Indians now flying cheap with Chinese airlines


Last summer, when south Delhi-based Ashima Jain was looking for a bargain on four return tickets to Los Angeles, she chanced on China Southern Airlines. "The fare was Rs 58,000 per person while the other carriers started at Rs 65,000," said the businesswoman.

当德里人Ashima Jain挑选去洛杉矶的航班时,她选择了中国南方航空公司。


By offering lowest fares on busy travel routes between India, the Far East, Australia, New Zealand, right up to the West Coast of North America, along with short transit stops at their hubs, mainland Chinese carriers are attracting Indian passengers.


"In the past few years we have seen a gradual increase in Chinese carriers operating in India," said Indiver Rastogi, president, Global Business Travel at Thomas Cook (India) Limited. "These airlines offer a combination of value-for-money fares and high quality experience that has attracted the price-conscious Indian traveller. These airlines are also popular with corporate travellers who have business interests in China or want to use the country as a hub to fly onward to the USA," he added.


"The fare difference varies between Rs 20,000 and 25,000 for long-haul destinations like the US and Canada compared to other carriers like Singapore Airlines (SIA), Thai Airways and Malaysian Airlines. The competition price differential for China and Japan is from Rs 15,000-20,000," Rastogi said.


The limited access to the Indian market granted to mainland Chinese carriers has saved airlines like SIA, Cathay Pacific, Thai, Malaysian and even Air India from a Chinese takeover on routes to the east. At the moment, all major Chinese carriers fly mainly to and from Delhi.




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Anish Kumar
Indians dont mind dirty and filthy airports as they are quite used to things being dirty and filthy at home.
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Born In January

definitely.... For international flights, I never cared for money... I had always chosen British, Lufthansa, KLM, Singapore Airlines and Turkish (Mostly I traveled USA, Australia, Far East and EU)...
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Ramu Bose

CHINESE SAFETY is a big concern. Moreover, we INDIANS are cheap... we talk of boycotting CHINESE GOODS AND SERVICES but go behind the cheap tickets. This is REAL INDIA.
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Harish Kapoor

You are wrong about that... As an Indian who has been to China several time, I will tell you that Chinese big cities and their facilities are very clean and well maintained.
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Born In January

I have lived in Hong Kong and I can bet where you are wrong at least in terms of cleanliness... of course no doubts they are better than India (a lot better, because we Indians lack of civic sense)
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Harish Kapoor

Compared to India is what we were talking about but their large cities are pretty clean too...Delhi, one of the dirtiest cities in the world.
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Tapan Rajani Mohanta

China is not Congo...
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Anish Kumar - Delhi - 5 hours ago

You are mistaken my dear Sir. Chinese railway stations are better maintained than Indian airports. Our problem is that we are leg pulling folk. We cannot see any one prosper. Just look, Modi is trying to improve the things (GST and currency demonetization for reference) but every party is opposing these moves. Not only this leaders like Kejriwal. Mamta, Pappu and Laloo are extremely hostile to Modi. National growth does not matter to them - vote only matter to them.
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Trilok Bhalla

The Chinese airlines are only cheap in passenger fare but for other things, on board
service, airport facilities, etc.etc. these are nowhere near the competition. One can
save of fare but lose on the pleasure of flying.
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surya narayan Das

When a passenger compares Singapore Airlines with South China airlines, he or she does look only cheap air ticket nothing else. Its like comparing BMW with Honda Civic..
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Vijay Vasani

stop flying Chinese.
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