China fears India may be edging it out in culture battle


BEIJING: One of the most popular movies in China over the summer ran 161 minutes, so long that it was sometimes shown with an intermission. Unlike Hollywood blockbusters, there were no special effects, speeding cars or epic battle scenes. Nor was the film a Chinese production with a Chinese cast.



Instead, it won over audiences with a simple but powerful tale: the true story of a man's quest to train two daughters to become world-class wrestlers — in India. The movie took in more than $194 million in two months, making it one of the 20 highest-grossing films of all time in China.


Suddenly, Chinese companies are racing to snap up all things Bollywood — partnerships and distribution rights, but also Indian directors and screenwriters. And that has led to some unease.


"China's development has been very comprehensive in terms of politics, economics and military," said Jiang Jingkui, director of the Southeast Asian Research Institute at Peking University.

"But in terms of soft power, India has done better than China," Jiang said. "Although India's economy is not as developed, they have put a huge emphasis on promoting their culture, including things like Buddhist traditions and yoga."



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Rocky-Earth-18 hours ago
Never trust chinese monkeys unless they support India's candidature for N SG and accept pok as India's integral part. Also china must stop selling weapons to terr0ristan based terr0rists and naxals who have declared war against India..



N Renganathan-Location-17 hours ago
communism and culture are two diametrically opposite side of human lives. if China wants to develop as a true country of any worth it must give up communism.
it has to decide about its choice




Rohan Sule-20 hours ago
China fears India Will Edge Ahead , But to do so India will have to make rapid progress and all political parties must support which is not the case . So to catch up with china , Its difficult and will take decades , be it cultural , trade or anything else . We must understand China is 25 years Ahead of us ... In 2024 1st Bullet train will run if all goes well And in China there are 100s of High Speed trains and the car shed is the biggest which maintains 100 trains a day .. that mind blowing isn`it .... so lets work rather than assuming what china fears and what not




Dinesh-Others-18 hours ago
Filthy and treacherous chinese are not welcome in India.



Ajay Varma-20 hours ago
Chinese fears are justified, India has already edged the out them in culture battle a small but solid proof is the secuessfull running of Indian mega block buster movie DANGA in china for record breaking weeks and it's enough for the Chinese to understand that the have been edge out in culture battle.and this is only the begging.more such fears will follow soon.



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