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Why boycott calls against China – India’s largest trade partner – will fail


By Abhishek Waghmare


Indian politicians are currently leading a campaign to boycott Chinese goods. But an IndiaSpend analysis shows why this will fail: China is India’s largest trade partner, a sixth of India’s imports are Chinese, up from a 10th in 2011-12, while India’s exports to its rival have halved over the same period.

Imports from China grew at 20 per cent over two years and 5 per cent over five years, to $61 billion. These goods range from power plants and set-top boxes to Ganesh idols. This is despite the fact that India’s imports have generally fallen over the last five years — from $490 billion (Rs 32 lakh crore) to $380 billion (Rs 25 lakh crore) –because of a fall in global oil prices.

India’s exports to China have fallen from $18 billion (Rs 86,000 crore) in 2011-12 to $9 billion (Rs 58,000 crore) in 2015-16. Apart from cotton, copper, petroleum and industrial machinery, India does not export much to China. This means that India buys six times the merchandise it sells to China.

Cellphones, laptops, solar cells, fertilisers, keyboards, displays and communication equipment — including earphones — these are India’s chief imports from China, according to our analysis of Ministry of Commerce data.

Other major imports from China include tuberculosis and leprosy drugs, antibiotics, children’s toys, industrial springs, ball bearings, LCD and LED displays, routers, TV remote controllers and set top boxes.

Despite this, political leaders, including Sharad Yadav of Janata Dal (United) from Bihar, Himanta Biswa Sarma, the newly-inducted Finance Minister of Assam, and Anil Vij, Health Minister of Haryana, are appealing for a boycott of “Made in China” goods.

Yadav, for instance, recently said: “Balance of trade between our country and China has become imbalanced which will be very harmful and dangerous for our domestic industry.”

“People should not buy Chinese goods. Instead, Indian goods should be used. Trade with China is affecting our country. China is not our friend nation. China can buy weapons with whatever money it earns. There is a possibility that the weapons are given to enemy countries… We should focus on Make in India,” Vij was quoted as saying by the Indian Express.

China was referred to as the “world’s manufacturing powerhouse” by former Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan and Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian in a February 2006 research paper. India, however, “failed to match its neighbour in this process”, asserted the paper, published by the US-based National Bureau of Economic Research.

Stagnating indices for the manufacturing sector show that India is still struggling to compete with China. Despite a record foreign direct investment of $55 billion in 2015-16, private investment in manufacturing is still sluggish.

IndiaSpend visited Manish market, the hub of imported Chinese goods in Mumbai’s heart. Chinese products here are cheaper, available in bulk, neatly packaged and easy to buy.

“If the 50 different types of LED lamps that I sell were available from say, Surat, at a cheaper rate and at my doorstep, why would I go for Chinese lamps?” asked a lamp distributor and retailer, requesting anonymity. “If I had to buy these in India, this collection would cost me double.”

China moved forward with rapid market reforms from the 1980s, propelled by the establishment of special economic zones. Land and labour reforms helped it ramp up its production capacity. The result is that India’s iron, steel and fertiliser production is a 10th of China’s.

China’s export story is also driven by ease of market access. Take the example of Sumant Kasliwal, who runs an apparel e-commerce start-up in Mumbai. After two years of shopping for merchandise in India, he switched to China two years ago. His sales have tripled since.

Customers rarely have to waste time in China searching for markets and products, said Kasliwal. It took him less than a week to buy a three-month consignment that ranged from jewelry to fabric.

“Even small market-towns like Yiwu — comparable to Varanasi in terms of population — have a one-stop, dedicated market for all consumer durables, from fashion to home accessories, with cost and quality options,” he said. “In India, it would take us weeks.”

(In arrangement with IndiaSpend.org, a data-driven, non-profit, public interest journalism platform, with whom Abhishek Waghmare is an analyst. The views expressed are those of IndiaSpend)










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Sankar Km
5 hours ago

I have not bought any Chinese products or availed of Chinese services consciously since the India- Chinese War of 1962. Or, in other words ever since my school going days. And, I am none the worse for my decision. We, certainly, can do without the goods and services from any particular country. It all depends and boils down to the individual.






