Indian soldiers withdraw but hold vantage point, ready to step in again


NEW DELHI: Indian troops are now once again sitting pretty in a militarily advantageous position at their Doka La outpost on the Sikkim border, having almost completed their withdrawal from the Do-m face-off site by Monday evening.


"Our soldiers sit on the top, hold the ridge and can swiftly intervene, as they pro-actively did in mid-June, if the People's Liberation Army once again tries to unilaterally change the status quo by constructing a road near the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tib tri-junction," said a source.


The defence establishment here believes it has unequivocally proved its point to China that it will not allow the PLA to extend its motorable track towards the Jampheri (Zomplri) Ridge, which is "militarily very sensitive" because it overlooks India's vulnerable Siliguri corridor or the "Chicken's Neck" area.



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Saranathan Lakshminarasimhan-chennai-1 day ago
hard lessons being learnt by China



Terry Willson-Mackay-1 day ago
Chinese are sneaky. They will build a tunnel instead. Not joking. They have the technology and facilities to build tunnel boring machines.



Terry Willson-1 day ago
Don''t give them ideas. They are true copy cats.



Ajay Varma-1 day ago
!!!! Indian's troops will be there in Do-m, much before these Chinese even blink their slit eyes,their dreams of grabbing Do-m wil never become a reality.



Rakesh Goel-ncr-1 day ago
It is hard lesson for China that India is a different ball game His childish way response will not work .It is lesson for other his neighbors also to stand up with unit and stand with there strength against him.



mickeysheth Sheth-MUMBAI-1 day ago
Strong Indian leadership under Modi ji proved the point to China that India can no longer be bullied. Previously, despite our army was capable, our go nment under MMS or Congress used to cow down to China''s bullying. No more!



Sekhar B-india-1 day ago
Very good step taken by Army and govt as a whole-but chinese are treacherous must keep a sharp eye as they may try some other heinous games.



Neha Agarwal-New Delhi-1 day ago
If the Chinis want to build roads let them build roads in Bihar. Let them build toilets too.



Paki-Others-1 day ago
China is now realising what a blunder it was to give alms to Pakistan..both chinese monkeys and paki pigs are standing on thin ice.. south asia alongwith US, Europe and India are planning a long term strategy to shut china up once and for all



Vijay Murugan-Location-1 day ago
What a shame, why is India telling lies? Chinese ministry''s official statements clearly mention its India withdrawing "trespassing" troops unilaterally. They say China continues to remain in Do-m region, which they claim is theirs. China states that India has learned a lesson and the only choice India had was to pull back. These statements are from Chinese foreign and defense ministries. Unless MEA officially comment on Chinese official statements, we have to assume India knelt down. I am sure Ms Swaraj will stitch her lips and so will Modi.




Abhishek Nath-1 day ago
I think this was an excersise by China to test our defense alertness and timmings to scale up , i hope we didnt show our cards that much.



Tanmay-1 day ago
China forgets that India is leading by NaMo who has 56" chest not by pusillanimous J Nehru.



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