Thinking the unthinkable in China: Abandoning North Korea


BEIJING: North Korea's nuclear antics have rattled its alliance with China to the point that Beijing is allowing the previously unthinkable to be discussed: Is it time to prepare for the renegade regime's collapse?


While China's official goal is to bring Washington and Pyongyang to the negotiating table, it is also permitting once taboo debate on contingencies in case war breaks out in the isolated nation across its northeast border.



Observers say the public debate might be a tactic to try and coerce Pyongyang into cooling its weapons programme, with its nuclear and missile tests visibly angering Beijing, which has backed tough new United Nations sanctions on the country.


But it may also indicate growing calls to overhaul its relationship with the North, a long-term ally that it defended during the 1950-53 Korean War and has a mutual defence pact with.



Rx J-11 hours ago
Pakisthan will also follow the same fate...



Arvind Upadhyay-Allahabad-11 hours ago
China is friend of all evil states from North Korea to Pakistan .Actually they cannot stand without help of China.



N Renganathan-Location-10 hours ago
Beijing and N Korea are like blood brothers and it is preposterous to believe Beijing will abandon its younger brother !!!!
both survive or perish together !!!!! that is the situation which has arisen and there may not be any going back !!!!



Debasish-7 hours ago
chinese can never be a leader in the world. they can only copy and paste.



Londoner Time to make things right-9 hours ago
China is a terrorist supporting and promoting Country like North Korea, Pakistan, soon Iran will become nuclear because of China. cannot trust anything China says. it is just drama. No one should trust what China says or does. Stop buying Chinese goods and services, a weak economy China is good for the world.



Rakesh-9 hours ago
haha today they kicked nk tomorrow they will kick pokies



Frank -India-8 hours ago
N Korea and Pakistan are the right and left hands of China. It is time, the world understan this reality.
Both of them were exploited by China, for its own benifit and leaverage in the world.



Jyotirmoy Mukhopadhyay-visakhapatnam-7 hours ago
Thinking unthinkable is another diplomatic game played by china to keep the western power under the illusion of being able to put a wedge between the cordial and intimate relationship between North Korea and China .For china both N.Korea and Pakistan are two safety shields to thraw any direct confrontation .



Santosh-7 hours ago
Pakistan is real rogue state than North Korea as it is not only nuclear state but harbours terrorism



Rocky-Earth-7 hours ago
India has more than enough experience of China 's backstabbings. Never ever trust chinese d0gs.



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