Vijay Bali

stop using Chinese goods



Yashpalsinh mahida
7 hours ago

I have checked it for many products and found that Indian or other country products are not much costly compared to Chinese products. And quality is definitely better. Chinese are business minded and if at any moment, they feel that their business interests are stake, they will kick Pakistan in no time.





indian citizen
7 hours ago

Indians in general should avoid business links with Chinese and temporarily avoid Chinese goods.Chinese goods are mostly non-essentials. Substitutes are not very costly either, except very few items.





8 hours ago

Lenovo, ASUS, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Gionee are Chinese mobile companies. This Diwali keep away from buying any products that are manufactured in China as China is supporting Pakistan.



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          • 为什么抵制中国货的行动必将失败,因为印度商人是叛徒===================这个阿三怨印度商人,印度商人确实在国际上和乞丐的形象差不多,只买最便宜的货!但印度商人也是没办法,稍微质量好点,价格高点的货在印度就卖不动!绝大多数的印度人只消费得起最便宜,哪怕是劣质的货,否则他们连拖鞋都穿不起!抵制中国货吗?印度阿三除了能成功抵制中国的卫生纸,基本无能为力!

        • 加油,,,淫都黑皮畜生们,,,一起抵制中国货,,,不要气馁,,,只要拿出几千年来抵制中国卫生纸,,,只用左手解决抠菊花的精神,,,一切中国货都是浮云,,,记住,,,买了印度制造的产品也要打开来看,,,看里面有没有中国零件,,,否则,,,你要拆下来再用,,,加油,,,畜生们

      • 惭愧,有一点我们真不如 印度!!在中国,要是有人说抵制日货,那必须被一帮人喷。虽然大部分人都支持,但喷抵制日用品的人简直太多了,而且还非常活跃。印度人尽管也做不到,但起码他们不会像很多中国人那样媚日。说实话,这一点上,他们做到了分得清谁是敌人,谁是朋友。

        • 但现在进口日货的比例下降了。日本是中国的第三大出口目的地和第四大进口来源国,中国则是日本的第二大出口目的地和最主要的进口来源国。从比例来看,明显日本对中国的经济依赖更深。

        • 媚日?我非常喜欢看漫画,那你是说我不许买日本漫画吗?抱歉,我做不到…..等什么时候中国的漫画发展成日本那样了,我会选择买中国漫画,目前阶段我们的漫画和日本漫画的差距太大了,毫无吸引力……

        • 国内很多喷子都不是中国人··是外国人冒充中国人在喷··台独港独日本人韩国人还有很多其他国家的统统多有··以后注意一点就好··

        • 印度回到原始社会就可以摆脱中国货~ 现阶段 不可能~ 日本货说实话不是给印度人大量用的~ 跑日本买个中国产的马桶盖也不是新鲜事了~ 有些人觉得日本的东西好~ 钱在他自己手里 他想怎么花是他的事~ 但是 在中国这个困难时期 ~还是尽力购买一些质量好的 中国物品~ 台湾是天然独 日本是天然敌~ 只有中国衰弱才有日本的机会~~~~~~~ 只要有机会 就把中国往死里整~ 这个是他们的长期国策改变不了的~~~~~ 可惜中国的时间不够多了~

          • 关于跑日本买中国产马桶盖。你好天真!你真以为那些人是傻子吗?一个工厂是按要求下单生产的,日本人要求5年质保(松下),中国人下单要求1年质保。你觉得这两个东西,虽然是一个厂家生产的,可用料,成本,质量能一样?另外,告诉你,好的中国人在新加坡抢购当地中药店的药材,这些药材是从大陆进口的?知道为什么吗?别人都是傻子?新加坡的农药残留,重金属残留标准高,质检部门抽检严(大陆常常送检),法律惩罚重,没人敢违规!下次对不清楚的事情,不要轻率下判断,贴标签!

