原文标题:30 mega projects: China's pride, world's envy!


The United States no longer lords over the world's most prestigious infrastructure projects.

Some of the world's biggest and most expensive infrastructure projects are in China.

China, Brazil, the Middle East and other parts of the developing world, account for nearly half of the most expensive projects in the world.

Businessinsider says some of these mega projects in China are 'reshaping the world'. Here's a look at some of the biggest and expensive projects in China...







序号 工程 序号 工程 序号 工程
1 上海环球金融中心 11 武汉火车站 21 上海同步辐射实验室
2 杭州湾跨海大桥 12 上海中心大厦 22 秦山核电站后期工程
3 三峡大坝 13 武汉绿地中心 23 中央电视台总部大楼
4 上海长江隧桥 14 秦岭隧道 24 北京火车南站
5 南水北调工程 15 广州大剧院 25 京沪高铁
6 波罗的海明珠项目 16 向家坝水电站 26 海南文昌航天发射中心
7 北京国际机场T3航站楼 17 沪杭磁悬浮 27 酒泉风力发电场
8 成都双流机场 18 南京绿地金融中心 28 溪洛渡巨型水电站
9 平潭天文望眼镜 19 珠三角城市一体化 29 上海洋山深水港
10 南京地铁 20 天津海上钻井平台 30 广东阳江核电站





30 Mega projects in China and.............
by whatswrongpeople (View MyPage) on Jul 11, 2011 07:03 AM | Hide replies

30 Mega scams in India ! hehehehehee by ofcourse none other than Congress party and its slaves ! hehehehehehe

Our Black money in Swiss Banks have become "Worlds Envy - Owners (Congress Party) pride"



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Re: 30 Mega projects in China and.............
by whatswrongpeople (View MyPage) on Jul 11, 2011 07:04 AM
Or rather "Aam aadmi's envy - Congress Party Scamsters Pride"


india vs china
by mukaddim hussain (View MyPage) on Jul 10, 2011 09:23 PM | Hide replies

we should send our mantries to china to learn lessons on these subjects. india can not utter a word in front of china. one day, china will take up all of NE. india can do nothing. it can only lecture.


Not a single Mega Project in India!
by poonam dil (View MyPage) on Jul 10, 2011 05:34 PM | Hide replies

Where are we headed?


china is a dictatorship
by indianpatriot (View MyPage) on Jul 10, 2011 10:06 AM | Hide replies

its easy to develop in a dictatorship. thats why i say india should have military rule for next 10-20 years.


Re: china is a dictatorship
by vishal tripathi (View MyPage) on Jul 10, 2011 12:58 PM
Yes , we just saw the whole bunch of Muslim countries with dictatorship of 20-30-40 years grow poorer and poorer until fianlly revolution drove the dictators out of the country . Libyan dictator is till fighting to hold on!!


india-china difference
by biswanath roy (View MyPage) on Jul 10, 2011 07:04 AM | Hide replies

recently i attended an international water sector event held in a prominent south-east asia city. i attended both the india & china forum. whereas the speakers from the indian side where mostly politicians & bureaucrats, the chinese side consisted mostly technocrats,CEO's of water sector firms,only the opening address was given by a politician.

our speakers read out written speeches in english, the chinese technocrats spoke extempore.as they spoke in chinese translator gadgets were given to listen to its english translation. another thing that impressed one & all was that the chinese gave handouts containing the salient features of their major ongoing projects, & websites of the upcoming projects to be taken up in their next 5 year plan(2011-2015). there was a marked difference in the approach of the two sides.



Hindia must learn from China
by Shailendra Singh (View MyPage) on Jul 10, 2011 06:36 AM | Hide replies

China has wiped out poverty from its 1.2 billion strong population. We in Hindia need to understand and get inspiration from this. We in Hindia must get liberated from India and form a common market with our neighbors China and Nepal. We have nothing in common with the rest of India and that is the reason behind the lack of development in Hindia. We are basically wasting time in the wrong nation.


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Indian lacks discipline and ambition
by Raja (View MyPage) on Jul 10, 2011 03:38 AM | Hide replies

Indian lacks discipline and ambition. Indian love to live in past glory, which only past knows. Foremost is Indian masses don't have quality education, society is totally uncivilized and indiscipline, mob culture and rudeness is on display everywhere.


by Dev (View MyPage) on Jul 09, 2011 07:49 PM | Hide replies

india must not envy china ..india must concentrate on getting basics right first. basics are food,housing, cleanliness, good hospitals, schooling etc.Actually at moment,Indias concern should be just CLEANUP its cities and present itself better. this will itself DOUBLE INdia''s image.(most people dont realise this )

印度不能嫉妒中国...印度必须首先专注基本权利。这些基本权利是食物、住房、整洁 、好的医院、学校教育等。实际上,印度人此刻应该打扫城市和整洁自己。这将让印度的形象获得双倍加分(大多数人没有意识到这点)。

by Dev (View MyPage) on Jul 09, 2011 07:40 PM | Hide replies

interesting to note china spending so much on railways and railway stations. india must follow this as railways is LIFELINE of our country!.......................................Other thing to note is that lot of china was filthy and shabby 2 decades back. Now have heard that Beijing and Shanghai are very clean.


