they do that?



Ivan Bigger-Trump Manor-12 hours ago
No one should pay any attention to what China says as there is no correlation with what it does...



Srikumar Hariharan-Location-12 hours ago
China says it today & tomorrow it will encroach on Indian territory! China can never be trusted. India must be preapared 24x7 for any eventuality. Perhaps China is panning something against India right now!



Ameet M Rayanagoudar-12 hours ago
Who the F is hell bent on spoiling it, you or us



Shankarnarayan Sarma-Ghaziabad(UP)-9 hours ago
If China considers India''s friendship is most important then they have to ditch friendship of Pakistan. They should stop the CPEC through PoK which actually belongs to India. They should not put hurdle on
India''s NSG participation. Hardcore Pakistani terrorist should not be
given shelter in international forum-UN. China should not misuse the Veto power in Un Security Council against India.



B R V Shanbhag-bangalore-13 hours ago
Late realisation. So long as China supports Pak terrorists, the relations cannot be improved. There is also its veto against us on nuclear aspects which has lost our trust.



manju r-India-13 hours ago
A healthy and stable China-India relationship serves the fundamental interests of the two nations and the world, but not what China does around with its neighbours and the world by sitting in UN security council.



Real Muslim-9 hours ago
Did anyone noticed It''s the first time in a decade that China has responded to India in a decent manner, without using any of its threats "will make it to New Delhi within 48 hours ", will teach India a lesson worse than 1962, will kill everybody, will bomb India, etc. Something is amiss here



Ajay-Chenni-8 hours ago
Gone are the days when other countries bully India. Now its India that talks without fear and other countries are playing it down to maintain relations with India. Defensive country to an offensive country within 3 years. Sometimes you have to change when the world changes otherwise your existence will not matter.



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