          • 在说一点 只有在满足了基本需求~~~才有更高要求~~~ 别人不是傻子 是有钱~~~~ 想买就买~ 在中国 满足了基本要求的很多~~造成了 出国买个马桶盖的~买中药的~~ ~ 中药 出国买 这个正常 毕竟是吃的~ 马桶盖去日本买个中国造的 这个不是我鄙视~~~是中央电视台在鄙视~~~在中国的大部分人在鄙视的~~~~~ 我只是说了个 事~~~~

        • 汗…… 比起前几年,现在“在中国,要是有人说抵制日货,那必须被一帮人喷”,这正是国人素质的进步啊真是…… 全球化贸易趋势,哪里是能以部分个人意志为转移的。 好吧,政治上就不说什么敌人和朋友了,在经济上,贸易保护主义是肯定违背经济规律的,也肯定是与世界轨迹背道而驰的

      • Bln MurthyQuality? Of Chinese goods! You must be joking!质量?中国商品有质量?你在跟我开玩笑吧!===================================黑鬼懂不懂一分钱一分货的道理?联想华为的高端货,比如联想p50会有人说质量差?关键你们黑奴消费的了吗?只能给你们用山寨垃圾货了,因为垃圾你们也造不出。。。。小孩都能想明白的道理,嘴炮黑奴当真不懂?

  1. 我想我可能体会到阿三的心情了,我也觉得一些脑残买棒子、鬼子的产品很让人无奈,还动不动去棒子、鬼子那边去旅游,最关键的是,别人压根就不把你当回事,唉……

    • 我明确的说,我不会刻意抵制日韩产品,也不会刻意去买日韩产品。不管产地哪种符合我的需求我就买哪种。象现在的一般家用电器,我铁定买国产,因为进口的家电跟国产比毫无优势。我凭什么花高价买进口的,

        • 确实 现在已经是全球化时代 很难分的清楚是你的还是我的 抵制某国的商品也许也会伤害到自己 不妨打开某个机器看看 是不是所有零部件都是自产的 我想哪个产品的零件都不会全都是自产的 这就是个拼品牌的时代 拼不过就认命 拼的过国人自然就买自己的产品 用不着上纲上线的 对付敌人也不在于用这个手段 但我要说的是那些还在迷信外国货的人 明明本国货也不差 至少是比较物超所值的吧 还偏偏要去买又贵又不实惠的外国产品

      • 冰箱空调电视外国哪家比中国强?电视中国很少日产的了。格力空调美军都在用。冰箱占领了北美市场。

    • 要是国人在中国本地消费日韩产品到也罢了,最恨那种去日韩消费的,人家经济正在技术性衰退咱们到好去拯救人家经济去了。日本侵略都不足百年,很多被欺辱的老人还没走呢,后辈们还去拯救日本经济,简直是个天大的笑话。