Reshaping - How?
by Ricky topping (View MyPage) on Jul 09, 2011 07:37 PM | Hide replies

What is the impact of Chinese growth on the Global economy?

What will be the cascading effects on the emerging markets?

If one analyses deeply one will certainly be worried!!!


Pakistan will die
by lookisay (View MyPage) on Jul 09, 2011 10:37 AM | Hide replies

India might or might not beat Chinese in the sustainable economic/human growth. But Pakistanis will disintegrate and vanish from the face of the earth very soon. There is no two ways about this. Pakistan is a nation born out of treachery, sustained through hatred and jealousy... it is destined to destroy itself.


India 30 Mega Scams .. !!
by hannibal (View MyPage) on Jul 06, 2011 06:37 PM | Hide replies

Dont worry folks we have some top 30 to be proud of


Go China!
by asdf jkl (View MyPage) on Jul 06, 2011 02:33 PM | Hide replies

The so called Freedom, Democracy we Indians love rhyming about India and the imaginary Govt. control and dictatorship in China etc are all crap that we use to console ourselves. China is progressing, Chinese are happy and content. It is commendable what China has done in 30 Yrs with a population of over 1 billion. Infrastructure is secondary, they have almost solved food and shelter problem for their people while we still constitute 40% of the malnourished children of the world . We should learn from them rather than being cynical.


Cheap Chinese Goods
by Pawan (View MyPage) on Jul 06, 2011 01:58 PM | Hide replies

China's Bubble will not last long...

They cannot compete US in Science & Technology,
Freedom of Speech, Human Values & Democracy
with their Fake & Duplicate goods.


Re: Cheap Chinese Goods
by Chakravarthy Kodali (View MyPage) on Jul 09, 2011 10:30 AM
Goods quality depends on the company that buys and sells products. If an Indian company wants to buy cheaper goods then China can produce them and export to the buyer. I have myself visited China few times. And the infrastructure quality standard is very high.

In India politicians only eats all the money. In China they spent money, which generates jobs, and money circulates faster, and growth happens.

Our so call intellectual team think only on how to tax the common man. God knows what our Indian Govt doing with that kind of huge money...




Finance ???
by Pawan (View MyPage) on Jul 06, 2011 01:50 PM | Hide replies

Hows does China finance all those Mega Budget projects....When even US & Europe find it difficult


India's Pride
by Ujjawal Verma (View MyPage) on Jul 06, 2011 10:00 AM | Hide replies

Unlimited Mega Scams: India's Shame, World's Laughter


by Vasantha Kodancha (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 10:20 PM | Hide replies

Hearty Congratultion to the Chinese Republic


Chinese bubble
by Rationalist (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 07:16 PM | Hide replies

What about Chinese Ghost towns & Ghost highways? Do they not count in these 30 Megaprojects. Also with the magnitude of the investment on highspeed rail and some of other projects I wonder how will they able to get back the investment. They are banking on the export of cheap goods by artificially controlling their currency. Sooner or later the Chinese bubble will explode.


Beijing Shanghai High Speed Railway
by Ashok Mishra (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 06:15 PM | Hide replies

This project is completed in June and total expenditure incured is $33 billion. It means Rs.148500 crores. It means Rs.25000 Crores less than 2G scam. It means Rs. 65000 more than CWG scams.


World's Envy (incl China) India's Pride S C A M S - 30 and Grow
by subbu sh (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 06:07 PM | Hide replies

Can China beat india in Scams ? Why are we not proud that we are No.1 in Scams ?


No comparision
by Nirman (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 05:58 PM | Hide replies

China competes now with the USA and rest of the developed countries and even beat them. India competes with Bangladesh and Pakistan and sometimes is able to beat them.

Where there is will there is a way. indian govt just doesnot have the will to do wonders. they have will to stop anna and baba and not the corrupt. Unless the corruption goes India can not even think of being like china on any front.



Indians dream while chinese get it done
by Ramesh Dodani (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 05:05 PM | Hide replies

For china nations comes 1st then people

If a road has to be widened they will pull down dozens of building - as nation progress is more important then those buildings

Indians only dream - while chinese get it done without even dreaming


china is impressive
by socrates singh (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 04:49 PM | Hide replies

china impresses one with the seriousness towards development. be it roads or bridges, or buildings and trains, they think big and execute well.

indian vision and execution is poor except when it concerns private profit; even in those cases, it is small minded and mean.

what you see in china is the result of focus on primary education and population control that put the country and the society before the individual.

