Chinese mother, 46, who has always longed for a second child gives birth using an embryo frozen 16 years ago - after she is allowed by the go nment to have another baby


A 46-year-old mother in China who longed for a second child has given birth using an embryo frozen 16 years ago.

When Ms Luo was 29, she decided to freeze 18 of her embryos in the hope that a two-child policy would be introduced in the future, reports the People's Daily Online.

Following the implementation of the two-child rule at the beginning of 2016, Ms Luo had the embryo implanted, giving birth just a few days ago in China's Guangdong province.

The woman who chose to go under the name of Ms Luo was declared to be infertile by her doctor at Zhongshan University First Affiliated Hospital.

The hospital has been offering fertility treatment and the option to freeze embryos since 1994.

In 2000, she managed to give birth to her first child through IVF treatment. She also asked the hospital to freeze her remaining 18 embryos.

Professor Xu Yanwen told reporters: 'The patient developed infertility due to poly-cystic ovary syndrome and gave birth to a son by means of assisted reproductive technology in 2000 before freezing the rest of the embryo.'





Ms Luo was still desperate to have a second child however due to China's one-child policy she was unable to. She hoped that in the future the policy would change.

In 2016, the Chinese go nment announced that it would be allowing people to have a second child.

She went back to the hospital in May last year to have another embryo implanted and gave birth to the child just a few days ago. The baby boy weighed eight pounds.

Wang Zilian, a doctor at the hospital said that the woman's age was a challenge: 'At 50 years old, the embryo survival rate is low, less than five percent.'

A spokesperson from the hospital said: 'We have been storing embryos for patients since 1994.

'This is recently the second case of "thawed embryos" and so far the oldest. Last year we also thawed an embryo for nearly 16 years.'




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syb, Anywhere and everywhere, United Kingdom, about 13 hours ago

Wrong in terms of mother's age, wrong in terms of perhaps selecting male embryos, WRONG in terms of OVER POPULATION. China SHOULD REINSTATE ONE CHILD POLICY. They are the most populated country on the earth..... then again, it may be that is their plan....to populate the world! Invade other countries with their over flowing populace. Not unlike a biblical plague.





Sue_portdouglas, Port Douglas North Queensland, Australia, about 5 hours ago

Why dont you all try it in your own country first!



Meadowfairie, Charleston, United States, about 18 hours ago

Awesome! Congratulations!



Watson and Holmes, Baker Street, United Kingdom, about 20 hours ago

Splendid. But the real message for us, is that over-population is being fought and stability is being maintained. Seen against this policy, our unbridled proliferation appears primitive and ignorant.



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