      • 中国买的货,说不清是哪国制造的,也说不清里面影响了多少中国人的收入,但是出国去日本什么的取消费就是真正的支持日本了,当然了实际上可能买回来的还是中国货

        • 去日本买东北大米,买杭州马桶盖电饭煲。我也是醉了啊啊啊。。。上次我网购还见了个什么韩国进口芒果汁,当时我就喷了。

    • 第一次回复,主要是拿印度和中国比中国和韩国,错你就错在印度离了中国制造伤的是印度,而中国离了韩国产品伤的是韩国,

  2. 此国必败。一只病猴被龙欺负,猴子不想办法把自己变成孙悟空,而是整天只想把自己藏起来,可以断定此国已没救了,估计是恒河水喝太多。

  3. 昨天晚上cctv农业频道看到个节目:一大群各国黑黎叔到中国考察参观农业合作社,学习现代工业化,公司化农业运作和发展。人黑黎叔派来中国的留学生大多是学的农业,轻工业,运输,交通等科学。但是黑三来中国的留学生大多学的是什么?金融!理解不能吧!种地都不会就学怎么买卖粮食。基础产品都不会生产就玩泡沫经融。没有实体资产做价值支撑它黑三就玩证券了。这样的证券能有什么价值。人黑黎叔跟黑三一样也都卖资源,但是人家还在学技术,黑三学了什么技术?印度黑鬼缺的就是脚踏实地,好的不学坏的样样会。这跟中东那些卖石油的坐吃山空,混吃等死有什么区别。人家非洲国家将来能有发展,而印度是绝对没前景的。现在抵制中国货,将来还得抵制非洲货的说。根本生产问题都不去解决整天嚷嚷抵制这个抵制那个。。。不说了浪费口水

  4. rohanPointsbecause Indian Traders are Traitors !为什么抵制中国货的行动必将失败,因为印度商人是叛徒=======================所以三哥赶快发动革命打倒资本家吧!没有商人三哥就可以自己织土布对眯眯眼进行非暴力不抵抗了

  5. 屎坑国的蠢民们啊!莫迪姬想方设法拉中国到你们屎坑国投资,他都非常清楚要想成十万亿美元经济大国怎么离得开你天朝爷爷呢!!!本月六七号签署了四次中印战略经济对话已经说得很明确了(今日参考消息十四版﹞。

  6. 印度贫困人口那么多,能有余力抵制中国货、买更贵的产品的终究是少数人,目前应该还不用太担心。不过高层好像已经在试图缓和和印度的关系了。

  7. 甲:“禁售中国货,比如笔记本、手机、电脑、打印机之类的印度落后50年,我们尚不具备生产所有商品的能力,价格上拼不过中国商品,质量上也不如”乙:“质量?中国商品有质量?你在跟我开玩笑吧!” 甲是坏阿三,乙是好阿三。

  8. 麻烦在吹NB抵制之前,把你发言的电子设备拆除,还有把你们各地的抽水的水泵之类的东西麻烦也都拆了吧,还有贪图便宜买的衣服的布料之类的麻烦全都扒了吧,都是中国产的。。

  9. 重点在中印贸易只占中国外贸7/2400,即便失去了印度市场,对中国也不是多大的损失,但阿三的生活品质绝对会下降一个层次

    • 直接挂掉都会,还下降一个档次,买美爹日本的东西生活成本翻个大几倍,工资都见底了,还拿什么吃啊~本国又只会做陶罐、咖喱和地毯。10亿牲口估计都活不成

  10. 欢迎印度人抵制中国货,中国就是这么自信,只是怕你印度人没有那个能力而已,不用说你们印度人了,就是欧美人也抵制不了中国制造的诱惑,如果你们不买中国制造你们的生活成本将大大提高,生活质量也会大打折扣,所以你们印度人必将更穷、更惨、更落后。。不信你就试试,把你们家中所有的中国制造请出去看看结果。

  11. 不可能成功的,就算全印度买“印度制造”,里面的零件绝大部分都是中国产的,好比一些日狗千里迢迢去日本买个马桶回来,结果发现是在中国产的一样,只是印上了“made in japan”的标志而已。

  12. 全球一体化,印度无法独善其身,谁也离不开谁,就算印度有一天能够做到了,那中国的产业已经升级到更高水平,双方差距比现在还大。印度不理解不是印度比不上中国,而是美国的创新企业,想要第一时间将他的产品大规模生产出卖向全世界,也只能找中国,在其他地方做不来。印度以为的中国只是比印度快一步,其实已经俩步以上了

  13. rajesh makhariaBan Made in China or assembled in China like-Laptop,cell phone, computer, printer, machinery, ***liances etc…..and India will be 50 years backward nation..we are not yet capable of producing all these products at Chines prices and quality…禁售中国货,比如笔记本、手机、电脑、打印机之类的印度落后50年,我们尚不具备生产所有商品的能力,价格上拼不过中国商品,质量上也不如Bln MurthyQuality? Of Chinese goods! You must be joking!质量?中国商品有质量?你在跟我开玩笑吧! 这个三锅好可怜。。。。自己连玩笑和现实估计都分不清。。。。