Now the individual can grow because the country can provide the means of growth.

Jaago India, Jaago!




india is not far behind china
by proundindian.2011@rediffmail.com (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 01:47 PM | Hide replies

you guys should self-question yourself what contributions do you make to india before criticizing the indian politicians. indian economic reform begins in 1991(?)later than the chinese.so it's not surprising that india is lag behind china but the gap is not so large as you think.


China's Growth
by Prasad Waingankar (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 01:41 PM | Hide replies

I have been to china last year & seen thier growth by my eyes. In lots of reports we read that China & India are growing economies & Lots of time their is comparison between India & China, But to be frank, What I have seen there is Lots of decepline, very good planning & dedication, Good vision & People follow the rules.

To be frank there is no comparison between India & China at all, they are far far ahead of us, with their proper planning this gap is widening. First of all our politicians do not want to do any development, just want to rule & Administrators & burocrats are just minting money & we s a people also do not accept our resposibility! We should not forget that these corrupt politicians & burocrats have come out us only. If we go to any Administrative office from Grampanchayat till some ministry office, every where there is corruption, who are these people working there, they are among us......



The reality.
by Sanket Sahi (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 01:39 PM | Hide replies

An Indian minister visits Chinese Counterpart & was invited for dinner at his home. Reaching his home Indian minister was surprised to see the luxury, he asked your salary is not high how u manage such luxury, the Chinese minister takes him to the roof of house and asks, Do you see the highway there, Indian minister says yes, well it was supposed to be 12 lane, I got it done 8 lanes and the rest 4 lanes is in my home, Wow said Indian minister.

After 2 years Same Chinese minister visits India and is invited by same Indian minister at his home for lunch. Chinese minster was speechless seeing the luxury of Indian minister, he was surprised and and asked the minister how have you built a palace where your salary is less than $1000. Happy Indian minister took him to 18th floor of his home and asked him Do you see Highway, Dam and Power Project there, Chinese minister could not see anything and said no, Well my friend they are all now in my home.












原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

by Nitesh naidu (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 12:54 PM | Hide replies

China will crush india anytime...thats why all our politicians keeping their hard earned money in oversea's banks


no poverty
by mumtaz ahmad (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 12:54 PM | Hide replies

ALL the pixture give an impression that china is no more poor. shining images are indicator of fast growth and prosperity.but all that glitter is not gold.It also give an impression that we indian are lagging far in development. Our politicians just make false promises and keep the ground reality really rotten.It time they shoud wokeup untill it is too late.


So population does not matter for growth, mindset matter
by chinni (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 12:51 PM | Hide replies

Hi, Every once says due to high population we are not able to grow...in this we should take china as insparation... so we need wakeuppp


every politician in our country must be forced to read this
by rahul m (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 12:48 PM | Hide replies

every politician entering parliament building must be made to read this article 100 times.feel ashamed we are still being fed with a dose of Roti,Kapda,Makaan even after 60 years of independence.all our hard earned money have been robed by elected leaders and sent to Swiss and other banks.Lokpal is just waiting to become jokepal



by Arun Premraj (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 10:09 AM | Hide replies

apart from this the real success is that the common man in china has benefitted and millions have been uplifted from poverty and have drinking water and sanitation


India's pride
by Seenu D (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 09:49 AM | Hide replies

we have taj mahal..its some 400 year old monument and symbolizes our culture..come on..wht else do we Indian want..ancient culture, traditions..these are enough for us right??


India should envy China's infrastructure projects
by kumar kn (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 09:30 AM | Hide replies

China adds 100,000MW to its electric grid EVERY YEAR. In 5 years in our 11th plan (2207-12) the revised estimate is 62,374 MW for India. Without adequate power,how can Indian Industry,Services and Agriculture compete with China in the world market ?

Our leaders are not honest and have no VISION. On any big project we do not work to a time cound schedule resulting in huge cost overruns benifitting the politicians,beaurcrates and contractors.

The Chinese look down on us as a corrupt and inefficient lot incapable of competing with them in any field.





China, Number One country in the world
by Kumar (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 09:16 AM | Hide replies

No Doubt, China is the best. They have better infra than US. I realized this during my three times visit to China


marvelous projects
by sagar (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 09:15 AM | Hide replies

not to dream such developmetn in india. hihgly inpossible mission


by ktbt foru (View MyPage) on Jul 04, 2011 08:44 AM | Hide replies

Our politicians don't have time for these types of project.. they are busy in filling up their coffin with money..


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