  14. because Indian Traders are Traitors !为什么抵制中国货的行动必将失败,因为印度商人是叛徒—————————————————————————————-为什么印度商人成为叛徒,因为有12亿印奸

  15. 印度人真没救了!穷人本来花10块可以买到的中国造锅和100块钱的日本造锅,但是两者的耐用时间差不多!你们印度穷人去买日本货那么你们印度变得更穷日本变得更富外有什么卵用吗?中国人抵制日本货是因为日本货贵而且中国能生产,你们能一样吗?傻吊

  16. Ban on china would boost domestic industry.禁售中国货,国内产业就能发展起来________________________________________下一步禁止全世界的产品,印度就能成为世界霸主了????

  17. Sankar Km58585 hours agoI have not bought any Chinese products or availed of Chinese services consciously since the India- Chinese War of 1962. Or, in other words ever since my school going days. And, I am none the worse for my decision. We, certainly, can do without the goods and services from any particular country. It all depends and boils down to the individual.自从1962年中印战争以来,我就从来没有买过中国货换句话说,还在上学时我就抵制中国货了离开任何国家的商品和服务,我们都能生存一切取决于我们个人—————————————————————————————————————-这货是要回到古代吗?我就想说最强大的美国敢这么说吗?

  18. Pbch ChowdhuriPerhaps if Indian customers are discerning and the insist on non-Chinese products, then the sale of Chinese products will fall. While buying cellphones, people could opt for Korean, Japanese or American ones if they do not want Indian ones and boycott Chinese products. On-line sales of Chinese products and promotion of Chinese products by the media must be stopped.10买手机的话,如果不喜欢国货,那就选择韩国手机,日本手机或美国手机,就是别买中国手机——————————————————————————————————————————note7我就不说了,日本手机,呵呵!美国也就苹果能嚣张了吧?问题是印度大多数低种姓人买得起?

  19. 我们主要买中国的电子商品!印度应出台措施刺激本土商品的生~~~一个手机卡都生产不了还是多煮点糊糊别饿着,对了还有厕所

  20. 中国(90后):70年前,我爷爷用小米+步枪干小日本;今天我用小米+手枪撸子干小日本娘们。印度(90后):62年我爷爷把菊花洗白了献给了解放军;今天我们买中国货把卢布献给了中国人。日本(90后):70年前我奶奶把菊花洗白了献给了美国大兵;今天我们把舌头献给了美国黑菊。美国(90后):70年前我杂交爷爷在拯救世界;今天砸中的我为了拯救地球在求一份体面的工作。恒河水里游,牛牛多自由;菊花狂绽放,皿煮三哥求。给鳖个教训,不买中国货;我们有皿煮,日本有技术,都是抗衡中国的好榜样。

  21. 黑皮三不知道的是去年吸收来的550亿美金的外资,压根没投给制造业,全进了股市!这是要在恰当时刻给黑皮三放血剪毛的节奏!

  22. 我只奇怪印度人难道自己不觉得很矛盾的吗?既然中国货质量不好,价格也不低,那为什么印度商人和老百姓会买那么多中国货,导致中国变成印度最大的进口来源国呢?他们难道觉得他们的同胞都是傻子,非爱买一些既不便宜又不好的产品?他们自己的逻辑能自洽吗?

  23. 别小看印度的抵制,还真能成功,因为有政客推波助澜。中国为什么每次抵制都是失败,就是因为没有政客支持。

  24. 阿三们抵制中国货就等着饿死吧,多花一倍的价格买别国的产品请问你们的工资翻了一倍了吗,贸易是双赢的,在我的国家我没这种情绪谁的便宜买谁的